Launching WooCommerce Affiliate Program with WordPress Plugins

Have you ever wondered how Affiliate marketing works, especially about WooCommerce Affiliate Program?

Many of you may be new to this area, or somebody is looking for answers. Affiliate Marketing earns a limited commission by selling products from a third party through referral links. Anyone can participate in this marketing and have an easy side hassle.

In this marketing process, the seller benefits from advertising their product to a massive group without hassle. The WooCommerce Affiliate program makes the whole process hassle-free.

When a seller activates the WooCommerce Affiliate program, anyone referring to the products automatically gets a commission. Seller does not have to track every affiliation; anyone can easily refer to their development. WordPress affiliate plugins make the whole process handy by adding different features.

From commission management to scalability, affiliate plugins can uncover everything. Among all the WooCommerce affiliate plugins, we will be discussing the best 7 of them and their cons. We’ll also discuss which can be easy to use and effective for affiliation.

What is the WooCommerce Affiliate Program?

WooCommerce affiliate program is a helpful way for both the seller and the customer. Adding an affiliate program in your WooCommerce store will attract more customers because they will have a small commission simply by promoting your product. Statistics show that about 30% of sales are generated through affiliate programs. This commission is given directly by the WooCommerce store when the seller does not have to do anything extra. Among the numerous perks of having an affiliate program in WooCommerce, the most attractive ones are:

  • You get a fast-growing advertising method without spending money or time.
  • Increased store traffic with the affiliate program.
  • Discover a wide range of customers for the products
  • Speed up your business growth effortlessly
  • Turn the customers into regular and loyal ones with affiliate marketing
  • Streamline business development and marketing strategies with the help of WooCommerce’s affiliate program.

By enabling the WooCommerce affiliate program, you get access to incredible features. These can make your store exceptional and set it apart from everyone else. With the affiliate program of WooCommerce, you get the quality like

  • Effortless Affiliate Compensation Updates
  • Simple setup control
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Easy link distribution and profit tracking
  • Easy payout functions
  • Continuous support and updates

Understanding WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Programs

WordPress Affiliate plugins are built with features that help the overall program. These plugins help kickstart any affiliate program and grow faster. These plugins provide an organized system for affiliate programs. They are great resources for anyone involved in the process, from sellers, distributors, site members, and affiliates.

Choosing a good affiliate plugin can give your affiliates more opportunities and flexibility. With the use of available unlimited tools of the plugins, you can build a flexible affiliate program. These plugins let you manage your affiliates seamlessly. With the help of these plugins, affiliate programs will be accessible.

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Importance of Affiliate Programs and Plugins

Affiliate programs and plugins are pivotal in the modern digital landscape, offering businesses and marketers powerful tools to enhance their online presence and revenue streams. Here’s a closer look at their importance:

1. Revenue Generation

Affiliate Programs provide a structured way to boost revenue by allowing individuals (affiliates) to earn commissions for driving traffic or sales to a business through their marketing efforts.

Affiliate Plugins streamline the management of affiliate programs, making it easier for businesses to track referrals, manage commissions, and optimize their affiliate marketing strategy.

2. Extended Reach

Affiliate Programs leveraging affiliates, businesses can tap into diverse audiences and markets that they might not reach through traditional marketing channels alone.

Affiliate Plugins These tools often come with features that help businesses recruit and manage a network of affiliates efficiently, expanding their reach across various online platforms.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing

Affiliate Programs offer a performance-based model where businesses only pay for actual results, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Affiliate plugins with features like automated commission tracking and reporting simplify the financial aspects of affiliate marketing, ensuring businesses get the most value from their investment.

4. Enhanced Credibility

Partnering with reputable affiliates can enhance a business’s credibility, as favorable recommendations and reviews from trusted sources can significantly influence consumer trust.

Affiliate Plugins help manage and monitor affiliate activities, ensuring the partnerships align with the business’s values and standards.

5. Data-Driven Insights

Affiliate Programs can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and the performance of different marketing strategies through tracking and analytics.

Affiliate Plugins often come equipped with analytics features, allowing businesses to assess the effectiveness of their affiliate campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

6. Streamlined Operations

Affiliate Programs create a structured framework for managing partnerships and collaborations.

Affiliate Plugins can help you automate commission calculations, payment processing, and reporting tasks. These plugins streamline the operational aspects of running an affiliate program.

The synergy between affiliate programs and plugins is instrumental in optimizing marketing efforts, expanding reach, and driving revenue in an increasingly competitive digital landscape. Businesses that strategically harness the power of these tools can create mutually beneficial partnerships and foster sustainable growth.

How to choose the best WordPress Affiliate plugin?

Let’s choose the best affiliate plugin for your WooCommerce Affiliate program. This cannot be easy because of the multiple options before selection. But you should choose the one that best suits your requirements among the abundance of affiliate plugins. Since everyone has a different perspective of easy and handy, you should select the plugin that goes with your choices after looking at them.

There are a few things you must consider before choosing an affiliate plugin. Those are:

  • An affiliate plugin must generate affiliate links for your partners, which will be easy to access.
  • Along with generating a plugin, it must have the capability to manage all the referral links. This will save time and hassle for your affiliate program.
  • Your chosen plugin should be easy to use and not difficult to get used to. The plugin dashboard must have all the necessary features listed.
  • Easy payment gateways are always a necessity in affiliate plugins. The chosen plugin should include all the popular payment gateways to
  • Choose a plugin that can effectively track your partner’s performance and track the best partners to offer better payments.

Now that you know how to choose the best affiliate plugin for your WooCommerce Affiliate Program, let’s discuss some of our best picks.

Best WordPress Plugins For Woocommerce Affiliate Programs

Now is the time to learn about all the top WordPress plugins you can choose for a more significant marketing strategy. Here, we will discuss their top features and essential aspects so you can know all their details before using any of these plugins.

1. SliceWP Affiliates

SliceWp is a relatively new affiliate plugin launched in 2020. In this short time, this plugin captured a lot of attention and love from users. SliceWp is a plugin that works for anyone from beginners to the expert level. All love its easy-going functions.


Users: 6000+ Active Installations

Best used: By anyone trying to get everything in one place. Handy in creating an easy WooCommerce Affiliate Program.

Pricing: SliceWP is a freemium plugin. It has a Pro Plus and Pro start license plan, respectively, from $259 and $169 annually.

Key Features:

  • Setting up your affiliate program is quick and easy with its step-by-step setup wizard.
  • With SliceWP, you can set up a dedicated area for your affiliates to track commissions and visits.
  • Incredible feature of tying affiliates with coupons to track without referral links.
  • Real-time update of your affiliate program by data analysis of visits, revenue, and commissions.
  • Integration with all the popular e-commerce plugins to set up affiliation programs without the help of any code.
  • Easy connect and payout with a PayPal business account. With one click, you can payout from WordPress dashboards.
  • All the data is transparent in sleep, so there are no added commission fees.


  • The higher Price point of the premium versions
  • Use in limited websites

2. WC Affiliates

This plugin is one of the feature-rich plugins in the market—the best of any affiliate program in WooCommerce. With the help of this incredible plugin, harness the power of your affiliate programs to boost your sales multifold.


Users: 200+ Active Installations

Best used: Perfect for every kind of affiliate program. From personal use to organizational affiliate programs, this plugin makes each of them top-notch.

Pricing: WC Affiliate is also a Freemium plugin.

The pricing of this plugin starts only from $79.99 yearly (with 14 days money back guarantee)

Key Features:

  • Affiliates can provide customer discounts on their referral links, which will likely attract more customers.
  • You can easily track your referred visitors with ease. Set cookies for your affiliates anytime and make them feel more comfortable in your affiliate program.
  • Advanced report of the referral visitors, affiliates, and transactions. Which can be imported into a CVS format, too.
  • Link shortening feature. You can customize long URLs to short URLs. These kinds of URLs are both aesthetic and easy to remember.
  • Initiate a multi-level affiliate program to achieve higher goals and distribute the commission among your chosen levels.
  • In WC Affiliate, you can get features like one-click payout, coupon-based tracking, and banner builder.


  • Fewer active installations

3. Coupon Affiliates

Coupon Affiliates is a plugin specially made for the Woocommerce affiliate program. This plugin lets you create a coupon-based affiliate program. This program lets you quickly generate and grow traffic in your WooCommerce store.


Users: 4000+ Active Installations

Best used: Anyone trying to initiate a coupon-based effortless affiliate program for their WooCommerce store.

Pricing: 7 days free trial. We are starting from $15.99 Monthly and $12.99 Yearly.

Key Features:

  • A complete affiliate plugin that includes everything to run a powerful coupon-based affiliate program.
  • Create a user-friendly affiliate dashboard for the affiliates to manage and maintain their coupons. The affiliate dashboard includes features like usage statistics, commission calculation, referral orders, and many more. They are making it the best choice for affiliates.
  • Because of the easy payout submission process, affiliates find the process handy. This is why user engagement is increased with this plugin.
  • With Coupon Affiliates generating admin reports and viewing analytics data becomes super fast.
  • Here, you can do multi-level affiliate marketing. Be it inviting new users to existing affiliate programs or creating new ones. Everything is easy with this affiliate plugin.


  • Additional fee for accessing more than one site

4. YITH WooCommerce

YITH Woocommerce Plugin is a freemium plugin with a free tryout version for everyone. With this plugin, anyone can build a robust affiliate program that will be game-changing. This plugin steals the show with the advanced features of editing several products at a time.


Users: 8000+ Active Installations

Best used: The people who want to have an advanced affiliate program and most site owners are very interested in this site.

Pricing: Freemium. The paid version includes advanced features. Price starts from $179.99 annually.

Key Features:

  • The easy affiliate registration process
  • Identify cookies by entering the referral name and setting the expiration time as per your choice
  • Automatic approval of affiliates after registration
  • Set the default commission rate for each affiliate
  • Pay commission automatically to the affiliates on a specific day of the month, including all the popular payout methods.


  • Most of the critical features are available on the premium version of the plugin

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5. Affiliates Manager

Affiliate Manager is a plugin that helps you with fast-growing affiliate marketing. It can generate traffic and attract customers to your stores very quickly. Its seamless integration with the WooCommerce platform makes this plugin one of the best WooCommerce plugins.


Users: 10,000+ Active Installations

Best used: This plugin is great for small businesses. It would be better for more prominent companies.

Pricing: Freemium. Premium Price starts from $39 per license.

Key Features:

  • It can be 100% seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce and other plugins.
  • Automated Affiliate system lets affiliates create, manage, log, and generate code automatically.
  • Track your referrals and sales in real-time
  • Options to choose from flat rate or percentage-based commission for affiliates
  • This plugin is translation-ready; you can easily access other languages here


  • Not the best for handling massive affiliate programs. It might feel a little outdated.

6. Post Affiliate Pro

This award-winning affiliate plugin includes all the features an affiliate program needs. This plugin is tagged as the most reviewed and rated as the No. 1 affiliate plugin by a few independent marketplaces.


Users: 1,000+ Active Installations

It is best used by anyone going for affiliate marketing and is packed with all kinds of features to support all sorts of businesses.

Pricing: One month of free trial. Price starts from $129/ month.

Key Features:

  • Track your affiliates effectively to increase sales, and you can utilize the most accurate tracking method in this plugin.
  • With all the promotional materials, you can save money and time also increase sales at the same time
  • Get detailed reports of your campaign, affiliate performance, traffic, and targets.
  • Smooth integration with all the other plugins and platforms.


  • Not enough good reviews

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce Affiliate Program with WordPress Plugins

It is expected to get lost Among the numerous plugins for the WooCommerce Affiliate program. Some guidance in this situation can save your day. This is the compact suggestion for you here. With the help of these best plugins, you can achieve your goals and do great in the affiliate program.

An affiliate program in WooCommerce is a great way to promote your products without any added hassle. In this process, plugins play a huge role by providing various features for the seller and the affiliates. WordPress has a variety of plugins to offer, which are packed with unique characteristics. The detailed discussion of a few of the best plugins for affiliate programs in WooCommerce will give the perfect direction to choose your preferred one.

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