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Let us take care of any WordPress fixes or development and provide ongoing 24/7 maintenance, updates, and support

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A range of WordPress Support Plans to suit any requirement and budget

Choose from one of our WordPress support plans or a one-time fix. Our plans give complete peace of mind that your website is taken care of 24/7! Our easy to use customer portal with dashboard reporting and a support ticket system makes website maintenance simple.



All our core features for one low price.
Proactive ongoing maintenance,
security, backups and more.


XXX /month*

10% OFF

XXX /month*


  • Up to x3 bug fixes per month
  • Website health audit at onboarding
  • 24/7 Ticket cover and access to our Support Portal
  • Monthly Dashboard Reporting
  • Daily secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Monthly WordPress Core and Plugin updates
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Daily scans for Malware
  • Site Security WAF
  • Pay for any additional support required on an hourly basis


Our most popular plan giving
WordPress website owners
100% total peace of mind.


XXX /month*

10% OFF

XXX /month*


  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Website health audit at onboarding
  • 24/7 Ticket cover and access to our Support Portal
  • Monthly Dashboard Reporting
  • Daily secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Monthly WordPress Core and Plugin updates
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Daily scans for Malware
  • Site Security WAF
  • Theme and PHP updates as required
  • Malware removal included
  • 60 mins per month of access to our development team for changes and improvements


Comprehensive support for websites
requiring regular changes
and optimum performance.


XXX /month*

10% OFF

XXX /month*


  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Website health audit at onboarding
  • 24/7 Ticket cover and access to our Support Portal
  • Bi-Weekly (every 14 days) Dashboard Reporting
  • Daily secure off-site backup of database and site files
  • Bi-Weekly (every 14 days) WordPress Core and Plugin updates
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Daily scans for Malware
  • Site Security WAF
  • Theme and PHP updates as required
  • Malware removal included
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Image & Media Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • 90 mins per month of access to our development team for changes and improvements


Extensive support for eCommerce,
Membership, LMS and websites
with advanced functionality.


XXX /month*

10% OFF

XXX /month*


  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Website health audit at onboarding
  • 24/7 Ticket cover and access to our Support Portal
  • Weekly Dashboard Reporting
  • Secure off-site backup of database and site files every hour
  • Weekly WordPress Core and Plugin updates
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Daily scans for Malware
  • Site Security WAF
  • Theme and PHP updates as required
  • Malware removal included
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Image & Media Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • 180 mins per month of access to our development team for changes and improvements
  • eCommerce, LMS or Membership websites
  • Also suitable for websites with high traffic, a high volume of plugins and/or integrations with other platforms

*30 day cycle (monthly) WordPress support plan pricing shown above applies to new customers signing up to a minimum term of 3 months as per the WP Tech Support terms of service.

eCommerce, Membership, LMS, and websites with advanced functionality must join the Advanced plan.

Speed Optimization work included with the Business and Advanced plan do not guarantee Google Core Web Vitals pass.

Do you need your website fixing quickly? Is it running slowly? Do you need an urgent update?

We are trusted by hundreds of WordPress website owners everyday, taking care of any issues, downtime, poor performance or urgent changes. Simply select how we can help below and follow the simple steps to gain access to our team within minutes! We are here to help 24/7.


Fix my WordPress website now. Fixed cost priority service for a single issue.

XXX /per single issue fix


  • One-Time Fix for any single WordPress issue
  • Malware removal not included


Quick access to our team to clean your site & protect from future hacks.

XXX /one-time fee


  • A full scan of your WordPress site and database to ensure all malware is deleted and all infected and vulnerable files are replaced with secure copies
  • Removal of any blacklisting and Google warnings
  • Installation and optimization of a security plugin to prevent further hacks
  • A report detailing the issue and the measures we’ve taken to fix your site
  • 100% money-back guarantee if we are unable to fix your website
  • 6-month guarantee. If malware returns within this time, we’ll fix it for free**

Update PHP

Update my website’s PHP version to resolve any conflicts or incompatibility

XXX /per update


  • Fix Theme conflicts
  • Fix Plugin incompatibilities
  • Fix htaccess and php.ini issues

CPU and Database

For WordPress sites with high CPU usage generated by spam attacks, bloated database, slow queries which all exhaust server resources.

XXX /one-time fee


  • WordPress config optimization
  • Database optimization and removal of unused tables
  • Database query optimization to reduce load times
  • Plugin housekeeping: audit of redundant plugins that can be removed

WordPress Speed

Speed up my WordPress website. Faster page loading and increased performance. Please note we don't guarantee Google Core Web Vitals pass.

XXX /one-time fee


  • Image Optimization
  • Minifying resources
  • Caching plugin configuration
  • Plugin review and suggestions on removing redundant plugins
  • Third-party scripts optimized by deferred loading

WordPress Custom

I need an estimate to carry out a particular custom development requirement. Please note we don't provide new site development/builds.

XXX /per hour


  • Custom coding
  • Plugin install and configuration
  • Anything you need

Malware Removal - **Applicable only when all implemented security measures are maintained on the site.

Speed Optimization - Please note we don't guarantee Google Core Web Vitals pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

How do I get started?

For a single emergency fix or any support plan, you can get started immediately. The sign-up process is simple and only takes 5 minutes. After sign-up you will have access to our client portal where you can immediately begin to request any help or support.

What happens after I’ve signed up for a plan?

What details do I need to give you in order for you to provide support for my website?
We need your website domain (address) and your WordPress CMS credentials (user and password). In order to offer a truly comprehensive 24/7 service that enables us to fix your website under any circumstances, we also ask for your hosting provider credentials. Quite often, in the worst case scenario of a website going down, we’ll most likely need access to the control panel of the website via your hosting arrangements, hence the importance of holding this information.

What is your client portal and what does it look like?

We’ve developed our own custom client portal providing a support ticket system, a dashboard with key metrics in relation to your website and other useful features. One of our team would be happy to run through a demo of our portal - Simply contact us to arrange at your convenience.

What’s included and service details

How does your support work?

We use our own specially designed support ticket system for all plan customers in lieu of phone support. Our 24/7 team is highly responsive to any support tickets raised and having the issue detailed and recorded in writing makes it much easier for both you and us.

Can I raise a support ticket anytime 24/7?

Yes, support tickets can be raised anytime 24/7. Critical issues flagged as high priority are looked into ASAP.

How many support tickets can I submit each month?

There is no limit on the number of support tickets you can submit. However, if any requests fall outside of the scope of your plan or the time it takes to make the changes you’ve requested is greater than any inclusive improvement time, we’ll raise a quote to let you know the cost of completing such work.

How often do you apply updates?

We monitor your website 24/7/365 and manually login to check your website once a week with the Advanced Plans (bi-weekly with Business Plans and monthly with Pro and Standard plans) and apply any plugin, core and theme updates. Unlike other providers that use automated methods to manage updates, our team of WordPress experts check your website manually to ensure there are no issues after updates have been applied. If any issue or conflict is found we work on this until it's resolved.

What does unlimited bug fixes mean?

For Pro, Business and Advanced Plan customers we offer unlimited bug fixes for the life of your plan. Any fix to your current WordPress website is covered no matter how big or small.

How often do you take backups?

For Standard and Pro Plan customers we take daily offsite backups of your entire website and database, storing on our secure cloud server. For Business Plan customer we take backups every 12 hours and Advanced Plans we take backups every hour. We keep 90 days of backups, so if in the extreme case we needed to restore your website from an earlier backup, we can do this quickly and easily.

Is custom development included as a website improvement?

Yes, if your plan includes website improvement time, this can be used for any kind of development. If development takes longer than the time included with your plan in the given month, we can provide a quote to complete the development at a very reasonable hourly rate. We’ll never complete any work that falls outside of your plan before providing an accurate quote and checking you’re happy to proceed.

What is Site Speed Optimization?

Page loading speed optimization work is included for Business and Advanced Plan customers. We work to not only optimise your website for faster loading times but continue to monitor and maintain the speed increase for the life of your plan. Please note we don't guarantee Google Core Web Vitals pass.

What SEO optimisation is included?

General website level SEO optimisation is included for Business and Advanced Plan customers (this does not include in-depth on or off page SEO work). We run a technical SEO audit on your website after sign up, a 100 point report which scores your WordPress website. We then work on improving and fixing issues to give you a higher score making sure your website is in great overall SEO shape.

How do you keep my WordPress website secure?

We typically install and configure Wordfence, a plugin endpoint firewall and malware scanner. It’s one of the very best WordPress security plugins, whilst also being ‘light’ and therefore not negatively impacting website speed. We can install alternative security plugins in line with specific client preferences. Either way, you can be confident your site is secure and can be quickly restored in the worst case scenario, thanks to comprehensive security measures and backups.

Does it matter which hosting provider I use?

No. We can support your website irrespective of your hosting arrangements. We can also manage the migration process from one hosting provider to another and even provide hosting if required.

What type of development is included in my support plan changes and improvements time?

Given the broad spectrum of development and changes that can be made to a WordPress website, it would be impossible to define exactly what is not included in the scope of our support plans. Instead of producing a never-ending list, we have provided several examples of things included with our support plans and examples of work that we DON’T include to provide guidance.

Guidance on work included:

  • Adding a new page
  • Adding new plugins
  • Configuring plugin settings
  • Editing existing content (text, images, banners, layout)
  • Ensuring your site is responsive (as much as your theme will allow)
  • CSS edits and additions
  • Widget edits (header, footer, sidebar)
  • Install and configure third-party platform connections

Guidance on work NOT included:

  • Graphic Design (creation of images or graphics)
  • Custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc)
  • Updating custom code
  • Creation of content
  • PSD to WordPress
  • Modifying plugin code
  • API integration that does not currently have guidance documentation
  • Configuration within third-party platforms and external sites



Included: Build a new page with the content you have provided us in a document with clear instructions on where to include the page on the site, also providing images with relevant copyrights.

Not Included: Ask us to write copy for a new page on your site and find supporting images.


Included: Recommend, install and configure a Woocommerce shipping plugin to meet your objective.

Not included: Custom development or amending the code of a Woocommerce shipping plugin to meet a complex process requirement.


Included: Install, configure or fix an Instagram image feed to show on your blog.

Not Included: Investigate a problem and adjust settings within a third-party application such as Instagram.

Do you offer the following

Do you provide custom development?

Yes, if you require a custom development project, which falls outside of the scope of your support plan, we can provide an estimate to carry out any type of custom development work. Please note we don't offer new site development.

Do WP Tech Support provide web hosting?

Our support plans do not include hosting but we can provide dedicated WordPress hosting solutions that are tried and tested to improve overall performance and stability. Please contact our sales team for more information about WordPress hosting solutions.

Is there a discount for nonprofits and charities?

Yes, if your company is a nonprofit or a charity we offer a 10% discount off all our support plans. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

Do you cover websites built on platforms other than WordPress?

No, we’re focused on being experts in maintaining and supporting WordPress websites only.

Do you provide support for bespoke WordPress websites?

Yes, we can take care of almost any WordPress website, no matter how complex or bespoke. If you have an eCommerce, membership, multilingual, advanced functionality or high traffic website, you’ll need either our Advanced plan or speak to us about a Custom plan to meet your specific requirements.

I have multiple WordPress websites, is there any discount available?

We’re happy to negotiate a discount if you require support plans for multiple websites. We also offer a white label solution suitable for agencies, freelancers, developers or other businesses that want to outsource the maintenance and support of multiple WordPress websites.

Do you offer a plan that includes unlimited development?

No, we believe an ‘unlimited’ plan generally doesn’t represent value in the long term for most clients. Instead we keep our price point low and allow you to pay for additional improvement time only when you need it.

What kind of website improvements / development can you complete?

There isn’t much our team of experts can’t tackle.We’re pretty confident that we can meet your objectives when it comes to making changes to your WordPress website. Examples of work we regularly complete includes; plugin customization, data migration, server setup or migration, custom fields etc.

Can I phone WP Tech Support?

As our team is based globally, we only interact with clients via email, live chat and a support. This means one of our team is always available, no matter where you are based or the time of day. We’ve found that having everything in writing results in less chance of misinterpretation, meaning better overall service delivery. Whilst we don’t offer phone support, rest assured that customer service is our number one priority and you’ll always find contacting us to be quick, efficient and professional. We can consider alternative communication methods should you opt for one of our Custom plans.

Do you have a SLA?

No, but we aim to resolve tickets as follows:

Business critical - ASAP, High priority - 12-48 hours, Low or Medium priority - 1-4 days, Site Optimization - 2-5 days, Performance tune-up - 3-7 days.

These are target timeframes. If we are dealing with a particularly high volume of tickets, things may take a little longer, but this isn't common.

Do you offer a free trial period?

No. When we onboard a new website we undertake a thorough audit, which can often result in significant work being completed. As a result, we’re unable to offer a trial period given the nature and volume of work we complete in the early stages of supporting your website.

Do you provide support for websites anywhere in the world?

Yes, but all of our support and ticket responses are in English.

Do Support Plans include an SSL certificate?

Yes all of our support plans include an SSL certificate, ensuring your site is always kept secure. The only exception is hosting providers who do not allow the installation of a third-party SSL, in these cases you will have to renew the SSL with the provider.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Yes for Advanced Plan customers. Our team is very familiar with the platform and we support lots of WooCommerce websites.

Do you support WordPress Multisite?

We can support WordPress Multisite - a “network” of subsites within a single instance of WordPress.For a Multisite install with simple setups using common themes and plugins, we may be able to support such sites under our Advanced plan. However, in most instances, we will need to assess your Multisite setup and provide a custom-priced subscription. If your website is Multisite, please contact us via the ‘Get Quote’ form and provide as much detail as possible on the setup of your site to allow us to consider an appropriate price point to deliver the support you require.

About us

Where is your team based?

We have offices in the USA, India, Philippines and headquarters in the Isle of Man (an island in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland). Some of our team work out of our offices whilst others work remotely in various locations across the world, ensuring we’re always able to provide a truly 24/7 service. Our team is made up of a bunch of amazing people from all kinds of different countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities - Our diversity is something we’re really proud of.

What is the skill level of your team?

Our team is made up of a wide range of highly experienced front-end, back-end and full-stack developers alongside a team of engineers, ensuring we deliver on client requirements to the highest standards. Our technical team is organized by a team of project managers, overseen by our Chief Technology Officer. The technical know-how of our team is extremely strong and there isn’t much we can’t deliver when it comes to WordPress websites.

Do you keep in touch on a regular basis?

We pride ourselves in delivering regular customer communication. Each time we apply updates and have carried out any regular maintenance as per your support plan level, we will send you an email to inform you that all the website metrics have been updated and available to review on the dashboard report within our customer portal.

Are you genuinely available 24/7/365?

Yes. Our team is located in various locations across the world to ensure we are always available to support your website 24/7/365.

Do you offer an affiliate programme?

Yes. You can read all about our affiliate programme here.

Why should I work with WP Tech Support over a different provider?

Because we’re a great team that’s passionate about the service we deliver! We look after over 1,000 websites for a wide range of clients all over the world, many of whom have left us a glowing review. Quite often in life you get what you pay for; we feel our proposition structure and price point means that we’re able to offer a great service at amazing value.

What happens if

What if I go over time limits included with my plan?

If you use all of your inclusive website improvement time (only available with Pro and Business Plans) we will notify you. Additional improvement/development time can be purchased in 30 min blocks from your WP Tech Support client portal. The dashboard within the portal also shows remaining improvement time left in each month.

What does WP Tech Support do if my website gets hacked?

If you're an existing Pro, Business or Advanced Plan customer we take care of the issue with high priority and remove any malware or malicious code to get your website back running as normal ASAP. We monitor all customer websites 24/7/365 and will alert you in the event an issue is detected.

What happens if a plugin on my website is no longer supported?

If you're an existing plan customer, we will advise you if a plugin on your website is no longer supported or compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We will advise on a course of action to remedy this as depreciated plugins can be a major security risk.

Does unused website improvement time roll over?

No, we need to ensure our team has the availability to service all of our clients promptly and fairly, which simply wouldn’t be possible to organise if inclusive improvement time rolled over. Should you require additional website improvement time within a given month you can always purchase such time at a very reasonable cost.

If I want to change my support plan, can I?

You can upgrade your support plan at anytime. Downgrades can only be applied after the minimum 3 month term.

Payment and Cancellation

What happens if I want to leave within the first 3 months?

We ask for a three month commitment from you due to the significant work we undertake when onboarding a site. Our business model and pricing is based on the trust of building a long term partnership to look after your website for a very affordable monthly fee. If you extremely unsatisfied with our service within the initial three months, please raise this with our management team and we will be happy to discuss your concerns and identify an amicable resolution.

How are plan payments collected?

Plan payments are collected automatically via PayPal’s recurring payment facility every 30 days. When you sign up to your plan, you have a choice to pay directly by debit/credit card or via your PayPal account.

A few words from our relaxed customers

Great support when you need it - switched everything to WP including hosting, good to know you have people on the case when you need it, and quietly doing maintenance in the background 24/7. Recommended.

Graham Barber

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

So far these guys have helped me with all kinds of website issues. They are very responsive and patient with me as I learn. They take care of so much!

Lisa Jorgensen

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

The folks at WPTech are responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They've been an amazing support in keeping our business running smoothly and efficiently!

Andrea Michelle Kennedy

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

They were able to help me when so many couldn't. They sorted out my website in good time, and stayed in contact with me and updated me. They were very professional, interested in solving my website technical issues, and were very good value. I would definitely recommend their services to others.

Joseph Smiles

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

I’m forever grateful to the knowledgeable team from WP-techsupport.com. I rarely write a review and I was not asked to write this one. But I feel that good work should be acknowledged and promoted.

Tanya Mitnik

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

We have been using WP tech for the last 2 years. Life before using them is a nightmare, as there were malware attacks, website going down. We always had to rely on our service provider to handle our site. BUT ever since we went onboard to wp-tech, it was the best decision made for our business. If you are wondering are they worth your monthly subscription with them, please just get them! You will thank me later! Oh ya, they are available 24/7 there for you too. Thank you once again wp-tech.

Nicholas Sua

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

WP Tech Support offer a superb service at a very good price. They respond exceptionally quickly and no issue is too small or too large for them to fix. I've been dealing with the team for over 2 years and they have fixed many issues and even created a great website for me at an extremely good price. If you want exceptional support for your website I can highly recommend this company.

Brad Mitchell

testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating testimonial-rating

I had a great experience with WP Tech Support.... they fixed a gnarly problem with a custom search function on my website in record time and with a minimum of fuss... I will use them again whenever I need WP help, they are GREAT! Thank you!!!!

Eve Beglarian

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