WordPress Support Plans

Proactive, Preventative WordPress Support

Website security is business critical. We know you can’t afford any downtime from attacks and hacks that can impact WordPress websites. That’s why we’ve developed a premium quality support and maintenance service for all WordPress website owners. A WordPress support plan from WP Tech Support delivers total peace of mind.

The consequences of a hacked website can be huge, with impacts on your reputation and finances. It’s estimated that the cost of security breaches can run to $300,000 for extreme breaches in small businesses. Not only that, but there is the time and resources required to rectify the problem.

And while we love WordPress, the number of Brute Force Attacks and Denial of Service Attacks continue to increase. Thankfully, taking a proactive approach to security and maintenance can put you ahead of more than 70% of WordPress websites on the web. Our holistic, preventative approach to protecting your WordPress website will ensure you’re ahead of the game at all times.

Proactive, Preventative
WordPress Support

A more advanced way to protect your WordPress website

We do more than just protect you from attacks by keeping your WordPress system and plugins up-to-date. That’s the easy bit. Our website experts also carry out a manual health check at the outset providing recommendations for improving the security of your site. Our Pro and Business plans benefit from 60 or 90 minutes and our Advanced plan 180 minutes of expert development time for making any required improvements as well.

Expert help and a 100%
transparent customer portal

Expert help and a 100% transparent customer portal

As our experts work on and maintain your WordPress website, you have full visibility through a secure customer portal. Here you can submit support tickets, view weekly reports and manage all aspects of your account.

As our team of WordPress experts update and maintain your website we’ll also take ownership of any compatibility issues that arise during the update process. Our goal is simple - to take away worry and ensure your site is online and optimised at all times so that you don't have to worry.

We’ve got your WordPress maintenance covered


Bug Fixes

We will fix any issues or bugs when you sign up and take care of them ongoing.



Our secure online customer portal is easily accessible for submitting support tickets, viewing weekly reports and managing all aspects of your account.



We backup your website to our secure cloud server every day for complete peace of mind.*



We provide weekly WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin updates to keep your site in tip top shape.


Site Security &
24/7 Monitoring

We will install a firewall to improve your websites security and monitor for malware 24/7.



Included with Pro, Business and Advanced for those small ongoing improvements or changes.



Included with Pro (60 mins per month), Business (90 mins per month) and Advanced (180 mins per month) for those small ongoing improvements you need.


Tune up*

Slow page loading times are common for WordPress websites. We will tune up your site to speed up page loading times.



We will carry out an initial SEO audit on your website and do out the necessary work to improve your search visibility.

*Daily offsite backups weekly with Standard and Pro, every 12 hours with Business and every hour with Advanced.
Website improvements are included with Pro (60 mins per month), Business (90 mins per month) and Advanced (180 mins per month).
Performance Tune Up and SEO Optimization only available with Business and Advanced.