WordPress Care Plans (Everything You Need to Know)

WordPress Care Plans (Everything You Need to Know)

If you lack expertise in WordPress core, signing up for WordPress care plans is undeniable for your site’s security, maintenance, and performance. Care plans include site backups, speed improvements, site audits, security, uptime monitoring, and performance tweaks.

Let’s explore the maintenance plans for WordPress users, helping them achieve, perform, and maintain WordPress stability and peace of mind. We provide one-time support for beginners or those who aim to achieve bug fixing, speed, and strength. You can sign up for monthly plans.

If the care plans don’t suit you, ask our channels for more information on custom plans and one-time fixes.

What are WordPress Care Plans?

Care plans for WordPress ensure – that a site is working correctly. In the case of WordPress, a site’s performance is evaluated, analyzed, and audited to see if errors are fixed, cleaned, and adjusted. In such scenarios, the person or party That performs WordPress maintenance is called an agency, Support Team, or WordPress specialist.

The ingredients of a care plan may differ from one another. However, a basic plan includes site backups, security scanning, bug fixing, site monitoring, and custom edits.

How do Care Plans help WordPress Users?

Care plans ensure a WordPress site runs error-free, clean, and healthy. The package includes periodic backups, site audits, SEO improvements, uptime monitoring, custom reporting, live sessions, premium support, and bug fixing.

The WP Tech Support care plans help users without WordPress expertise create, run, and manage their sites. Most users, beginners, aim to create, manage, and publish content on WordPress. In such scenarios, by spending a fixed amount, users can cross their fingers and do what they like the most.

WordPress website care plans also help advanced users save time and effort while keeping WordPress healthy. From essential to complex issues, a simple fix can take up to three hours.

WP Tech Support Care Plans

Note: See our care plans for more information about discounts or a regular pricing structure.

WP Tech Support offers four care plans and maintenance packages for WordPress users. Let’s describe each plan in more detail. The Standard plan helps you overcome WordPress fear if you’re a WordPress beginner.


Includes regular maintenance routines once a month for one low price of $55/month – essential maintenance and updates, security, and backup. The Standard option is for you if you have never signed up for a WordPress care plan. After you have tasted its features, you can see if upgrading to advanced levels suits you.

In more detail, let’s explore the ingredients of a Standard care plan for WordPress.

  • Daily backups include backups of the site’s files and database, and they require access to the WordPress dashboard and cPanel file manager.
  • Monthly WordPress Core and Plugin updates
  • Up to three WordPress bug fixes per month.
  • Daily Malware scans
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Web application Firewall – supports attack vectors to prevent deadly attacks on WordPress.


The Pro plan suits advanced users and includes regular updates, PHP handling, malware removal, and monthly sessions with WordPress developers. WordPress users cost $75/month.

Pro package includes everything packed in the Standard, along with the following key aspects:

  • WordPress updates, such as Themes and PHP updates, are in the dashboard, as required.
  • Unlimited WordPress bug fixes: There is no limit to how many support tickets you can raise.
  • Malware scan and removal: If your site is infected with malware, the Pro plan includes malware scan and removal.
  • As mentioned, the Pro plan includes 60 minutes of improvement time; you can request that our development team work on any improvements you have.

The business plan dives deep into serious business. It includes ongoing maintenance and updates for sites that require regular assistance, bug fixes, and performance improvements—the WP Tech Support business plan costs WordPress sites $99/month.

Let’s explore how the Business package differs from other plans.

  • Bi-weekly WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme updates.
  • Unlimited WordPress bug fixes: There is no limit to how many support tickets you can raise.
  • Google counts speed as a ranking factor. The business plan includes speed optimization and image and media optimization for faster page speed.
  • SEO audit, which includes site Technical audits to help users optimize WordPress performance, is included in the Business care plan.
  • 90 minutes of WordPress improvements per month,


The advanced WordPress plan is unique because it supports WordPress web applications for eCommerce (WooCommerce), payments, LMS, and membership portals.

Here is a list of options That make the plan different from the rest.

  • Support for web applications That work together with WordPress has been added. For example, WP Tech Support can help you set up membership sites, eCommerce portals, payment integration, LMS systems, and custom applications on demand.
  • The Advanced plan is suitable for sites with high traffic and users. In this case, from management to handling a large user base and traffic, WP Tech Support’s care plan helps users cross their fingers.
  • Weekly WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme updates.
  • Unlimited WordPress bug fixes: There is no limit to how many support tickets you can raise.
  • 180 minutes of WordPress improvements per month,

Features bundled in WP Tech Support Care Plans

Bug Fixes

If your site’s functionality has broken, from standard to advanced plans, WP Tech Support’s care plans help users find, fix, and maintain WordPress bugs. Bug fixing and troubleshooting are critical maneuvers that can cost sites with high traffic and business if not treated and cured on time. In this case, bug fixing falls under the Technical aspects of a WordPress site, thus requiring WordPress core knowledge of what to do, how to do it, and when things can handle possible consequences.

Dashboard Reporting

We have created custom dashboards for users, which make creating, analyzing, and requesting new tickets more uncomplicated for users to manage. In the dashboard, users can see, track, and contact for support, maintenance, and monthly reports.

If you want a custom report, you can ask for one with the most important measures. For example, some users like to see brute-force attacks, while others show interest in seeing their site’s organic traffic over time. In this case, new tickets are created with written details in the custom dashboard.

Website backups (Daily basis)

Backups help users restore WordPress sites – if something goes wrong. We take periodic backups regularly. No matter – the off-site backup system helps users avoid site downtimes.

In this case, we may need to log into the WordPress dashboard for a backup entry. However, access to the backend – cPanel interface is unlimited.

WordPress Updates

Hackers can take your site down if periodic updates are not rolled out regularly. When a new update for a theme, plugin, or WordPress core has been rolled out, a bug, functionality, or website maintenance fix covers possible consequences, which otherwise may target WordPress sites, in case the updates are not implemented on time. The care plans to ensure the site’s assets, including plugins, PHP, themes, and the WordPress core, are updated correctly.

Commonly – updates are applied to the WordPress dashboard. For this purpose, the Updates page helps users see pending prompts. In WordPress, users can also turn automated updates on, which allows users to update plugins automatically. Automation enables you to save time and effort. However, it is not recommended if you would like to see what’s happening in WordPress. Sometimes, for better performance and stability – users need to see if updating a specific plugin causes conflicts in the dashboard.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

The team at WP Tech Support is equipped to handle site downtimes at both the installation and server ends. The clients’ sites are monitored in real-time, 24/7, and live to help fix problems immediately. This ensures clients’ sites are kept online, even if things don’t seem normal.

Uptime monitoring includes checking issues at the installation level, such as WordPress core, plugin conflicts, or issues caused by updates. In this case – the dashboard’s measures are evaluated, tracked, and analyzed for possible consequences. If the problems exist at the server level, access to the cPanel options is required, where more options, possibilities, or core files are evaluated for a fix.

Website Security Monitoring – Malware Scan

Most of the WordPress sites need to be taken care of regularly. This creates problems, security vulnerabilities, and maintenance issues if a site is left alone – unmanaged. The WP Tech Support care plans ensure – if a client’s site requires a malware scan. The process helps users identify if a site is infected with viruses, malware, or corrupt files in WordPress core, themes, or plugins. However, based on plans’ features and options – specific care plans don’t have malware removal on the list. If you want to proceed with the said option, you’ll need a Pro, Business, or Advanced package.

Web Application Firewall

A WordPress firewall helps users prevent brute force attacks, login attempts, and malware attacks. After a scan, the WP Tech Support team will install, configure, and manage the firewall to prevent future risks. Simply put, a firewall ensures a site is protected with automated manners, blocking vectors, and conditional logic based on known attack vectors. An example of a WordPress firewall is WordFence Guard.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Speed and caching are vital in WordPress website performance and are ranking factors for Google. If your site’s pages are not loading fast, search engines can de-rank them on search result pages. This creates problems when you aim to get organic traffic from search engines.

In this case, page speed is provided in the WP Tech Support’s care plans. However, the option is only packed in some plans. You can improve your page speed in “Business” and “Advanced” care plans. See our pricing page for more information on the features of the plans.

SEO Optimization

The Business and Advanced care plans contain SEO optimization, audit, and speed measures. While SEO efforts don’t include off-page campaigns, we help users fix site issues by running site audits.

In this case, a score of 1-100 shows the status of users’ sites. We run automated updates, checks, and manual routines to help users achieve a score of 100. In the said process, the focus shifts from basics to advanced measures, where site audit, structure, optimization, and security are improved for higher rankings on search pages. In simple words, everything we do in SEO optimization falls under the Technical audit of a WordPress website – to ensure the site’s structure is in good shape.

Image and Media Optimization

While image optimization does improve page speed, it helps more with the page user experience to convert users into subscribers. In this case, image optimization includes resizing, compressing, and formatting images for a faster experience. Also, the plan consists of media optimization – too. The media That work under the WordPress dashboard, such as documents, videos, files, and images – are also monitored for a faster experience. In this case, the WP Tech Support installs, monitors, and manages new uploads with premium plugins. It also helps users automatically optimize existing images with premium automation. So, under Business and Advanced Care plans, users can use the option to improve page speed with images and media optimization.

Technical SEO Optimization

A WordPress site requires tweaks to help users secure rankings on search pages. The tweaks, changes, or improvements fall under Technical SEO optimization, including site structure issues, image optimization, directory structure, handling 404 pages, errors identified in Google Search Console, indexing problems, and sitemap issues. Luckily, WP Tech Support’s care plans help users improve their site’s technical status without knowing how to perform complex maneuvers.

At WP Tech Support, we apply a checklist of 100 tasks to track, fix, and monitor a site’s technical status. From basics to advanced, the support team ensures no leftovers cause site downtime, slow speed, or bugs that prevent the site from ranking on search pages.

Installation of WordPress-specific Web Applications and other Systems

Web Applications are pre-made tools, custom applications, and systems to help users install, configure, and manage WordPress sites for specific purposes. For example, to create and manage a learning management system on WordPress, the WP Tech Support care plans help users install, configure, and maintain systems to develop learning platforms. The process includes management of premium plugins, payment information, optimization, maintenance of registrations and user bases, and backups. Our care plans help users create eCommerce stores, LM systems, and Membership sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is WP Tech Support as a company?

WP Tech Support is a team of WordPress experts, from essential infrastructural support to carrying out complex, custom, and developmental routines for users. Our head office is based in the UK. Our global team works 24/7, based on in-house and remote experts who work on various aspects of content, WordPress, core values, marketing, and client handling.

How to get started with WP Tech Support care plans for WordPress?

Using live chat sessions, you can contact us for more information on WordPress care plans. Also, once you have created an account using the sign-up option, you can request assistance immediately using our client portal interface.

Do I need to provide my WordPress information?

Yes, in most cases, we ask for WordPress credentials to help you assess WordPress’s stability. Sometimes, when a WordPress site requires file audits or scans, we ask for hosting credentials. Access to the hosting infrastructure of a WordPress site helps us see, fix, assess, and analyze core files under a hosting account.

How do you ask for WordPress help and support?

Once you’ve signed up for a care plan, our custom dashboard helps you raise your fingers while staying on the dashboard interface. You can create a support ticket with detailed information on what happened, what needs to be done, and how to proceed and record various maneuvers. Please note there is no limit on support tickets as long as they fall under a plan’s scope. On the other hand, if a Task goes beyond a plan’s scope, we’ll raise a quote to proceed, and let us know of further procedures.

How do you track and see if your Support Tickets are being executed?

We offer a customer portal to see the progress of your Support Tickets. Once you’ve created an account, you can access the portal. The portal helps you raise your fingers by creating support tickets. Once a ticket is raised, replies can then be managed via email directly to your inbox. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to create a demo interface to experience various aspects of our service(s).

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits or charities?

Sure. We offer a 10% discount for nonprofit organizations and charities. To avail, ask our sales team before you’ve signed up and created an account. Also – we highly recommend you check out our services page for new discounts while signing up. If you have been lost, the deal you see now may vanish tomorrow.

What are WP Tech Support’s contact channels?

Via support tickets 24/7. We currently don’t offer phone support; however, let us know if you’ve signed up for a custom plan. In this case, we can arrange phone support for custom discussions, projects, or quick support. In the customer portal, users can create new tickets to raise new issues, report problems, or ask for custom queries.

Does WP Tech Support offer trial periods?

We don’t offer trial periods for users. When a new user signs up, our work at the initial stages is worth the money spent. In this case, we take responsibility for what we do, how we do it, and what outcomes users can get by signing up. However, if you’re looking for a glimpse of our custom dashboard, reports, or interface we provide to customers, contact us for a quick call.

What about managing a Multisite setup in WordPress?

To help customers manage Multisite setups in WordPress, let us know more about your site’s structure. After we have assessed your setup structure, requirements, and routine – we can proceed with a custom plan. The proposed custom plan will maintain your site’s structure without losing data in other directories. Also, remember that the option to manage Multisite is available only in the Advanced plan.

What happens – if I have consumed my resources?

We will notify you if you reach your plan’s limits. If a custom plan is necessary, you can let us know accordingly. You can also purchase a 30-day limit in the client’s portal.

What should I do if I wanted to upgrade my plan?

Plan upgrades are available – anytime. However, downgrades are only available if you have passed three months after the first plan order. This minimum period ensures your site’s structure, activities, and website performance while investing fewer resources.

Note: For more FAQs and concerns, features, or custom queries, see a list of FAQs.

Wrapping up

WordPress care plans give a competitive advantage to users who lack WordPress expertise. Support Teams can help you track, fix, and manage WordPress issues while achieving performance. In this regard, we also allow users to hire us for one-time fixes, database optimization, CPU care, web application installation, and PHP core updates at the server level.

This should help you better understand our maintenance service for WordPress beginners. Contact us for more information if you want to see our custom dashboard. If, on the other hand, you’re seeking support for WordPress custom development, let us know. We’d love to help you sort out WordPress custom projects.

Let us know if you need more information on contact channels, custom fixes, or something we missed above. You can also read more about WordPress maintenance, performance, and audit.

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