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3 Best Plugins for Turning Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App

Article read time - 5 minutes

Accessing your website should be as easy as possible, whether you’re using a desktop device or a mobile phone. However,…

Warnings showing in Front end

Article read time - 5 minutes

A WordPress site showing warnings in Front end helps users maintain WordPress sites. Warnings in WordPress are used for various…

Comparing WordPress Security Plugins and Why we choose WordFence

Article read time - 6 minutes

In WordPress – if you lack expertise, WordPress security plugins help you strengthen your site’s security. Plugins like WordFence, JetPack,…

4xx issues – What are They?

Article read time - 5 minutes

4xx issues show a resource’s absence on a Web Server. For example – a server generates 4xx issues when a…

Solving Common WordPress Theme and Plugin Conflicts

Article read time - 4 minutes

WordPress assets, such as Themes, Plugins, and 3rd party Scripts – help users extend WordPress functionality. However, WordPress theme and…

How to Fix the Most Common WordPress Database Errors

Article read time - 5 minutes

In WordPress, database errors occur during core installation, MySQL queries, and backup routines. Users may encounter errors while querying WordPress…

Benefits of White Label WordPress Development for New Agencies

Article read time - 5 minutes

Getting started with WordPress can be difficult for a new agency and challenging to attract new clients and establish themselves…

Why You Shouldn’t Use The Username Admin

Article read time - 4 minutes

WordPress users, who prefer running their sites with a username as Admin, are more vulnerable to attacks. For example, Brute…

Fixing the Deadest White Screen of Death in WordPress

Article read time - 5 minutes

In WordPress, PHP Memory Exhaustion results in a white screen of death. A WSoD scene occurs when a WordPress site…

Do Shortcodes slow down WordPress

Article read time - 5 minutes

In WordPress, specific code snippets help users change the performance of WordPress backend, front-end interface, or website’s functionality. WordPress interprets…

How to Create Charts in WordPress With a Free Plugin

Article read time - 5 minutes

Data visualization is essential for conveying complex information in an easily digestible format. Charts can be a powerful tool for…

Mobile-First WordPress Themes 2023  

Article read time - 4 minutes

Are you looking for the best mobile-first WordPress themes 2023? If yes, this blog can help you get insight into…

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