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Why is the development of a custom WordPress platform so crucial?

Article read time - 4 minutes

Are you considering creating a website to market your company? But did you realize that building a website from scratch…

How much time is required to become a WordPress developer?

Article read time - 3 minutes

Do you want to work as a WordPress developer? You've discovered the ideal introduction to get you started if your…

Top 8 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

Article read time - 6 minutes

WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems (CMS) – millions of people have used it to…

How to Verify Google Search Console on WordPress

Article read time - 15 minutes

Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster, is one of the most popular, impactful, and essential tools for website owners.…

Factors That are Killing your WordPress Site Speed

Article read time - 5 minutes

When it comes to speed, we often overlook internal factors that slow down the dashboard's performance. In this regard, you…

How WordPress Plugins Can Be Used as an Attack Vector

Article read time - 6 minutes

WordPress is the most popular web content management system (CMS) today, powering millions of websites and blogs worldwide. But as…

10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Website Platform

Article read time - 5 minutes

WordPress has been around since 2003, becoming one of the most popular website platforms in the world. WordPress can handle…

Using Google Analytics for Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Article read time - 7 minutes

Google Ads Conversion Tracking is a process that allows you to track how successful your advertising campaigns are.  Source: Pixabay…

Is WordPress good for eCommerce?

Article read time - 5 minutes

Gone are the days when WordPress was just considered a mere blogging platform. Today, WordPress is way more than it…

How to Improve SEO On Your WordPress Site

Article read time - 3 minutes

WordPress powers around 40% of all websites, so there's no surprise that many people get it wrong when it comes…

9 Ways to Level-Up WordPress by Adding Audio Translation to Videos

Article read time - 4 minutes

Launched in 2003, WordPress has grown to become one of the world's most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). Today it…

Should Large Stores Use WooCommerce?

Article read time - 6 minutes

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin used to sell things on WordPress websites. The WooCommerce WordPress plugin can be used…

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