5 Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate or an affiliate marketer, there’s a high chance that you’re using WordPress to manage and build your site. WordPress is one of the best tools out there when it comes to creating a high-end and professional website, and there are several affiliate marketing plugins that you can make use of to help to customize it so that it fits your exact needs.

You can start by using WordPress to build your affiliate site, and then look for the best affiliate marketing plugins available to fine-tune your website and perfect it for your requirements. There are plenty of tools out there to choose from, and these are some of the best that affiliates should consider.

Pretty Links

If you are going to be making money via Amazon and adding links to your site to do so, you will need to become an expert at managing your links. Pretty Links is a great tool that will help you do just this. It provides a great option for adding links to your posts and creating memorable URLs for your content. It also offers an auto-link feature that allows you to quickly and easily set up redirects when you have an affiliate link that is returning 404 errors.


This is a handy, easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily create any kind of form that your website might need. It comes with pre-built templates for a wide range of important forms including sign-up forms, surveys, and polls, along with the option to create your own from scratch. As a result, you can put together affiliate sign-up forms that are tailored to your brand or program, allowing people to sign up for your newsletter or potential partners to get in touch with you easily and quickly via your site. It also integrates easily with a range of other tools, allowing you to make use of other useful features like automatic replies.


If you are planning to use a lot of banner ads for your affiliate site, then the AdSanity plugin is an ideal one to install. This allows you to place and finetune any ad banners you use no matter where you decide to place them on your site. You can also easily add affiliate links to your ads and set start and end dates for time-limited, exclusive deals. This tool also provides you with reports that include stats on each individual ad, allowing you to know which ads perform best on your site and where they are placed.


If you want to utilize giveaways as part of your campaigns, RafflePress is a great affiliate marketing tool for WordPress to look into. It comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder that allows you to quickly and easily put together interesting, engaging giveaway campaigns. Whether you are growing your email list, setting up a long-term campaign, or promoting a specific product, you can use RafflePress to get more buzz. It will easily integrate with your email marketing and social media marketing tools.


If you want to get a complete marketing and SEO kit that provides you with the option to get powerful insights as an affiliate marketer, SEMRush is a tool that cannot be ignored. It includes an excellent keyword research function, which is one of the best tools within this plugin. This is important for affiliate marketers since it is crucial to choose keywords that rank well when planning content. SEMRush gives you the option to track any keywords you use and see how they rank. You can also use it to track competitors’ keywords.

Whether you are established or just getting started with affiliate marketing, these are some of the best WordPress plugins to consider using.

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