Responsible and green business practices

At WP Tech Support, we measure our success not only by customer satisfaction, but also by how we operate in the community and our environment.

We embrace responsible and green business practices. We are committed to reducing and eliminating any negative environmental impact whilst benefiting the communities we live and operate in.

Paperless Communications

We issue no paper based contracts, invoices or communications to customers. We provide all communications digitally, combined with our easy to manage customer portal which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycling Waste and Electronic Items

We actively ensure our recyclable waste is separated from our normal waste. We also recycle electronic waste such as computers, monitors and tablets, many of which can be re-used by charities.

Remote Working

We support our team, should they choose to work from home. This has many benefits from a better work-life balance, through to reduced vehicle usage and reduced energy costs for our offices.

Natural Light

It may sound small; however, the use of natural light in your office can have a significant reduction in your carbon footprint (and electricity bills). In the instances where natural light is not sufficient we have equipped our offices with LED lighting – helping to reduce electricity consumption.