Animation Explainers Case Study

Animation Explainers Case Study

WP Tech Support has one sole aim. To support your business. First and foremost, that means providing expert support for your WordPress website – or multiple websites. However, our support often goes well beyond the four walls of your website.

WordPress aside, our team has invaluable expertise and experience in branding, online presence, and lead generation. We can add this knowledge and insight to your business alongside specialist WordPress support. The result? A brand image that works wonders with a flawless, stress-free website.

Our recent work with Animation Explainers is the perfect example. We worked with their team to rebrand the business alongside our comprehensive WordPress support services.

animation explainers branding

About Animation Explainers

Animation Explainers create high-quality animated explainer videos for businesses in various sectors. Simply put, their attractive videos help clients clearly explain their business, products, or services to customers online.

The business has grown exponentially into a truly global brand after being established in Dublin – initially from a relative’s spare room. Just two years on, they’ve opened offices in Dublin and Toronto, with clients in Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands, to name just a few…

The challenge

Animation Explainers needed an online presence that reflected their global growth. This started with their branding and website and extended to their ongoing digital marketing campaign.

Liaising with their team, we discovered their central goal – to create a trusted, global feel that was just as relatable to customers in Dublin or on the other side. At the same time, they also wanted to showcase their ability…

Animation Explainers had originally sold themselves as a local Irish company. However, after building up a portfolio of works in different corners of the world – spanning different languages and cultures – they were ready to focus on how good their animations were compared to the competition. After all, high-quality animation is universal across the globe.

How we helped

Bespoke rebranding

Our work with Animation Explainers was truly multi-faceted. Firstly, we acted as consultants, advising them on their complete rebrand. That’s more than just a new logo. It’s a complete look and feel across every aspect of their online presence, to which the new website is central…

Expert web design

Our team designed and built a fast, responsive website that aligns perfectly with their new brand message. They had outgrown the ‘small business’ look and were ready to be positioned at a higher level to compete globally. Their new site is fast and mobile-friendly, with easy navigation to showcase their portfolio and the benefits of their services.

WordPress Support

Our comprehensive Business Plan supports the attractive new website. Animation Explainers have 24/7 support for any issues, fixes or updates on the website. That means complete reassurance that their site will always perform at its best, attracting customers and generating leads worldwide. Any problems? We’ll fix them promptly, with no hassle or stress on their end.

Ongoing digital marketing

We’re also working to optimize digital marketing for Animated Explainers continuously. The new site is packed with content structured by video purpose and industry to help improve organic rankings across the board. Our team is managing pay-per-click and social paid ads on their behalf, which will go hand-in-hand with industry- and purpose-specific landing pages.

The results

The new Animation Explainers site is now live. You can see that it’s fast, responsive, attractive, and – most importantly – everything is running smoothly with our expert support. Above all else, the site reflects its new global position, allowing it to continue its fast expansion into new markets with bigger, more established brands.

Here’s what their co-founder, Dylan Healy, had to say:

“WP Tech Support has offered us superb support and help over the last few months. They have great experience and understand where we are as a business and where we need to be. We are thankful for their advice and guidance over the last six months.

“Communication was extremely great, and they successfully and on time completed the website job and overall maintenance. We are now working with them on new projects! We see many more collaborations with WP Tech Support and Animation Explainers going into the future, so this is the start of something very special for all the parties involved.”

Tailored support for your business

WP Tech Support doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide specialist support to over 1,000 customers from Europe, Australia, and the USA, each with specific requirements.

Whether it’s branding advice, web design assistance, or comprehensive support and maintenance, we can help your business succeed and grow. Want to find out more? Our team is always on hand to help. Speak to a WordPress expert today.

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