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If you are a business or an enterprise offering some product or service and plan to attract customers via your website, social proof should be an essential part of your website. Displaying customer testimonials could improve your conversion rates and convert most of your landing page visitors into customers. You can utilize the advantages of testimonial plug-ins on your website to generate more leads and boost customer visibility into your website. Read on as we take a look at some of the top WordPress testimonial plugins.

The importance of testimonials

Apart from being a strong sales pitch, customer testimonials are unbiased and help convert more prospects into customers. The following are 3 key reasons as to why a testimonial section is crucial in your website:

●   Social Proof – With relevant testimonials on your website, your customers are not at all skeptical and will be assured about your business offerings.

●   Conversions – Good testimonials make your web page visitors sign-up to your email list, which means more traffic and, thereby, more business value.

●   Trust – A good testimonial on your website leads to social proof and hence demonstrates your credibility. This increases the trust of your prospects and helps convert them into customers.

It is essential to identify hassle-free means to implement testimonials on your website. Customer feedback is crucial. Gathering them on time simply and efficiently is also important for businesses. Here comes the need for testimonial plugins. Let us walk through the key reasons why testimonial plug-ins are necessary and inevitable for your website.

Why do you need a plug-in for that?

Testimonials collected from the customer have to go through a review process and require developers to implement them onto the website. Review plugins streamline the whole process and help website owners review, approve, and publish customer reviews right from the WordPress dashboard.

From the extensive collection of plug-ins available for WordPress, below are feature-rich and popular plugins. They have been selected based on the number of installations and customer reviews. 

Top WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonial plug-ins come in various types, each with different but valuable features. Below are hand-picked top WordPress testimonial plugins to help you with your customer lead generation process.

Strong Testimonials 

strong testimonials

Strong Testimonials have been rated by users as developer-friendly and the most customizable plugins in WordPress. Additionally, it is well-stocked with a multitude of features. It comprises a front-end form to gather testimonials and has strong display options such as grid layout, masonry layout, testimonial slider, and many more. A custom form present in Strong testimonials allows users to add their reviews and testimonials with ease.

Strong Testimonials integrate well with many plug-ins on your websites such as WPML, WPGlobus, and Polylang to make it entirely prepared for translation. 

Testimonials Widget

The Testimonials Widget is a flexible plug-in that lets the users add testimonials at any place on the website. Along with features such as the slide-in and fade transitions, you could also filter the slideshow content by using tags, categories, and post IDs of WordPress.

The Testimonials Widget allows its users to mix content such as videos, images, and texts in a single slideshow in any manner.

Easy Testimonials

easy testimonials

As the name of this WordPress testimonial plugin suggests, Easy Testimonials requires zero coding skills to implement due to its shortcode feature. The testimonials can be easily added in a post or a page or even on a sidebar as a widget.

With Easy Testimonials, the user can either add a customer feedback form to gather testimonials or enter the testimonials manually at the WordPress admin area. The author’s image comes up easily as this plugin supports images as well. 

Testimonial Rotator

Managing testimonials in your WordPress website with the Testimonial Rotator is simple with its ability to create a custom post type. A testimonial carousel can be created quickly, and rotating testimonials can be added anywhere on the website.

With the Testimonial Rotator, multiple rotators can be created, and customer information such as job title, feedback, and image can be added manually. It also includes a star rating system with simple widget options.

Testimonials Slider

The Testimonials Slider plug-in comes with a clean and simple user interface and design to display testimonials. To gather testimonials, the Testimonials Slider plugin provides a front-end contact form. The testimonials can be added anywhere on the website using a shortcode or a sidebar widget.

The Testimonial Slider comes with variant layouts, colors, and transitions and is highly-customizable. 

Testimonial Basics 

Testimonial Basics comes with a wide range of features, such as the ability to backup and restore testimonials, sliders, captcha to prevent spam, and many more. Multiple display styles and sidebar widgets are additional features, along with easy-to-use input forms for gathering customer testimonials.

Testimonial Basics Plugin offers a 6-widget display option with 4-page displays, each of which can be customized with colors, backgrounds, and fonts of the user’s choice. In addition to uploading images from the WordPress admin area, user-submitted testimonials can utilize Gravatar to search for client images. The Testimonials Slider WordPress plug-in is translation-ready, RTL compatible, as well as GDPR compliant.

Thrive Ovation 

Thrive Ovation helps users gather testimonials in 3 ways. 

Primarily, it allows the user to transform any WordPress comment from your website into a testimonial, ready to be featured, just with a single mouse click and without any copy-pasting processes. 

Secondly, the Thrive Ovation WordPress plug-in lets you integrate with Facebook and Twitter to import comments. 

Thirdly, it lets you fully automate the testimonial collection process by allowing the user to create dedicated testimonial submission pages, posts, and forms.

Importing all the data in a hassle-free manner and the ability to seamlessly integrate the testimonials with social media accounts makes Thrive Ovation one of the best WordPress testimonial plugins.

Testimonials Showcase 

The Showcase testimonial plug-in that comes with a free version in offers smooth transitions and full control of all fields. With 30 layouts and an unlimited shortcode generator, the Testimonials Showcase plugin allows the user to display customer feedback in a slider or a grid. This plug-in comes with an easy-to-use front-end submission form that lets the user submit testimonials directly into your WordPress website. 

BNE Testimonials

BNE is a testimonials plug-in that allows adding testimonials and reviews to any page. This can be done via a shortcode or a sidebar area provided for the same. Each testimonial involves a website URL, a message, image, tagline, and a title, and these testimonials can be separated into different categories.


wp forms

WPForms offer a customized, easy-to-use contact form for your clients, who can then fill in and directly submit the testimonial to you from your website.

With WPForms, you can include a rating scale where your client can rate your business and achieve stars after submission. This then leads to the client’s testimonial landing on your WordPress dashboard area. Another feature that WPForms add to your business is to review the feedback before letting it be published on your website.

The WordPress testimonial plugins listed above help your business brand grow and increase your customer base. Stay tuned for more articles and blogs.

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