WordPress Admin Broken

WordPress Admin Broken

Have you experienced broken WordPress admin issues? In today’s write-up, we will learn how to fix broken functionality issues in WordPress.

Broken admin dashboard errors in WordPress occur when a specific plugin conflicts with existing WordPress assets.

However, broken functionality can be caused by the browser’s cache, updates, or outdated versions of a specific Theme or Plugin.

Let’s proceed and explain the broken admin dashboard in WordPress and how to fix broken functionality as a beginner.

WordPress Admin Broken: How to Fix?

If you can’t access the WordPress dashboard, also known as the WordPress admin area, you must look around for various reasons.

Plugin conflicts in WordPress

In this case, if things in the WordPress dashboard are weird, existing assets in WordPress may create conflicting scenarios.

For example, due to Theme or Plugin conflicts, WordPress admin features may become unavailable, or you may face difficulties accessing the WordPress admin.

In this case, you should deactivate all plugins, one by one, and check if turning them one by one can help you track conflict issues in WordPress.

Meanwhile, you should observe if turning on or off a specific plugin fixes the WordPress broken admin issues.

For more information on WordPress conflicts, see the detailed tutorial. You should also update outdated plugins, Themes, and other assets, which will help you fix issues caused by outdated versions of conflicting assets in WordPress.

Similarly – if a WordPress theme is causing a broken admin dashboard, you should deactivate the culprit plugin and see if activating the WordPress default theme helps you fix issues.


If your site is not running with the latest PHP core, it could experience broken functionalities.

Why? WordPress, as a CMS, is based on PHP – a web scripting language used to create, run, and manage dynamic applications on the Web.

In this case – you can see if the Tools page in the WordPress dashboard shows prompts to update PHP. If, for example, you cannot access the WordPress dashboard, you should see in Hosting cPanel if your site’s PHP needs updating.

In this case – you can update your site’s PHP in the hosting cPanel options or ask your hosting support channel for more information and assistance.

Note: You can also use WordPress plugins, such as Site Health Checker, to check your site for prompting issues.

Mis-configured SSL

If your site’s SSL has expired, you may face a broken WordPress admin after entering a valid username and password.

In this case – you can fix Things accordingly, preferably by renewing your site’s SSL plan.

Once the SSL has been renewed, you can see if the problem has been fixed. Conversely – ask your hosting support professionals for assistance.

In this case, sometimes – after you have renewed SSL, your site’s configuration needs updating.

Automatic Redirect after Login

If you manage a multi-user WordPress site, you may have configured an automatic redirect after a user logs into the WordPress dashboard.

Now – gaps in automated redirects may cause a broken WordPress admin.

In this case – see if you can manage the plugin, redirect, or configure an asset responsible for the scenario. Alternatively – you will need to deal with the Htaccess file if you have configured automatic redirects with the Htaccess file.

In this case, temporarily deactivating the redirect plugin is easy for the cPanel manager. On the other hand, if you need to fix a broken redirect in Htaccess, you will need to make changes in the Htaccess file.

Having that clarified, once you have logged into WordPress cPanel manager, you can find and make changes in the Htaccess file by getting into your site’s Root directory.

In this case – if you have placed a code snippet for automated redirect, remove it and see if the problem has been fixed.

Admin URL changed

If you have changed the WordPress admin URL for security purposes, you may face a broken dashboard after logging into WordPress dashboard.

Here – if you can handle things correctly, make changes accordingly, such as reverting to old infrastructure in WordPress.

On the other hand – you can consult WordPress support professionals, such as maintenance services – to help you fix things accordingly.

Note: There are two possibilities in this case. If you have changed your site’s login URL with a WordPress plugin, see if you can temporarily deactivate the plugin from the Hosting cPanel manager. On the other hand – ask your support professionals for assistance.

Security Plugin

The plugin used on a WordPress site may prevent users from the WordPress dashboard for security purposes.

For example – if WordFence starts counting valid users as spammers, the WordPress admin dashboard may prevent users from accessing the WordPress home feed.

In this case, you can follow the instructions on the WordFence screen, or deactivating WordFence may help you fix things accordingly.

WordPress issues

Errors like White Screen of Death may prevent users from accessing the WordPress admin dashboard.

Accessing the WordPress admin dashboard may deny valid users unless you have fixed such errors.

For more information on how to fix WordPress screen of death issues, see this detailed tutorial.

Professional Tips

  • If you can reinstall WordPress from scratch, that is better. Otherwise, fixing a broken WordPress admin doesn’t require reinstalling WordPress. In this case, proceed to reinstall WordPress only if you don’t have an established site or know how to deal with things without affecting SEO stats.
  • Fixing a WordPress broken admin requires access to the Hosting cPanel manager. Make sure you have access to the Public_HTML
  • WordPress may also experience a broken admin scenario if a site receives malware. In this case, a malware scanner, such as WordFence’s built-in scanner, helps users track, find, and fix malware issues in WordPress.
  • File permissions can also cause broken interfaces in WordPress. If you think files need correct permissions, you should ask for support from hosting specialists. Don’t change WordPress file permissions if you don’t know what needs updating.
  • WordPress needs regular maintenance. Broken admin dashboard scenarios occur if a site is not maintained regularly. To ensure WordPress’ clean status, you should care about WordPress updates, error fixing, and periodic backups.

Summing up

In this write-up, you have learned how to fix the broken functionality of WordPress admins. In this case, the WordPress admin interface or dashboard stops responding after a user tries to log into the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress’s broken admin occurs for various reasons, including WordPress misconfigured redirects, server configuration, and malware.

For more information on fixing WordPress errors and maintenance routines, see this tutorial or ask for WordPress support from our experts if you don’t know how to proceed.

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