Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Succeed Online

top 10 wordpress plugins

WordPress is an amazing web publishing and content management system that is highly dynamic, propitious, favorable, and affordable at the same time. If you run your online business on a WordPress website, you have ample scope for customization and expansion.

On one hand WordPress supports thousands of themes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your website and on the other, it supports thousands of plugins that can boost the performance and functionality of your online business.

However, with thousands of options available on the rack, one is likely to get confused and have a tough time choosing the best and the most suitable plugins. Do not worry! You have this article to your rescue!

To simplify your hunt, and help you take an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the top ten WordPress plugins that can help you empower your website and revolutionize your online presence. Keep reading till the end and find out more!

Top 10 WordPress plugins

WordPress Plugins are applications or software that when integrated with the website, add to its functionality and features. It can make the website more user-friendly, secure, intuitive and high-performing.

Go through our list of the best WordPress plugins and integrate them to make your website more robust and dynamic. Let us begin:

#1: Yoast SEO

yoast seo

SEO or System Engine Optimization plays an instrumental role in building the identity and boosting the visibility of your website. Yoast SEO is a powerful SEO plugin for managing and optimizing WordPress websites.

It is a must have tool for all kinds of websites, as appearing in the top search results is crucial for every business or organization. You can use the plugin to analyze the SEO friendliness of your website content and optimize the meta-information.

It comes in both free and premium versions, thereby offering a range of benefits and scalability.

#2: WooCommerce


This is the best eCommerce plugin if you want to turn your website into an online store. In fact, over the years, WooCommerce has developed as a full fledged eco-system that now has dedicated plugins, themes, hosting, etc., available for the users.

It has all the features and functionalities that one needs to run a successful business online. It makes selling and buying a breeze, and thus strengthens your business from the eCommerce and sales point of view.

The best thing about WooCommerce is that it is free of cost and is highly scalable and customizable as per your requirements.

#3: AppMySite


It is the age of smartphones and studies have reported that most of the online consumers today prefer shopping on mobile apps over websites.

AppMySite free app maker is a trusted WordPress solution for code-free Android and iOS app development. AppMySite just makes the journey easier for all kinds of businesses, willing to join the mCommerce industry.

This WordPress app plugin enables users to turn their WordPress and WooCommerce websites into full fledged native mobile apps. Thanks to the AI-powered and user-friendly DIY dashboard, anyone can create, customize, and test premium high-performing apps for free.

AppMySite comes with a range of free and premium packages and add-on solutions that are the best in the industry. It is a must have plugin as apps are the ultimate future of online business.

#4: WPForms

wp forms

Contact forms are the primary need of any website. It enables the visitors to connect and communicate with the business and thereby imparts the power of feedback, query, information, and data collection.

WP Forms is the simplest contact form plugin that is suitable for all kinds of websites. You can use it to create contact forms, online order forms, payment forms, email subscription forms and even for creating surveys and polls.

Both Lite and Pro versions of WPForms are available for the consumers to choose from.

#5: Sucuri


The web is full of infinite opportunities and possibilities. However, cyber threats and security issues are a part and parcel of this digital universe that one must take care of.

Sucuri is an amazing plugin that helps businesses to keep their website safe from such external threats and dangers. The web application firewall protects your site from a range of threats like malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, DDoS, and more.

You must opt for this plugin in order to keep your website secure and clean. Choose from a range of packages and pick the plan that suits all your needs.

#6: Constant Contact

constant contact

Having a visitor database is the most crucial and significant requirement for all website owners. It not only gives you an insight into your website performance, but also helps you with your marketing, re-targeting, and other branding initiatives.

Constant Contact serves the same purpose and helps you build and maintain an email list of your visitors. It is one of the best email marketing service providers that is really easy to set up and use.

You can use it together with lead generation plugins and leverage your email marketing and communication initiatives.

#7: PushEngage

push engage

Push notifications are the modern day communication and marketing solutions that are both crisp and powerful. These power-packed messages have the ability to grab the attention of the new-age audience that prefers its messages to be short and concise.

Push Engage enables you to design and manage the best push notification campaigns. You can use it to send web push notifications to your visitors and hook their attention towards the latest offers, deals, product launches, and more.

It comes with dynamic features like opt-in reminders, user-segmentation, drip campaigns, analytics, and more. It can also trigger eCommerce alerts like cart abandonment notifications, price drop alerts, inventory alerts, and more.

#8: LiveChat

live chat

Most users that visit your website are impulsive and make quick decisions when it comes to buying or abandoning. Hence, they also demand a live chat support feature for more clarity and better assistance.

This plugin, as the name describes, enables users to activate the LiveChat feature on their website. It also comes with a mobile app, that enables the support team to offer immediate help.

It is easy to set up, and has a quick response time. You can integrate it with your existing support software and start using it immediately.

#9: Uncanny Automator

automator plugin

Uncanny Automator is the best automation plugin available for WordPress websites. It enables all the plugins to work coherently without the requirement of coding or technical expertise.

You can effortlessly integrate it with all your other WordPress plugins and automate the routine administerial tasks to save efforts and time. In fact, if you have more than one WordPress website, you can also interconnect them using this plugin.

It has the power to read the ongoing activities on your website and execute automated actions accordingly. Use it to make all your plugins work in co-ordination with each other and power the website together.

#10: MonsterInsights

monster insights plugin

Any effort is insignificant if you fail to analyze the results of the action and shape your actions accordingly. Similarly, it is also important for every website owner to conduct a regular analysis of the site.

MonsterInsights helps you in gathering significant and insightful data related to your website. It connects your website with Google Analytics and shows all the important statistical information under one roof.

It is a must have plugin to monitor user-engagement and website performance and comes in both free and premium versions.

Wrapping up!

That was all from our end today! Explore the plugins listed above and pick the ones that suit your business needs and prepare you for the future.

You can also discover some industry specific plugins and themes that suit your niche and serve customized purposes. For instance, plugins for eCommerce websites, food blogging websites, education and learning websites, and more.

Integrate those that have the caliber to boost the performance of your business website. Also create a WordPress app for the website and be ready for the mobile-friendly generation of buyers and consumers. Hurry! Get, set, grow!

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