Optimizing WordPress Content: Best Practices for Content Publishers

Optimizing WordPress Content: Best Practices for Content Publishers

Did you want to change, optimize, or rewrite WordPress content in the light of data in Google Search Console?

Content optimization can create irrelevancy issues if you must learn how to proceed. This can cause ranking drops, poor user experience, and gaps in conceptual flow.

Let’s address and explain how to optimize WordPress content for ranking improvements.

How to Optimize WordPress Content?

Relevancy matters

The first thing you should have considered is that the updating procedure should add relevancy, not irrelevancy. The content you update should increase exposure on search pages, ranking improvements, and impressions/clicks.


When dealing with GSC data, the first thing That matters is the keywords a page currently ranks for.

You can see the ranking keywords when looking at a page’s stats. In this case, using the Filter option in Google Search Console, get a list of keywords that cause the page to rank in Google’s top 5 positions – preferably in the top 3 slots.


The keywords That cause ranking in Google’s top 3 positions are the ones That help users increase a page’s relevancy against topics.

On the other hand, obtaining a list of “all keywords” and spreading it on a page will only cause minor improvements and irrelevance.

Note: For every page you’d like to update, getting a list of keywords in Google Search Console, the ones That rank a particular page in Google’s top 3 positions, is highly critical.

Note 2: Without the above instructions, updating a page’s content may cause irrelevancy, ranking drops, and poor user expectations. Be cautious.

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Let’s explain more ways, best practices, and proven ways to update WordPress content for more exposure, organic traffic, and user experience.

Know your Writing Niche well

First, you should have known your writing niche. That’s a must-have and is a lifeline for content publishers. Why? Creating quality content only works harshly with a tight grip on what you’re producing.

Let’s proceed further.

Updating WordPress content with relevant information is the best way possible. Adding pertinent information makes a post or page more appropriate in this scenario.

Here – it would help if you saw where adding a paragraph makes sense. It would help if you cared about readers’ expectations, conceptual flow, and problem-solving.

SEO Tools

Using SEO tools like Neuron Writer to update content is an enjoyable routine. The Tools can help you optimize content using keyword suggestions.

When a piece of content is updated with relevant suggestions, its relevancy increases. Most Tools are paid, providing more control over SERP analysis, competition, and organic growth.

Note: Users can also update content manually if they are familiar with SEO white hat tactics.

SET plugins also help. For example, Rank Math or Yoast SEO can help users optimize WordPress content easily.

Once a page or post is loaded, the plugins’ suggestions help users optimize WordPress content according to SEO best practices.

Search Intent and Conceptual Flow

Think about readers’ search intent and conceptual flow when:

The first phase, the keyword research process, ensures that relevant topic ideas are found. We can refer to finding topics according to the readers’ search intent.

Search Intent shows a user’s intention when searching for topics on search engines. You can call it the final destination of users, such as buying a specific product, looking for information, or navigating to particular locations.

The second phase, optimizing content, is equally important. Adding more content would help consider readers’ expectations, conceptual flow, and problem-solving.

The readers should always feel safe. The users should approach a problem with actionable steps, procedures, and advice found nowhere.

See the ranking Pages on SERPs

Analyze Google’s SERPs to see the currently ranking pages. Repeat this process when researching a keyword, topic, or competition analysis.

For example, when searching for a proposed keyword on Google, see how the ranking pages have compiled information. This gives a streamlined idea of how to generate relevant headlines, outlines, and data.

Note: Don’t focus on copying pages’ material; the concept will give you ideal scenarios. This gives you insights to see what others are discussing.

Topic’s Competition Analysis

Assessing competition on Google refers to “Competition Analysis for a Topic”. Here, we consider the following key points when evaluating competition:

  • Page’s content – thin content scenarios
  • Topic’s Search Intent
  • Backlinks pointing to the ranking page
  • Domain Authority of the ranking sites
  • Traffic potential of the keywords
  • Technical audit, such as page speed and user experience

The whole process of a keyword’s competition analysis can give you insights into the following:

Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rates help you understand if the content is created, optimized, and updated with proper precautions.

Well, here is the formula That keeps content publishers on track when generating revenue.

  • The topic you’re writing about should filter specific users with a particular problem.
  • The content you create should efficiently highlight, address, and solve readers particular problem(s)
  • Your free or paid offer must be relevant to the readers’ current state. For example, it could be a fix, Tool, or quote that helps readers move the needle.

So, how do you observe your site’s conversion rate?

Analyze the following Two factors to see if your site’s content converts readers.

  1. Observe the on-page sessions of new users. You can do this by seeing data in Google Analytics.
  2. See the conversion on opting forms if you have one placed on the content posts. See more information in the optin-form builder, such as Convert Kit.

Note: Considering the data, you can better optimize WordPress content for more conversions.

Content Outsourcing

Do not outsource content creation, optimization, or updating. No one knows better how content optimization should work if:

  • Someone responsible is not an SEO guy
  • Someone who doesn’t understand Search Intent
  • Someone who doesn’t know about the keyword’s types
  • Someone who doesn’t know how to write conceptual sentences
  • Someone whose niche is different from yours

Remember that the content updating process doesn’t mean you should increase a page or post’s word count. The method focuses explicitly on improving relevancy with proven procedures, such as adding more data on the keywords shown in Google Search Console, preferably in the top 3 positions for a page or post.

Heatmaps for User Session Optimization

Implement Heatmaps if possible.

Heatmaps help users understand readers’ behavior on a page. For example, admins can use Heatmaps Tools to see where, when, and how readers have responded to a page.

This data can help admins better convert readers into paying subscribers. This resource provides detailed information on how Heatmaps work in WordPress.


As a content creator, you should know about Google’s psychology in creating, optimizing, and updating content. Of course, Google prefers white hat SEO methods that few people follow, understand, and implement in real-world scenarios.

In this case, outsourcing content creation can cause problems. No one can work better than the one who understands a niche. It would help if you also considered different types of keywords, their search intent, SERP analysis, and content A/B testing for improved performance, conversions, and organic growth.

For more information on Google SEO, our team of experts has got you covered. Initiate a live chat session on the home page, ask us for more information, or let us audit your site’s content for conversions. We also provide WordPress maintenance on demand, one-time sessions, or monthly deals.

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