9 Top Plugins To Convert A WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

9 Top Plugins To Convert A WordPress Website Into A Mobile App

Today, mobile apps have become standard for business. The reason is apparent: people are more active on mobile phones when shopping, booking tickets, or paying bills. Previously, mobile browsers or mobile websites were popular. Now, mobile apps are more common. After all, they’re handy, fast, and easy to use.

Why Should You Build A Mobile App for Your WordPress Site?

If you analyse website traffic in Google Analytics, you will find that the majority of people access websites via mobile. Making your website responsive is the best way to ensure that mobile users have a good experience.

A mobile-responsive WordPress site effortlessly adjusts to the screen size of any mobile device. Almost all WordPress themes are responsive.

However, some businesses try to render a user experience that is far beyond the imagination through their mobile apps. Users no longer have to visit a browser to visit a website, as they can launch an app from the home screen to access their favorite blogs, membership websites, or online communities.

Building a flawless mobile app demands coding knowledge, but several app development agencies can do it for you within your budget.

Are you looking for an effective solution for converting your WordPress site into a mobile application? Read on as we explore this in more detail.

If you have already developed a WordPress site but not a mobile app, there is no need to worry. Using a WordPress plugin, you can proficiently build a new mobile channel for your target audience.

Plugins That Can Transform A WordPress Site Into A Mobile App

Here are some popular WordPress plugins that you can choose to achieve your purpose.

# 1. AppMySite

AppMySite is an AI-powered app builder

AppMySite is an AI-powered app builder that enables users to create their own Android and iOS apps without any coding. Its user-friendly dashboard is easy to grasp and work with. Users can build and preview their apps for free, which makes it even more efficient and a must-try solution.

The visually directive and frictionless environment makes it easier for users to convert WordPress to mobile app, and create, customize, and publish their app without any hassle. Simply install the AppMySite mobile app plugin on your WordPress website and get started.

The wide range of packages and enriching add-ons make the platform perfectly suitable for all businesses, big or small.

# 2. Androapp

This is a highly useful plugin for converting a WordPress site into a mobile app. It is packed with features like offline support, multiple themes, push notifications, and more. However, it is not compatible with WooCommerce or BuddyPress.

With its plugin developer, you can easily configure or download your app and submit it to an app store all by yourself.

# 3. AppPresser

AppPresser is intuitive and has a dedicated WordPress mobile theme, which is useful for creating a mobile app. This plugin offers features like push notification, custom page creation, plugin and extension capability, and more.

Through its visual app customizer, you can modify your app’s look, such as changing colors, adding custom pages, and pulling WordPress content.

# 4. MobiLoud

MobiLoud is another popular plugin that converts a WordPress site into a mobile app. It has two products: the first is for news and blog websites, and the second one is for websites that use WooCommerce or other plugins.

It offers push notifications, mobile advertising assistance, and custom branding. The app can be easily configured, prepared, and submitted to app stores.

Convert WordPress To Mobile App

# 5. Web2App

The Web2App WordPress plugin transforms your responsive website into a proper native app. Its setup is quite simple. If your mobile app is built using Web2App, you don’t have to compromise on quality. This theme offers better customization facilities at an affordable price.

# 6. WPApp.Ninja

This plugin allows you to build a mobile app or progressive web app for your website. You have to buy a single-lifetime license to create an app. Within the WordPress admin area, the app setup and configuration can be done quickly.

It comes with tools that allow you to upload your icons, buttons, colours, translations, and more. This plugin fully supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, and offline content.

# 7. WappPress

WappPress is one of the most cost-effective platforms. It allows you to convert a WordPress website into an Android app with a simple click. This plugin offers multiple pre-built themes, a custom home page, push notifications, and a custom splash screen. Once you are done with your mobile app development, you can publish it on the Google Play Store.

# 8. Appful

Appful is compatible with both Android and iOS and is considered the most effective plugin for building superior mobile apps. It was built by a SaaS company that helps companies, publishers, and magazines acquire potential customers by developing enterprise software solutions.

Some of the noteworthy features of this plugin include offline reading, YouTube support, live editing, and integration of the Twitter profile page. With Appful, you can always expect an excellent app design at a nominal price and further customize it just the way you like. You must pay a reasonable price while publishing your mobile app on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

# 9. Blappsta

Blappsta offers complete compatibility with Android and iOS platforms. Its distinct feature, “Blappsta Preview,” allows you to test your creation before making it live. This way, you can check how your website will appear in the mobile app form even before it’s built.

Its top features include push notifications, Google deep link indexing, flexibility in organizing content, customizing navigation, and many more.

Final Words

Now, the main question is which plugin you will use. Well, it depends on your business requirements. One thing is for sure: By using any of these plugins, you can efficiently convert your WordPress site into a mobile app, which will help you reach your target audience.

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Tom Hardy is a WordPress developer working at Sparx IT Solutions. He has helped many brands convert their WordPress website into a full-fledged mobile app. Through his write-ups, he likes to spread knowledge on the latest developments in WordPress technology.

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