How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress

Whether you’re planning to create or you already have a WordPress website, sometimes you’ll likely need some pages that look similar.

You may want to use a page or post as a template for subsequent posts or create a particular page backup. Or maybe you want to use the same design, but with content in another language, etc.

The point is, the process to duplicate all of that content manually, just by copying and pasting, can be quite arduous, so you’d need some software that makes things easier for you.

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But the opposite can also happen: if there is little content you need to duplicate, installing some software or plugin could take you more time than doing it manually.

We believe that each method has its pros and cons, so we’ve decided to make a small list of the best ways to duplicate a page or post in WordPress. Let’s see.

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress – 3 different methods

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1. Duplicate a page or post in WordPress manually — or almost manually

This method may be the fastest if you only need to duplicate a single post. This is because it’ll save you time in installing plugins. However, if you need to duplicate a certain number of posts, it’d be much more efficient to use a plugin. Remember to make a backup copy of your content.

● Start by opening the post or page you want to duplicate.

● Avoid selecting any individual content block within the page. If so, WordPress will copy only the contents of that block.

● Click on the three points arranged one above the other, which appear at the screen’s top right.

● A menu will appear where you will see an option that says “Copy All Content.”

● Click on that option. A message will appear saying all the content has been copied to a new tab.

● Now, you can start working on your new page or post. 

You can give your new post a title and use keyboard shortcuts to copy any content from the old post that you want to be duplicated, in addition to what has already been duplicated automatically.

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2. Duplicate a page or post in WordPress using plugins

Undoubtedly, the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to duplicate pages or posts in WordPress is using a plugin. This allows you to save time and possible human errors, but additionally, you can copy any page or post you want. Let’s see what options are available, but first, remember that you must have access to your WordPress Admin Panel.

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Duplicate Post

The Duplicate Post plugin not only allows you to create a clone of any page or post in WordPress, but it also has several customization options.

You can also add a suffix or prefix before or after the title of the cloned post and restrict the functions of the plugin according to the user role. The process is as follows:

● Install and activate Duplicate Post

● From your dashboard, click on Pages -> All pages (or posts)

● When you hover over the post you want to duplicate, you’ll see two options: Clone and New Draft.

● If you click on “Clone,” the plugin will create a cloned version of the selected post.

● If you click on “New draft,” a cloned version of the selected post will be created and opened in the editor.

● You can start editing and save it as a draft or publish it. 

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Duplicate Page and Post

Duplicate Page and Post is another handy plugin for cloning pages and posts. It works similarly to the previous plugin, so it’s straightforward to use. Let’s see:

● Install and activate Duplicate Page and Post

● Then from your dashboard, click Pages -> All pages (or posts)

● When hovering over the page/post you want to clone, the option “Clone Me!” will be displayed. Click on it.

● Almost immediately, you’ll be redirected to an exact copy of the post you wish to duplicate.

● Edit your new post and click on “Publish” or “Save draft” as you wish.


Post Duplicator is the third plugin option that allows you to create a replica of the page or post you want and will enable you to keep the fields and other custom options.

This is the procedure:

● Install and activate Post Duplicator

● If you hover over the post you want to duplicate, you will see that the option “Duplicate page/post” appears. Click on it, and in just seconds, you’ll have a clone of the selected post.

● As with the other plugins, you can edit your new post and choose to publish it or save it as a draft.

3. Duplicate online store products in WordPress with WooCommerce

Although WooCommerce is not a page and post duplication plugin, it allows you to quickly duplicate products in your online store.

So, if what you need is duplicating your products instead of a post or a whole page, it’s much easier for you to use the functions included in the WooCommerce plugin. Let’s see.

● From WooCommerce, go to the “Products” section.

● When you hover over any product, you’ll see that a “Duplicate” tag appears just below the product.

● You just have to click on the “Duplicate” tag, which will create a new product identical to the one you selected.

● You’ll immediately be taken to a new tab to edit the latest product and make the changes you consider necessary.

As you can see, this is very easy to do and much more practical when you are only interested in copying certain products to another page within your online store, for example, which also saves you time.


As you’ve seen, there are different options for duplicating posts and pages in WordPress, each with its advantages.

If you only have a single post to copy, the best option might be using the function in WordPress to copy all the content, but if it’s for more than one post or page, it’d be more convenient you use plugins.

With the mentioned plugins, you can duplicate any number of custom posts easily. This is pretty convenient when you need to duplicate frequently.

In any case, it’s always essential to make the respective backup copies and review the edited content several times if necessary, so you can reduce the probability of errors that may affect the overall performance of your WordPress website.

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