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WordPress Activity Log: What, Why, and How to use it in WordPress?

Article read time - 10 minutes

To walk fast, you walk alone. But to walk longer, you need a team. Managing WordPress when you are the…

How to Protect Your WordPress Forms with CAPTCHA Checks

Article read time - 10 minutes

Using forms on your WordPress site can be an excellent way to collect information, stay in touch with visitors, grow…

How to Fix Err_SSL_version_or_Cipher_Mismatch Error

Article read time - 12 minutes

The error (Err_SSL_version_or_Cipher_Mismatch) is a web-based error that comes up when trying to access a specific website. The error is…

Digital Marketing Tasks Most People Are Doing Wrong

Article read time - 5 minutes

"Most of the companies believe they are selling to the right audience; however, they're not doing so. Buyers consider the…

7 Mistakes You’re Making in WordPress Development and How to Fix Them

Article read time - 4 minutes

WordPress is known for its user-friendliness, making it a top choice for website development. It powers over 43% of all…

How to Choose a WordPress Theme for SEO

Article read time - 4 minutes

Choosing a WordPress theme for SEO optimization helps you improve the site's search visibility. Along with SEO efforts, choosing a…

7 Ways Video Marketing Can Boost SEO in WordPress

Article read time - 6 minutes

While many SEO plugins are available for optimizing your WordPress website, none excel like video marketing in the current digital…

How to Market a WordPress Blog with No Experience

Article read time - 5 minutes

Starting a WordPress site is thrilling, but it can only be very safe for newbie(s) with a marketing background. But…

How to Check for WordPress Browser Support Issues?

Article read time - 4 minutes

In today's digital age, a solid online presence is imperative for businesses and individuals. WordPress, one of the most popular…

Why WordPress is Essential for Every Website Owner: Exploring Its Advantages

Article read time - 4 minutes

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a strong online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals. A well-designed and functional website…

How to Show Documents in WordPress Blog Posts (PDFs, Spreadsheets, Files)

Article read time - 5 minutes

WordPress content is composed of text, documents, and media. In this case, unlike Text and media, including 3rd party documents…

Fix: Your PHP Installation Appears to Be Missing the MySQL Extension Which is Required by WordPress

Article read time - 12 minutes

WordPress is created in PHP – a scripting language built to create dynamic web applications. In order to function appropriately,…

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