Top 6 RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress

You are not the only one who is not aware of RSS. There are a lot of people who are not aware of its existence despite using it for years. 

Despite its low popularity, RSS has contributed enough to the growing websites, including WordPress. In this blog post, we will go over the Top 6 RSS feed plugins for WordPress Websites. 

But, What Is RSS Feed?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. In simple terms, it is an easy way to keep up with the upcoming news, information, and content. It helps you to avoid the conventional methods of browsing the internet to search for specific topics. RSS feed consolidates all these pieces of information in one place on your website. It provides updates when the website adds new content. 

Now that you know of RSS and RSS feed, let us discuss the top 6 RSS feed plugins for WordPress. This list of RSS widgets for WordPress is your go-to solution for every RSS feed-related issue. So, look no further; this is the right blog for you. 

Top 6 RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress Website 

This list contains the leading RSS Feed plugins for WordPress Websites. While some of them vary in features, we have made sure to list the affordable ones. So that, even as a business owner, you do not worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Have a look at the list. 

1. Tagembed RSS Feed Plugin

Tagembed RSS Feed Plugin

Tagembed is a well-loved plugin that helps you to embed RSS feed from unlimited sources. It is a code-free platform, so you do not have to worry about hiring a developer to manage this plugin. Embedding with Tagembed is as easy as pie. You have to generate the code and paste it at the backend of your website. That’s it. 

It provides an easy embedding process and helps you customize your feed. For example, you can also alter the theme and templates of the widget. This suggests that you can change the font style, size, etc., per your requirement. 

You can also use robust analytics that helps you to track the performance of your widget. You can remove the content you do not want to show on your website using the moderation panel.

Moreover, it also provides you with a responsive feed. This means no matter what device your users have, your RSS widget will adjust the screen size accordingly. 

All of these features are provided by Tagembed to customize the overall look of your website because they know that customization is the king! 

2. WP RSS Aggregator 

WP RSS Aggregator

It is another excellent plugin that helps aggregate and showcases multiple RSS feeds on the WordPress website.

Whether you want to compile feed from your website or others, this plugin allow you to pull down an unlimited number of resources and feature them in one place. The free version of this plugin provides enough features for you to showcase the RSS widget for WordPress websites. 

However, in the premium version, they provide you with more features for customization. This helps you with making your website look visually appealing. 

3. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy 

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy

Feedzy is an RSS aggregator plugin. This is an excellent option for aggregating the RSS feed. It offers users to aggregate unlimited RSS feed imports. This present version also allows you to categorize the feeds to combine different resources. Luckily this plugin also provides you with keyword filtering. This means you can choose to import feeds to post and display content if they contain a specific keyword. With this plugin, you can also automate your affiliate business. You can also feature affiliate links to your website, including your affiliate or referral IDs. 

Feedzy subscriptions are pocket friendly. The best part is that the paid version adds even more feed templates and customer support. 

4. Super RSS Reader 

Super RSS Reader

Super RSS is yet another great plugin that helps you aggregate your website’s RSS feed without complications. This plugin also provides multiple tabs. This means you can showcase various feeds in one widget separated by tabs. You can customize the overall look and feel of the widget by choosing the specific colors, font sizes, etc. apart from that, it also has an animated news ticker feature. This news ticker helps you to display the news headline at the bottom of the screen. 

This will help you make your website look visually engaging. Super RSS Reader has very affordable pricing in terms of subscription. 

5. RSS Feed Widget 

RSS Feed Widget

RSS feed Widget is another plugin that helps you embed an RSS feed for a WordPress website without any barrier. It is an easy-to-use plugin. It also allows you to choose the image size for your feed. However, for further customization options and to select your desired style, you will have to install Chameleon. For your reference, Chameleon is a revolutionary plugin. It provides you with easy styling for all types of layout templates. 

6. WordPress RSS Feed Retriever 

WordPress RSS Feed Retriever

The last plugin on our list is WordPress RSS Feed Retriever. The plugin is a self-proclaimed “fastest RSS feed plugin available for WordPress”. However, we recommend verifying this claim yourself.

We can assure you that it is an easy-to-setup plugin. This plugin can fetch unlimited feeds and display them on your website. Apart from that, you also have total control over whether to show the entire feed or just excerpts. And you can also control the number of words in the excerpt. 

Wrapping Up 

Even though RSS is an old technology yet, it has major relevance to the current content marketing scenario. Embedding RSS Widget on WordPress Website still provides enough benefits to businesses. This includes driving more traffic to your website, increasing the dwell time of your website, saving time for creating content, and many more. 

No matter what the so-called marketing gurus tell you, RSS is still alive. Once you embed RSS feed on WordPress website, you will notice changes in the conversion rate of your business. 

So don’t wait anymore. This is your sign to choose one of the above-mentioned RSS feed plugins for WordPress Website and see your business grow. 

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