Key Steps to Starting Your Personal WordPress Blog

Want to create something meaningful? Why not start a blog? Why not become a blogger?

Are you thinking about starting a blog? But don’t know how or where to start?

As such a starting point may be confusing, most will be clueless, confused, and confounded with choices, how should you start? How to register a domain name? What is web hosting? Which blogging platform to choose? How to choose a blog theme? What is a plugin? What should you write about?

Before going further, ask yourself one question. Why should you start a blog?

I will give you the answer, blogging is about sharing your knowledge with the world digitally. It’s great to blog about anything you might be passionate about, whether its technology, tips on online marketing, the latest trends, or any technical guide. Because when start the writing with enthusiasm, your blog visitors will automatically love to read your articles.

Some of the most common reasons why people start their personal WordPress blog:

Make Money Online:

Nowadays, money is the most important thing, right? Most of the bloggers make a full-time income through blogging or their blogs and so do many others, why can’t you? There are a lot of top bloggers who are making the money through blogging but you should be very attending while writing, and working on your blog.


Blog gives you the platform to share your story and personal experiences to all over the world. Most of the bloggers use this platform as a diary where they shared their everyday activities. Travelers maintain their blog like this.

Business Promotion:

Using this platform, you can promote your business at free of cost. If you promote through this medium then no matter how small or big your business. Actually, a small business requires more promotion than a big one. Through blogging, you can easily reach your potential customers at a very low cost.


Great content will build your reputation in the blogging community. So, you have to start a blog to become the top level or well-known blogger or writer. When you start the blog, means you’ll create the platform to share and write your experiences, pieces of knowledge, etc.

Connect to Community:

Blogging helps to maintain relationships with other community bloggers, webmasters all over the globe. So, it would very useful to share your knowledge as well as vice versa.

If you starting a blog for yourself or for a business purpose, the main motto you should remember is to share knowledgeable topics with your readers. In simple words, you should stick to your niche or topic constantly and become a professional blogger.

In this article, we shall together delve into how to start a WordPress Blog in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get a WordPress Hosting website 

Before you start writing a blog, you need a place to write a WordPress blog. There are millions of websites, WordPress hosting provider and internet companies out there, they’ll take some cost and provide you the reliable and affordable WordPress hosting services. Some of the providers offers free services, but actually it’s a trap. Never go for them. No matter how much but invest a little and buy a hosting service.

That way you can choose your plans and customise it better with no strings attached. Some WordPress hosting India websites offer the initial months for free and you can get a feel of how it is before investing in it for a year and those are the ideal ones to go for.

Step 2: Installing WordPress & Configure Settings

Once you have selected your hosting website, you need to install WordPress on it. Depending on your host installation, the WordPress installation can also be different for you but generally, it is the same all across.

Some hosting services feature a one-click install of WordPress whereas others might have a lengthy process. Some even come with WordPress pre-installed and you have to do nothing about it. Apart from these two features. You can also manually install WordPress anywhere and it is highly customisable with proper user guides on their website.

Step 3: Choose a WordPress Theme to Start a Blog

If you have read some WordPress Blogs then you will notice that they have a different and recurring theme in the blogs and although this might seem insignificant but is very crucial for any blog.

Hence you need to wisely choose your WordPress theme which will attract the right type of audience and will suit their style as well. They will subconsciously like your theme and keep coming back to your website. Hence you need to choose from the hundreds of themes already available in the store for you and will match your blogs perfectly.

Step 4: Install Recommended Plugins

Just like WordPress Themes, plugins are also important in the sense that they help you to better manage your website. Over a third of all the internet consists of WordPress websites and hence they receive a great amount of traffic also. The plugins can help you monitor your traffic and better manage your page. So WordPress plugins are to be considered as an essential tool for your WordPress blog.

Start Blogging

Now you have all the basics down and all you need to do is write your WordPress Blog and share it with friends and family and slowly you will start to get traffic on your website. Writing blogs might sound difficult at first but gradually you will get good at it and then in no time you will be earning a lot from writing WordPress blogs.

The above few steps are enough for you to get started on a WordPress blog and you will be able to publish your articles online and make a name for yourself in no time.

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