Slow WordPress Website? What Could Be the Reasons?

Slow WordPress Website? What Could Be the Reasons?

Find out Why Your Website May Be Running Slow!

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow WordPress site. It can slow down your work speed and make you agitated as hell. There are several reasons behind this lag. If you wish to deal with your slow loading fix effectively, you must find out the cause behind this.

WordPress website loading slow

In a world where the Internet controls everything, a slow browsing experience can mar the entire series of activities in one’s life. How would you feel if you had to spend more time loading a page than actually browsing it? Not pretty, fitting? 

Besides harming the visitor’s experience, it could also tarnish the seller’s reputation. If your page takes too long to load, there is a high chance that customers would rather go to another, faster website. This can totally affect profit and marketing goals. 

There are several reasons for this lag, and in this article, we aim to precisely discuss the roots of the problem so that you can identify the reasons for a slow WordPress site and ways to overcome them. Read on to find out more

A WordPress Site That Is Not Cached

When a person visits any site, the server loads files for the viewer. These include pictures, design elements, scripts, samples, gifs, etc. If the website is brimming with files, it is natural that loading will take time. 

It is well-known that static content takes less time to be displayed than dynamic content. That is why your website needs to be cached occasionally to make it easier for visitors to view it. Otherwise, multiple requests will only slow down the loading speed. 

We suggest you install caching plugins to resolve this problem. Some of them can be effective and become a great investment to boost speed and exhibit incredible performance. The speed increase is an aspect everyone is looking for. Never flinch from committing to a speed booster. It will prevent a slow WordPress website with multiple requests.  

Your Hosting Providers May Not Be up to the Mark

As a WordPress site builder, you must never compromise with hosting providers. If you do, nothing can save you from slow performance. It is precisely what makes your website available to the entire world. It single-handedly opens up your scope. 

Businesspeople often try to cut expenses by resorting to a cheap plan and face more difficulties than expected. 

Once your website grows, you must upgrade your plan to prevent your WordPress site from lagging. Even if you are tight on a budget, trust us: investing in a good hosting provider plan or simply updating it will speed up your WordPress site, along with several other benefits that will come in handy. Any good web hosting company will help your team in the long run.  

Beware of Multiple Plugins

Plugins are an essential part of building a WordPress site. But make sure you do not have too many of them, as they can do more harm than good. As your WordPress site ages, more and more plugins will jam it, which can considerably slow it down.   

If you have outdated or poorly coded plugins, they can weigh down your site. You will see that the page takes longer to load than usual. Thus, do not ignore the plugin problem if you face a similar predicament. With time, your site is likely to build up more plugins. 

To deal with this situation, you must regularly clean out your website’s plugins. Go through them individually and choose the ones you need while discarding others. Clearing out WordPress site plugins can make your life so much easier.

slow wordpress site

Are Your Photos Compressed?

Besides WordPress website hosting and other factors, one must also pay attention to the photos that go into your WordPress site. Naturally, we all want them to be brimming with A-quality pictures to capture visitors’ attention. Be it a shopping site or mobile casino that requires a £5 no-deposit bonus, all rely greatly on images. But did you know that too many pictures with high resolution can actually slow your website down? These files are large and, subsequently, increase the loading time significantly. 

Several apps can help you optimize your picture without compromising its quality. You can either compress your heavier files into smaller ones or reduce the number of media on your WordPress site. We suggest using online tools to compress pictures without worsening their quality. 

A Malware Infection

Do you think a malware infection can only affect your security? It may also slow down the site. Irrespective of the language of a WordPress website, every platform is prone to falling victim to a malware attack. If not cleaned regularly, it can cause great harm. 

If you find it difficult to fix the problem and your website is overrun with malware, consider getting professional help. When you create a WordPress site, you can also have a hosting system that ensures malware removal. This prevents your site from getting lagged at every load. 

A slow WordPress website can be a warning for dangerous malware that could later threaten your security and harm the entire system. Look out for these signs to run a smooth WordPress site. 

We hope you are better guided on the issue of a slow WordPress website. A lot of people around the world face the same problem and wonder what they did wrong. If you know the reasons that could cause a lag, dealing with it will be easier. Do not forget to write about whether this article has helped you. We love to hear from you. 

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