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The debate of Elementor vs. Gutenberg is still ongoing and not going to stop soon. Gutenberg hasn’t been able to replace the powerful page builders. However, the Gutenberg user rate is increasing continuously. The main reason behind this is the speed of websites. As we all know, page builders make slow down websites. That is why the number of users of old-school page builders is declining.

But the problem is that Gutenberg was not capable of doing everything compared to the page builder. However, there are some powerful Gutenberg-based plugins being introduced to uplift the limitations of Gutenberg. That’s what we will be discussing in this blog post.

PostX Gutenberg Website Builder

Introducing The Dynamic Gutenberg Website Builder of PostX

PostX is an all-in-one Gutenberg-based plugin to create News Magazine or any kind of Blogging site. The powerful Dynamic Gutenberg Website Builder is one of many powerful add-ons of PostX. It helps to create and manage templates for all essential pages and replace the default ones that include:

  • Home
  • Blog
  • Archives
  • Categories
  • Post/Pages
  • Tag
  • Search 
  • Date

PostX Gutenberg Website Builder

So that we can easily alter the designs of the above-mentioned pages, no matter which theme we are using. However, the Gutenberg builder of PostX only takes control of the body part. The header and footer can only be controlled by the theme customizer settings. If you are only concerned about the body part of your pages, then you can try PostX as your daily companion for creating and managing your blogs. Keep reading to get to know the full offerings of the Gutenberg-based website builder of PostX.

Features of The PostX Dynamic Gutenberg Website Builder

As we have introduced the Gutenberg Website Builder of PostX, it’s time to discuss the features. So that it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to give it a try or stick with a traditional page builder, let’s check out the main attractive features of the PostX Dynamic site Builder. 

40+ Premade Templates

The Dynamic site builder has already included 40+ premade templates for all essential pages of your site. You can just import any of the templates and assign them to your desired page(s). 

PostX Gutenberg Website Builder

The pages that are set in the same conditions will display posts in the layout of the template you have assigned. Not only that, all the templates are highly customizable so that you can alter them according to your need.

Start Packs for Home Page

PostX comes with various starter packs that are finely crafted for creating a custom home page. These templates focus on multiple niches, including personal blogs, movie news, and sports news. Gaming news, travel blogs, etc. You can easily import any of the starter packs to create the desired home page in no time.

PostX Gutenberg Website Builder

After importing any of the available templates, you can also customize them according to your niche. Not only that, PostX offers multiple post blocks if you want to create a home page from scratch or just want to create a post section.

18+ Site Building Blocks

It’s good to see that PostX also overs site building blocks. So if the templates can’t meet our requirements, we can’t start creating the blocks from scratch. Especially for the layout of the single post, we may need to change the position of each of the elements of the blog posts. So, the single post blocks are highly effective in achieving the layouts of the blog posts exactly how we want.


Drag and Drop Building Option

Why are page builders like Elementor so popular? One of the main reasons is that these builders offer drag-and-drop building options. In simple words, you can drag and drop widgets to the desired place of the page you are editing to create the template/layout.

The Gutenberg website builder of PostX comes with the same functionalities as the Gutenberg editor. So you can drag and drop the blocks instead of widgets to create your desired layouts. As a result, Gutenberg lovers can experience the same building options without compromising website loading time. 

There is one of the few downsides of using Gutenberg builder instead of traditional page builders. You can’t experience the front-end building flexibility. However, backend development options are also visual. You can see what you are doing while editing a template. 

Easy Condition Selections

Conditions are one of the most important things in a dynamic building. Because while creating a template, you must assign it properly for which page(s) you want to use it. It’s good to see that the condition selection options are not too complicated as they have been separated according to the template-creating types.

For example, if you want to create a template for blog posts, what will be the conditions? An idol single post template builder should have the following conditions:

  • One template for All Posts
  • Based on Single or Multiple Categories
  • Based on Single or Multiple Tags
  • Based on Single or Multiple Authors
  • Unique Template for Specific Posts

The PostX builder has all the options you can think of. And it is easy to understand and manageable too. However, you should have a basic idea about the WordPress template hierarchy. Otherwise, it can be a bit confusing when selecting the conditions.

Flexible Template Management

Template management is also an important thing to consider. You don’t want to get lost when while managing templates, right? You will not because all the templates you create with PostX builder will be stored in one place. From there, you can effortlessly access and manage all templates that you have created. 

PostX: Dynamic Gutenberg Website Builder- Is it Worth the Hype?

The Dynamic Website Builder is the new addition of PostX. It created hype among the Gutenberg community before its release. But the question arises it worth the hype?

Although it is a feature-packed Gutenberg Website builder, it is too early to say whether it is worth it or not. Especially WordPress users who don’t want to use third-party page builders like Elementor will find this very helpful. However, with lots of pros, it has some cons too. Let’s check out the pros and cons of the Dynamic Gutenberg Builder of PostX.


  •   40+ Beautiful Premade Templates
  •   Various Niche Specific Starter Packs
  •   Gutenberg Post Blocks
  •   Drag and Drop Building Options 
  •   Numerous Block Patterns
  •   Easy Condition Selection
  •   Multi-Device Responsive


  •  Custom Dynamic Fields are not Supported
  •  Don’t allow to Customize the Header and Footer


Content is king for News Magazine and Blogging sites. So it is good to have a companion plugin that helps to design the websites effortlessly. With the help of this new Gutenberg Website builder, you make your content visually appealing without compromising loading time. What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section.

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