5 Of The Most Popular CMS Platforms

CMS or content management software is a stepping stone to building a website. But with many options available, it’s difficult to choose which platform is right for you.

To help we take a look at 5 of the most popular CMS platforms.

What is CMS software?

Content Management Software or CMS is a platform that helps you manage the content on your website.

With CMS software, you don’t have to learn coding to manage your website content. Its easy-to-use editor does it all.

From blog pages, static pages, e-commerce products to private course content, and more, CMS software is efficient in managing all content.

Now that you know what this software is, it’s time that you move ahead on which one to choose to build your website.

Every CMS software has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Like budget, support, customer experience, security, requirements, and other factors. The list of the best to work on will put an end to your search of which CMS software to use to build your website as a beginner or a non-technical person.


The most flexible and recommended CMS software to utilize for your website is WordPress.

As per a study, over 37 % of the websites on the web are powered up by WordPress. It’s a significant number indeed! People prefer WordPress Development for crafting a website because of its ease of use.

It started as the one for blogging platforms, but, presently, it is employed for building any website like e-commerce, forums, membership sites, and others.



Some of the top benefits while using this software are listed below.

  • Save it all: Its automatic save option helps you save all your work if you make a mistake or your computer crash in between.
  • Numerous Themes: With so many options in themes, you can change the design of your online platform or post under a single click any time you want.
  • Password security: It offers security to private posts that can only be viewed by the author. Also, individual posts can be hidden from the public helps in keeping your password safe in any case.
  • Extensively organized: With options like content by day, by month, by year, by author, by category, WordPress allows you to create browsable archives so that your readers can find the content they want quickly.
  • More than a one-page post: If you don’t want your reader to scroll to the end of the world in case of a long post, WordPress allows you to cut it into pages.


The following renowned CMS that is as worthy as WordPress in space is Joomla. It has a market share of 7.2 % that makes it the second most CMS software being used. 2.5 million Websites active on the web are Joomla-based.



This CMS software is excellent when dealing with the massive amount of content given to its flexible taxonomy system.

Check out some of the features that make Joomla worth using.

  • Operating System: Joomla runs well on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, and other various operating systems.
  • Security: With an option of coding for developers apart from ease of use to beginners, Joomla puts extra energy on security building to avoid hacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Templates: Joomla has a huge marketplace for extensions and templates. It offers you all the resources to create a website as per your requirement.
  • Content space: The in-built user access system offers immense control over the working or registered users inside the CMS.


This sort of CMS software is flexible for industries like e-commerce, health, retail, FinTech, travel, media, government, and more. A Drupal website also requires Drupal Maintenance services at a regular interval, making sure your Drupal website is secure and performs better!



  • Multilingual: Drupal supports numerous languages and is a perfect option to stick with if your target audience is multilingual.
  • Mobile friendly: With the high number of smartphone users, Drupal fits ideal for your requirement. With Drupal as your CMS, your website will appear seamless on your visitor’s smartphone.
  • Open-source platform: It offers the flexibility of alternation, use, and contribution in its code by anyone.
  • Strong community support: Over 39,000 modules on Drupal are free as it has more than 1 million community supporters.


For the beginners looking for the easiest website builder, Wix is also an option to consider. Its simple interface and steps make it a cakewalk for a non-techie person to build their website.



  • Drag and Drop tools: It helps you cut the hustle of making any changes to your website. As an intuitive tool, you can add elements to your site and manage your content without writing a single line of code.
  • Media Management tools: Be it videos, photos, or another kind of media, Wix helps you incorporate it easily on your website.
  • Free Hosting: You don’t have to spend extra from your budget to buy hosting for your website as it comes free while using Wix.
  • Free SSL certificate: SSL certificate is like a lock that you put on your house door to keep everything safe inside. Wix provides a free SSL certificate for your website, unlike other website builders.


For creative professionals, this CMS software is abode to everything one can look for.



  • Domain: Squarespace offers its customers domain free for the first year of its use.
  • Build your logo: With the free logo-making tool, you can curate a symbol for your brand.
  • SEO tools: This will offer you all the assistance to mark your position in the best positions on the web search results.
  • Award-winning templates: You can choose from various templates that have earned a badge of excellence to incorporate on your website.

These are the top 5 CMS software you can choose to start with that suits you well as per the advantages of each. Take your time and decide wisely to embark your business on the digital market.

So, be careful and choose the right CMS that suits your business nature and allows you to manage and grow your business at ease. If you are unsure about picking the right one, you may take help from a reputed Web Development Company and proceed further. Happy Website Management!

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