Elegant Themes – WordPress – How Does it Stack Up?

Elegant Themes – WordPress – How Does it Stack Up?

Don’t know which WordPress theme is suitable for your website? Want a professional and candy eye theme for your visitors? Is Elegant Themes worth spending on? This elegant themes review will deeply dive into its function and features.       

Who owns the Elegant themes?

Elegant Themes, founded by Nick Roach, has been operating for 11 years and has served over 600,000 users. Over the year, Elegant Themes has delivered 87 WordPress themes and plenty of plugins. Their primary focus is on their two main themes, Divi and Extra. You must have heard of them. They are very famous for WordPress themes. The elegant theme has been powered by a team of people worldwide. Let’s dive into its theme features.        

Elegant Themes

1st Class WordPress Theme features

Let’s have a look at what advantage you can take from theme features;

  • General settings- You can easily change the color scheme and typography. Also, you can control layout, featured articles, social media icons, and more.
  • Navigation settings—With this navigation setting, you can easily set up and configure dropdown menus and links, exclude pages from the navigation, and more.
  • Builder settings– This helps enable and disable the Divi builder plugin from your posts, pages, projects, etc.
  • Layout settings- Customize your thumbnails, comments, and post information sections for posts and pages.
  • Ad set– it embeds Google AdSense code onto your website.
  • SEO Setting—This helps you rank high in the search results. You can set separate SEO for your homepage, single post pages, and index pages.
  • Integration Tab– You can add a third party such as Google Analytics or any other tracking code to track user behavior, conversions, sales, and more.
  • Updates- it will give you an update from time to time.

Elegant Themes Pricing

  elegant themes pricing 

They offer both the themes and plugin at a meager price—$89 per year or an impressive one-time fee of $249. The company also provides a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the free version before opting for the paid version. 

Divi & Extra Themes

Divi theme

It is completely a multipurpose theme that offers to create just about any website. From blogs and business sites to e-commerce stores, everything is there. It makes a beautiful website that benefits a lot of newbies. You don’t need any coding knowledge to develop a website of your choice. This theme also provides you a professional look at your site. Divi theme gives you high-quality templates, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, and customized templates. It has a Divi leads tool lets you split test to optimize your site design and content, making it easy to display multiple alternatives of your website and its content. 

divi theme 

Divi has a library of pre-built website packs. When writing your content, you will get more than a hundred complete website packs to import into WordPress. You can make changes through the visual builder to create your site as your choice. 

Their website packages include extensive projects from agency sites to health blogs to business websites and e-commerce stores.

Divi is the perfect choice for creating a customized WordPress Website without any coding knowledge requirement. 

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Extra theme

This theme came into existence after the launch of the Divi theme. It includes many features. This is designed for blogs, online magazines, and other content-loaded websites. Their default homepage layout is suitable for making a news or magazine website and provides a stylish grid format to show your best and most recent content. The best part of this extra is it has an image-focused homepage layout that uses your article’s featured images to grasp the attention of your visitors. It also has the Divi builder tool to customize your theme templates.

The most amazing feature of Extra is its category builder and associated modules. This function enables you to create custom category pages that tell how the blog post and other content, such as portfolio items, magazines, and e-commerce products, will display on your site. You can also create multiple layouts and assign them to your content. With Extra, you can also create an e-commerce store as it supports the WooCommerce plugin.  

The elegant theme provides these two unique themes with very nominal charges. You can opt for this to make your website better.

Final Elegant theme review

After analyzing each thing, an elegant theme is worth spending on as it gives you a professional look at your website. You don’t even need to know any coding language for it. Any person could create a design of their own. However, they have focused more on Divi and Extra; it’s not harmful. Divi and extra are the two best elements of the Elegant theme. You can opt for these two to make your website attractive to catch more visitors. They also provide 30 30-day money-back guarantee so you can take a trial for this without worrying.                               

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