Create Your Own NFT Store Using WordPress Plugins On Your Website

This article will examine the use of WordPress plugins to build an online store for trading NFTs. It would help if you first grasped what NFTs are to comprehend this.

Introduction to NFTs

The ability to barter for one another makes cryptocurrencies and actual money fungible; for example, one Ethereum is equal to another Ethereum, and one Euro is always equivalent to another. While NFTs are the exact opposite of cryptocurrencies in that they are non-fungible, which means that the value of one NFT is never comparable to another NFT, fungibility makes cryptocurrencies a trusted method of handling transactions on the Blockchain. As a result, they cannot be traded for one another.

NFT is a digital resource that depicts real-world items such as music, films, artwork, and in-game items. Non-fungible tokens are another name for NFTs.

Most popular types of NFTs


A piece of art (such as a painting, photo, film, music, etc.) can be turned into a digital file and uploaded to the Blockchain platform using the appropriate token. The work then qualifies as an NFT and can be traded commonly.

The benefit of using NFT artwork is that it reduces copyright theft.

Gaming NFTs

Without recharging the game as you would typically, NFT Gaming enables you to buy, sell, or upgrade characters and things in the game.

Every product will have a unique token that is kept on the Blockchain. This keeps your purchases safe even if the server is broken or hacked.

Digitize real assets

NFTs can also encrypt assets and IP rights in many different spheres of life, including real estate, e-tickets, domain names, etc., before being stored and exchanged as NFTs on Blockchain.

Nike, for instance, created a tokenized shoe system to market its limited-edition footwear.

How can you use WordPress plugins to build an NFT store on your website?

Tatum NFT

A platform for evolution that uses Application Programming Interfaces to connect to several blockchains (APIs). WordPress NFT plugins allow you to mint, produce, and sell NFTs directly from your website.

You must download the WordPress plugin and generate an API key before beginning. To proceed, click the Get API key button. You will then be brought to a website where you will be prompted to register for an account. You can enter your email address to create an account.

The following action is to choose the Get API key option; a plan selection screen will appear. Choose the one that best fits your needs, and a box where you may create your API key will appear.

Choose a network and a region. The next page will reveal your API key.

After that, sign up for a premium plan to pay for the costs associated with minting your tokens. After choosing a plan, you will be sent to the Tatum dashboard, where you can enter your payment information.

Once the information has been verified on your end, a new API key will be generated.

Then, after you click on Your API keys, your most current API key will show up there. To reveal and copy the code, click Show.

Put the API key in WordPress once more.

Select “Finish Setup” from the menu.

Creating NFT product 

Choose To build an NFT, add a product to the WooCommerce product catalog; scroll down to find the NFT Maker section.

Once your products are accessible, choose a blockchain to mint your NFT on. Customers can buy the necessary product by adding it to their basket and paying. The consumer will have access to a link to the blockchain scout on the order confirmation page to validate and verify transaction information.

Once the money has been received, tokens are delivered to the customer’s address.

Asset listing at a fixed price

Once the process of creating a marketplace on your website is complete, you can approve listings so that clients can browse your NFTs. You must deliver your NFT to the sellers’ addresses before the creation of an NFT listing by the sellers.

A distinct listing ID is a requirement for every listing.

Mint NFTs

You mint NFTs to include your digital artwork in the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Create a virtual wallet.
  2. Connect the wallet to an NFT retailer.
  3. Put some Ethereum (ETH) money in your wallet.
  4. Post the file to the store and enter the additional information, including the auction type, price, and name.
  5. It is impossible to change details once uploaded, so always check.
  6. Select “Create” from the menu.
  7. The InterPlanetary File System is then notified of the file (IPFS).
  8. You would then need to pay the gas taxes.
  9. As soon as you confirm and make the payment, NFT is created.

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WordPress Smart Contracts

After downloading the plugin, go to Settings and select WordPress Smart Contracts to configure it.

The skin option allows you to customize the look of your marketplace or store; the settings are applied globally.

The site junction for your NFT shop should be described. Since only the creator, by default, has access to editing settings, you can leave editing on the front end unlocked.

Once the design is established, you can start setting up smart contracts. Click on the Deployment option after conducting a network search.

Check every box before moving on.

You can click the link to see the contract details once the formation is complete.

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The Last Wise Words

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, and as people look for new ways to market unique goods, more and more physical and digital assets will be turned into tokens. Both now and in the future, sales can be generated using the NFT marketplace.

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