Comparing WordPress Security Plugins and Why we choose WordFence

In WordPress – if you lack expertise, WordPress security plugins help you strengthen your site’s security.

Plugins like WordFence, JetPack, iThemes Security, and WP Cerber help site owners automate WordPress security without changing, managing, or upgrading WordPress’ backend.

In this write-up, let’s learn how WordPress security plugins work, what their differences are, and why we choose WordFence for WordPress security.

Introduction to WordPress Plugins for Security

WordPress’ sheer popularity attracts hackers for malicious activities, such as stealing sensitive information, hijacking sites, and exploiting known vulnerabilities in WordPress.

For WordPress users, plugins protect sites against brute force attacks, spam traffic, and known attacks.

Once you’ve installed a plugin for security, such as WordFence, the initial wizard helps you configure basic features in WordPress – allowing you set measures without learning how to perform complex maneuver.

Plugins for WordPress Security: Comparison

Using a specific plugin for WordPress security depends on several factors, including user interface, features, compatibility, and cost.

For beginners with small WordPress sites – using a plugin’s free version is ideal, such as WordFence free package.

Let’s compare – what features plugins have in common, what differences, and why we choose WordFence for WordPress security.


JetPack claims to protect WordPress sites from malware, web application attacks, and spam comments. Its pricing starts from $9.95 per month for WordPress security.

WordPress security plugins

If you prefer something other than JetPack’s premium plan, the free version on WordPress’ Plugins Directory helps you protect your site from brute force attacks, see activity logs, and monitor your site for malicious activities.

However – JetPack’s premium version includes advanced features, such as spam filtering, security scanning, site backups, and an extended version of activity logs.


JetPack helps users put together various features for WordPress security. You can maintain WordPress security, management, and optimization by installing a single plugin.


JetPack is not dedicated to WordPress security but provides All-in-One features for WordPress speed, maintenance, and optimization, such as plugins’ management, notifications, and social options.

iThemes Security

iThemes security for WordPress – packs extended features for safety, protection, and email alerts.

WordPress security plugins

Although iTheme’s pricing starts from $99, its features are worth it for users who aim to keep their WordPress sites secured, maintained, and spam-protected.

iThemes’ free version protects from bots, file changes, and file permission gaps. In contrast, the premium plan includes advanced features, such as a Real-Time WordPress Security dashboard, magic links & password-less logins, and refusal of compromised passwords.


Brute Force protection, strong password enforcement, and file change detection are examples of features available in iThemes’ free version.


Although iThemes security provides basic features for WordPress security, it may need to change htaccess for configuration – often causing frustrations for beginners.

WP Cerber

Compared to other candidates – WP Cerber provides flexible plans for premium users, including free and premium plans with monthly & annual payment options.

WP Cerber’s premium plan starts from $29 per quarter for one site. WP Cerber needs to upgrade its plan if you need more features, such as using WP Cerber on multiple sites.

WordPress security plugins

Regarding features, WP Cerber’s main options include protection from spam, automated malware scans, GEO access rules, and Support Team for corporate users.


WP Cerber supports small site owners and provides basic features for free, including local protection and automated spam protection. Without up-gradation in WordPress, users can quickly protect their sites from known attacks.


WordPress powers more than 35% of sites on the Internet; WP Cerber needs updation – if you need to manage security for multiple sites.


WordFence for WordPress security is best known for its friendly user interface. Once installed – WordFence automatically configures basic options for WordPress security.

WordPress security plugins

WordFence pricing starts from $119 per year. If you need more infrastructural support by WordFence, you can sign up for more features, premium plans, and dedicated support at $490 per year – or – $950 per year for dedicated support – with a 1-hour response time.

WordFence main features help site owners protect sites from common attacks, such as Brute Force. You can also use Two Factor Authentications (2FA) in WordFence, rejecting invalid WordPress usernames, IP addresses, and malicious users.

Above all – WordFence provides site-level security with a powerful, robust Web Application Firewall (WAF).


Most of the users don’t need up-gradation for WordFence plans. Once installed in WordPress, the site is protected automatically. WordFence also notifies users of critical events, such as user lockouts, sends a digest of attacking IPs, and a weekly report with sensitive actions required.


WordFence may change files on Web Server, such as Htaccess for configuration. When migrating your site from one host to another, Htaccess configuration may create problems if you don’t know how to deal with such scenarios in WordPress.

Note: Here is a Table of comparison between WordPress security plugins – helping you decide if a specific plugin weighs more importance for you.

Name Features Pros Cons Pricing Remarks
WordFence WAF, malware scanning, Brute Force protection, 2FA, Email alerts, Lockout system Full site security Needs developer’s assistance during migration $119 per year Best solution for WordPress sites’ security
JetPack Brute Force protection, site monitoring, and activity logs All-in-One solution – security, speed, and performance Not a dedicated plugin for WordPress security $9.95 per month Only suitable for users who want an All-in-One solution
iThemes security Brute Force protection, Email notifications, and Site scanning Full site security Beginners may feel lost by a pack of dashboard options for WP security $99 per year Needs to upgrade its version if you need a complete site security plan
WP Cerber Spam protection, automated malware scans, and GEO access rules Helps site owners with small sites Provides fewer options for free users $29 per quarter for a single WP site Expensive, based on its features


Why did we choose WordFence for WordPress security?

WordFence has various advantages – packed with features lacking in other candidates, such as an extended list of options for tracking down, managing, and blocking culprit IPs.

Here is a list of reasons we support WordFence for securing WordPress sites.

  • As compared to WordFence – JetPack serves best users with diverse intentions. For example – JetPack helps users implement basic security precautions, improve speed, increase business, and manage spam comments. Being an All-in-One solution, JetPack is not recommended for complete site security.
  • iThemes free version lacks basic features for WordPress security. Also – iThemes is not user-friendly compared to WordPress free options and User Interface.
  • Like iThemes security – WP Cerber lacks more features for free users. If you need advanced protection, you’ll need to upgrade its plan.

As described above, we recommend WordFence to support customers – which provides more features with free plans, helping users perform more Tasks regarding WordPress security, and keeps you updated with email alerts. If you want to strengthen your site’s security, WordFence has covered you with features, real-time monitoring, and IP blocking.


Regarding WordPress security, awareness of basic precautions and a WordPress plugin with a friendly user interface weighs more importance.

If you’re managing a small business, you don’t need to install a premium candidate for security. On the other hand – if you need more knowledge of WordPress security, let us know your thoughts regarding WordPress security.

You can also leave comments in the section below or let us help you keep your site protected with security precautions, support plans, and live sessions.

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