How to Change Plugin Name in WordPress Dashboard

In WordPress dashboard – changing a plugin’s name has different meanings for WordPress admins.

In this case, a plugin’s name refers to the label shown on the WordPress dashboard’s left panel.

Usually – users don’t need to change plugin details in the dashboard. If, for example, changing a plugin’s data is undeniable, customizing WordPress dashboard, branding, or client’s requirements might weigh more importance in such cases.

In this resource, we are going to learn how to change WordPress plugin’s name in the dashboard. The process includes changing source files, preferably Functions.PHP in the WordPress core structure or changing files inside a Theme’s directory.

Without further ado, let’s learn how to change a plugin’s name in WordPress dashboard.

How to Change a WordPress Plugin Name in Dashboard?

Let’s learn how to change a plugin’s name, called Label in the dashboard using various methods possible.

Use a WordPress Plugin

Regardless of a plugin’s purpose, you can use a plugin for changing labels in WordPress.

In this case, the plugin you’re going to use is White Label Pro – helping you change labels for installed WordPress plugins.

White Label Pro is a premium plugin; you will need to sign up for its paid plan to use White Label Pro.

Once purchased, installed, and activated in WordPress, the plugin lists plugins’ details under Menus & Plugins.

How to Change Plugin Name in WordPress Dashboard

As shown in the “screenshot” above, you can choose and change a plugin’s details, including label, description, Author, and URL.

Once you’ve made changes, you can save changes at the end. Also – don’t forget to see your site’s plugins list for updated labels.

Note: Let’s learn how to change a plugin’s name with source code snippets in WordPress. You can perform coding routines for free, using code snippet placements in the Functions.PHP file.

Change a Plugin’s name using Source File

Note: Before making changes to WordPress source files, such as PHP documents, you must take your site’s backup in the first place. In this case – backup plans help you restore your site if something goes wrong.

Using cPanel -> File Manager, we can change a plugin’s name in WordPress – also known as plugins’ labels.

Head to hosting cPanel, login, and browse to File Manager. In this case, you need to load WordPress directory for installed plugins – the wp-content.

For example, you need to get into the plugin’s directory under the wp-content folder in File Manager.

Once entered, look for a PHP file, open it with the code editor, and make changes as shown below.

How to Change Plugin Name in WordPress Dashboard

In this case – you need to open a specific PHP file containing the plugin’s name and description. In this case, if you’re seeing multiple PHP files, ensure you have checked all – one by one.

Let’s assume you’ve found the particular file. Under the plugin’s name, you can make and save changes at the end – as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Change Plugin Name in WordPress Dashboard

Remember – after you’ve made changes, you can see the updated name under WordPress plugins. If, for example, a plugin creates a dashboard menu in the left panel, such routines may fail changing labels for separate menus in dashboard.

Also – using the above routine, you may fail to find the particular PHP file under the plugin’s directories in File Manager. In this case, you can take a different road to change the plugin’s name in WordPress.

Change a Theme’s Functions.PHP File

Let’s address and learn how to change a Theme’s Functions.PHP file to change a plugin’s label.

In such scenarios, changing a Theme’s Functions.PHP can help you change a plugin’s Menu Name in WordPress dashboard.

By Menu Name, we refer to the plugin’s separate menu inside WordPress dashboard, shown on the left panel.

Head over to the Theme Editor page in WordPress dashboard. Here – on the next page, you need to make changes to the Theme’s Functions.PHP file.

After you’ve chosen the file from the right side, you can update the file with a specific code snippet, don’t forget to save changes at the end.

For the code snippet and more details, refer to this detailed tutorial.

Professional Tips

  • Only change a plugin’s name in WordPress dashboard if specifically required. Remember – if you’re not technical enough, changing source codes may damage WordPress.
  • Always – take your site’s backup before you’re ready to change WordPress core files. Also, you should’ve learned how to make WordPress recover with backup restoration.
  • Sometimes, users must temporary change the plugin’s folder name for security, maintenance, or management purposes. In this case, you can make changes using cPanel’s options, as shown above. Once completed, undo the changes. You can also use plugins for the said purpose, such as Rename Plugins Folder.
  • If you’ve changed a plugin’s name in Dashboard, updating the particular plugin will override previous changes. In this case, once the plugin has finished updating, you’ll need to make changes again if you want to keep new labels for a longer Time.
  • Most importantly – changing a plugin’s name may create WordPress bugs. For example – using manual maintenance routines or automated plugins, such routines may create errors, while you’re restoring your site from a backup.
  • You can also change a plugin’s name with Developer’s options. If possible, hiring WordPress support professionals, plugin developers, or Technical assistants may help accordingly.
  • Changing a plugin’s name might be possible using database options in WordPress. For more information on using, modifying, or managing WordPress databases, learn how operating WordPress database works in cPanel options.


So – How to Change Plugin Name in WordPress Dashboard?

Changing a plugin’s name in WordPress is not recommended unless required for specific reasons, such as security purposes, maintenance routines, or one-Time fixing routines.

In most cases, changing the name of a WordPress plugin helps admins improve UX or branding for clients. However – overlooking maintenance precautions may result in WordPress disasters.

In this article, you’ve learned how to use WordPress plugin(s) for changing a plugin’s label in WordPress dashboard. Also – you’ve learned how to change a plugin’s PHP files for a different label in the dashboard.

If you wanted to change a plugin’s label in the dashboard’s plugin list, as well as its left-panel menu name, you might need to change multiple options in the dashboard, including the plugin’s files, Theme’s Functions.PHP file, and cPanel options.

For more options on WordPress edits, maintenance, and security precautions, don’t forget to let us know your requirements, custom plans, or one-Time support requirements.

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