5+ Best Plugins for User Registration in WordPress

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to install a user registration plugin on your WordPress website, such as:

  • Allowing users to register in order to access premium content
  • Creating a subscriber-only eCommerce store or online community
  • Letting users register to submit guest posts on your blog
  • Allowing users to register in order to leave comments on your site
  • Offering coupons and discounts to registered users

Having said that, there are tons of WordPress user registration plugins to choose from – some more exceptional than others, and it can be hard to know how to make the right choice.

If you are looking for an effective way to allow users to register on your website, then read on.

This article outlines 5 of the best plugins for user registration in WordPress to help make your choice a lot easier.

1. WP Forms

wp forms

This is an incredibly user-friendly contact form plugin designed for WordPress websites.

It’s used by millions of websites and offers a free version with some basic functionality, including features like:

  • Form fields
  • Email notifications
  • Spam protection

…and much more.

This form is ideal for anyone who is just getting started building a website or blog as a way to make money online.

However, if you want to create a custom user registration page, then you need to upgrade to the premium version which comes with the add-on feature for the user registration form.

With the premium version, you will be able to quickly create and customize user registration forms on your website.

Your users will then have a way to easily register and create an account on your WordPress website.

wp forms

Everything on the form is fully customizable, which means that you can build a form page with a beautiful design that matches the rest of your site.

You can add fields like user name, user bio, and you can assign user roles. You can also change the font, colors, etc. on the form fields.

This plugin also comes with built-in spam protection through an email verification link or manual admin approval.

This is a top-rated registration plugin with a simple drag-and-drop form builder, making it great for anyone with limited technical skills.

It’s also mobile-friendly and features instant notifications.

WP Forms also integrates with a ton of other WordPress plugins, such as email marketing and payment options.

This means you can easily collect donations, payments, and online orders – all without hiring a developer.

2. Ultimate Member

ultimate member plugin

This is an exceptional and highly popular WordPress registration plugin.

It’s free to use and comes with 7 simple pages and forms that you can use on your website.

This is a great option for beginners, and it’s also ideal for people with quickly expanding websites.

The plugin has a wealth of features, including:

  • Registration: Users can easily register from the front end of your website
  • Login: Allows for quick and effortless login for users
  • User Profiles: These can be fully customized to match your website theme
  • User Roles: Create multiple user types and give each its own permission and capabilities
  • Member Directories: Members can find each other easily using advanced member directories, making it ideal for team activities.
  • User Accounts: Website users can manage their own accounts directly from your website’s front end
  • Access Controls: You can restrict access to your website globally and per page/post
  • Custom Fields: These will allow you to collect a huge range of eCommerce or customer behavior data from users

There are also some paid add-ons that you can add to the free plugin if you want to unlock more functionality.

ultimate extensions

You can choose which extensions to add to your website, which means you only pay for the features you need.

For instance, you can use any of the following extensions:

  • Email integration with MailChimp
  • Real-time notifications
  • User reviews
  • User photos
  • User tags
  • Private content

Ultimate Member also integrates with popular eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, and it gives you the ability to send private messages, as well as allow users to message one another.

This plugin takes away the need to hire freelancers or web developers to do all this for you, and you can enjoy all the benefits listed above with a simple click of the mouse.

3. Formidable Forms

formidable forms wordpress

This is one of the most advanced WordPress form builders in the market right now.

It does a lot more than simply providing basic contact forms. It’s more of a comprehensive form-based solution for WordPress websites.

It comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create advanced forms with ease – even with very little technical knowledge.

You can build pages such as:

  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Payment forms
  • Directories
  • Job Board listings
  • Smart calculators

…and much more

With this plugin, you have an extremely high level of customization and control. For instance, you can add unique backgrounds to each of your forms.

However, it’s not the most intuitive form builder, which means that users without advanced technical skills may be facing a steep learning curve.

Having said that, once you get the hang of it, this plugin from Formidable Forms has a wealth of features to help you get more done in less time with enhanced WordPress forms.

For example:

A large eCommerce website like 3Wishes, which sells sexy outfits, could benefit greatly from this plugin.


They might use Formidable Forms as a sales enablement tool to add to their marketing arsenal by creating quizzes to help customers choose their perfect piece for their body shape, and then provide the answers only after users register on the site.

4. WP User Manager

wpuser manager

This is a free, flexible user registration plugin for WordPress websites.

You can use it to create simple front-end registration forms which you can then customize to your liking.

You have full control over the user registration pages and adding the registration forms to your website is a breeze thanks to the form shortcodes that are included.

user manager

The premium version has additional features that allow you to:

  • Add user profile pages
  • Display directories of members
  • Send emails to new registrants
  • Set up restrictions on website content
  • Add custom fields to forms
  • Use built-in email verification
  • Display GDPR data compliance
  • Add social login options
  • Add WooCommerce integration

A website like this one that focuses on how to browse dark web websites might find these features extremely useful for building a form to collect eCommerce data to use for product analysis and insights into customer behavior.

5. OptinMonster


Although last on our list, OptinMonster is actually one of the best email capture plugins you’ll find anywhere.

It’s designed to help you optimize your conversions so you can turn more users into subscribers or paying customers.

The plugin comes with dozens of pre-built templates you can use to create a wide range of dynamic lead forms, including:

  • Floating bars
  • Pop-ups
  • Slide-in scroll boxes
  • … and much more.

One of the best features of OptinMonster is that it allows you to show well-timed, personalized messages to users as a way to increase conversions.

You can integrate the plugin with a tool like WP Forms to unlock a ton of unique features.

For instance, you can create pop-ups on your site with your user registration form.

Furthermore, you can use exit-intent technology to time the pop-ups so they are displayed before the user leaves the page.

optinmonster popup


This type of form will prove very useful on all types of WordPress websites, whether they sell items like children’s toys or marketing tools like predictive dialing software.

OptinMonster also allows you to restrict premium content. This means that readers must first create an account on your website before they can access the content.

This feature can be particularly helpful for membership websites, such as Preply, a popular language learning site with members from across the globe.

The plugin will make it easy to determine which users have access to which content or sections of the website.

More Plugins for User Registration in WordPress

Here are a few more plug-ins to consider:


While there are a lot more plugins for user registration in WordPress, these are 5 of the top options available on the market.

Each of the plugins listed here comes with a great set of features at a low price.

Any one of them would make a great addition to your website. So use the information here to help you pick the best one for your business and users.

Over to you. Which of these plugins has features that appeal to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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