Art Gallery Plugin

Art Gallery Plugin

Are you an artist, an art gallery owner, an author, a musician, or an actor who wants to maintain your website? Have you thought about creating a WordPress website because you heard how awesome WordPress is?

Are you a WordPress site creator who knows that WordPress is the best way for artists and curators to be able to manage their sites?

It’s true. WordPress is excellent for artists and people curating creative works. It’s the most powerful, accessible, and extensible content management system. There’s no better way to showcase your work or the work of a group of creatives.

However, if you haven’t created a website on WordPress before, having the freedom to choose from hundreds of awesome themes is daunting. The ability to install features easily and pick the best from thousands of different WordPress plugins leaves a site owner with lots of different options to choose from. Which do you pick? What makes YOUR job building a site to showcase creative works most straightforward?

Once you install WordPress, you face a blank slate; what do you do next? How do you create pages for art? How do you create pages for artists? You can approach this in many different ways, but using WordPress out of the box is not straightforward. Do you use Posts and Categories? Do you use the Parent-Child relationships between Pages? You could do it in many ways and get different advice from others. It might feel like forcing a square peg into a round hole in many ways. Artists, curators, and creative people have been forced to package their work awkwardly and need a better, more elegant way to tie the pages of artists and artwork.

Suppose you want to make building a WordPress website easy and need an effective way to showcase your work. In that case, there’s no more accessible, more straightforward, more effective solution than ART GALLERY PLUGIN for WordPress.

Art Gallery Plugin works in several ways:

First, it makes it clear how to define web pages for artists.

Second, it clarifies how to define web pages for works created by artists.

Third, it makes both kinds of pages display the information added to them in a manner that’s most easily understood by artificial intelligence. Today, the most important artificial intelligence online is the Google Search Engine. The best way to get Google to understand who created works is to use structured data, a system of unambiguously publishing information according to the standards of

Fourth, it makes displaying artists and artwork easy through intelligent shortcodes. You can display lists of artists and works in many ways: by date, by title, by category of artist with several artists together, or you can segregate the works by artist.

art gallery plugin

The Art Gallery Plugin publishes information entered on the artist’s and artwork’s pages using the specifications for PERSON and CREATIVE WORK, respectively. The WordPress user becomes a curator possessing the highest technology means to express information to Google. Google understands it clearly when information about artists and their work is recorded in the ART GALLERY PLUGIN.

Making Google understand artist and artwork information doesn’t just help the pages get indexed and rank better; when packaged inside pages created by ART GALLERY PLUGIN, it meets the requirements for what Google calls a Knowledge Panel.

Google looks for information published using structured data to determine how to put together a knowledge panel for an artist. ART GALLERY PLUGIN asks artists for the specific kind of information Google is looking for and then publishes that information using structured data. It does this for both artist pages and artwork pages.

ART GALLERY PLUGIN isn’t alone in showcasing art using structured data. Famous museums also use structured data when publishing web pages dedicated to works of art. The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Smithsonian also “mark up” webpage information with the same structured data this plugin supports.

art gallery plugin


It’s not just for visual artists. It covers work created by Painters, Sculptors, Ceramicists, Muralists, Sketch Artists, Photographers, Costume Designers, Garment Designers, Cosmetologists, Makeup Artists, Hair Designers, Graphic Designers, Graphic Novelists, Musicians, Lyricists, Publishers, Authors, Course Creators, Thesis Authors, Comic Book Creators, Prosthetic Designers, Genetic Engineers, Television Producers, Breeders, Map Makers, Videographers, Motion Picture Artists, Actors, Voice Artists, Performers, Speakers, Comedians, Legislators, Play Writes, Game Designers, Video Game Creators, 3D Modelers, Lifeform Creators, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Programmers and Meme Makers.

A single work of art is often created by multiple people, contributing in different ways, for example, in a comic book. This plugin allows a single work of art to reference the multiple roles involved, not just the primary artist. It even allows referencing a sponsor or a funder, someone who paid for a work of art, not just the artist who got their hands dirty.

Instead of adding this functionality to a specific theme, Massive Impressions Online Marketing, which publishes it, put it into a plugin.  This plugin is compatible with some of the most popular WordPress themes and plugins. Artists and creative people do not like to have their creativity limited. Nor do they want to “look like everyone else”. This makes “art themes” less than appealing to many artists. What they want instead is a powerful tool. So, the choice to put the functionality in a plugin rather than a theme was obvious.

So, how does this work? What makes it easy? This plugin creates two new types of objects, Custom Post Types, in WordPress: Artists and ArtWork. There’s a section added in the Edit Windows for each of these. Fields that allow defining specific data, such as a date field for an artist’s birthday, ensure curators are entering the right values.

art gallery plugin

Can non-technical artists and curators curate a lot of work easily using it?

Making a tool powerful means making it both easy to use and obvious to figure out. This plugin meets the requirements for ease of use. Artists who’ve adopted it in their sites required little training on how to use it. Shortly after learning what to do with it, one artist in his seventies created almost two hundred pages, one for each work, in less than two months. So yeah, it’s easy to use.

How can you get an Art Gallery Plugin?

Massive Impressions is the company that publishes ART GALLERY PLUGIN. You can download and license it at You can secure your site’s copy in several ways: year by year, in a multi-site developer agreement, and with a lifetime license. Get yours today!

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