7 Excellent Skills for WordPress Content Writing

7 Excellent Skills for WordPress Content Writing

Imagine a world where websites, social media posts, blogs, or newsletters only had visuals and no written WordPress content. It would be pretty hard to digest, right? Imagine if we did not have any content writers on this planet. Who would craft those insightful combinations of words vital to our marketing campaigns? Unimaginable!

Content and content writing are essential to conveying information via blogs, websites, marketing campaigns, news, etc. However, content writing is not the most straightforward job to do. As a content writer, much practice and skill is required before you can claim success. So when creating content for WordPress articles, blogs, etc., you need the combined skill of being a researcher, writer, editor, designer, and knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this post, I’ll share seven excellent skills you’ll require for your WordPress content writing.

1. Knowledge of SEO, HTML, and WordPress

 I know this might be a bit overwhelming at first glance; relax! You’re required to have only basic knowledge at the start. So why do you even need to know those things first? It’s because WordPress themes are designed with different automatic functions. So you’re the only one who can edit your text to appear as you wish using the text/HTML tab

Therefore, several WordPress themes and plug-ins with default automated functions help you easily design and operate a WordPress website. Additionally, you’ll need to know the crucial SEO basics to write content that ranks top on your target audience’s search engines. This is because algorithms that determine how search engine works are updated frequently. Thus, you’ll need to be on top of these updates to understand and take full advantage of them.

2. Ability to Carry out Proper Research before Writing

A curious and analytical mind is convenient when it comes to writing. It allows you to perform well as an all-around writer on and off WordPress. You can clarify how you wish to connect to your target audience via your content.

Thanks to the Internet, researching is much easier, and you get abundant information. It only becomes our job to make use of those resources. My advice on writing and research is that when you think of a topic to write on, don’t delve right into writing. Instead, search for what other authors have written on the subject to develop a fresh and unique idea.

Keyword Research

Your research should also include niche, topic, and keyword research. Also, note down your ideas as you research so you don’t forget. Researching is a skill you should never stop growing. Besides helping your posts get more readers, it enriches and improves your content.

3. Being Precise with what you want to say

Knowing the exact message you want to convey to your readers makes your content writing more fluid. When you see the tone, words, and information you wish to use, you’ll have excellent and exciting content. Understanding your readers makes it easy to decide what you want to say. You can also work on content quality with free tools found at StudyCrumb.

For instance, if your target readers are women with 4a-c hair types, you can’t write about topics related to straight and silky 1a-c hair types. Similarly, writing about a subject such as “How to Get Six-Pack Abs like David Beckham” isn’t advisable if you have a female target audience.

4. Have Diverse Writing Styles

Being flexible with your writing is another crucial skill in content writing. As a content writer, once you can master the art of adapting yourself to different writing styles, your WordPress posts will be magical. It could lead to redundancy when you are resigned to writing on the same topic in the same niche.

An excellent example of writers who work on different topics using diverse writing styles is the essay writing service reviews website Best Writers Online. Therefore, a writer who wants to have consistent success in content writing must switch between genres and niches. This ability is bound to enhance your thought process, think outside the box, and increase your knowledge.

5. Manage Your Time Effectively

I can never overemphasize the importance of time management! If you wish to succeed in WordPress content writing, you need to be able to schedule time for writing and posting. So, how can you manage your time effectively and finish your articles on time?

Below are some helpful tips:

Editorial calendar

  • Get an editorial calendar.
  • Have deadlines for writing and posting your article
  • Create a structure for your content writing
  • Do away with things that can distract you.
  • Review only when you finish writing.

6. Good Grasp of Social Media 

Want your content to go viral? Then, you need to know how to work social media. What’s the use of writing an excellent and informative WordPress article if no one gets to read it? Therefore, you must be active on social media platforms channels. But before you start posting, remember to have a social media strategy. You can add social media icons like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to your WordPress post or link your website posts to your profile. Since most social media channels work cross-platform, sharing your content can be done with a single button click.

Social media

These strategies will help your posts reach beyond your target audience and pique the interest of co-workers and industry experts. Besides enabling you to share your WordPress content, social media, and SEO are like two peas in a pod. Using social media can also improve your content’s ranking in search engines.

7. Be You, Be Original!

Again, being unique and original with your WordPress content writing gets you more readers and is also essential for SEO Optimization. Having original content goes beyond not plagiarizing; it means that your content should have a recognizable voice that is yours. Although attaining this level of content writing is difficult, like every other skill, you need determination, effort, and time.

You can look to highly respected writers in the same niche and develop your voice and style as you grow. Learn to tweak your writing by eliminating and adapting to what works and doesn’t. Whatever you decide your style is, let it scream, “This is me”! So, if you feel like humor in writing is a good idea, but you don’t have zero sense of humor in your bones, then it’s best you don’t use humor.


Your passion for writing will always shine through in whatever you write. To improve your WordPress content writing, do not be afraid to pick up new skills and grow them. I hope this article helps you do just that!

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