6 Ways to Automate WordPress Tasks

6 Ways to Automate WordPress Tasks

WordPress is a very popular and well-known Content Management System (CMS). This system helps to create and manage websites easily. It has been widely used since its release in 2003. WordPress is open-source software, cost-free, and provides a wide variety of themes for websites of all kinds. This article will explore how to automate WordPress tasks without coding.

Automated tasks are performed automatically without having to be done manually. It provides computerized tasks with simple solutions and additional advanced features with various plugins. This helps to improve operations efficiency and reduce errors.

WordPress provides various options that fall under automated tasks. You can try different methods to automate WordPress functions and save time and resources.

Some Automated Features of WordPress

Here are some of the automated features of WordPress that can be useful and great for you to implement:

Scheduled Content Publishing

This is an essential feature of WordPress. Content publishing with automated and scheduled options is here to save your day. This timely publishing feature will save you time from constantly logging into the website and manually publishing each post. You can now use this feature to post and publish by picking your desired date and time.

Here are some of the plugins you can use for automated scheduled content publishing:

  • PublishPress
  • CoSchedule

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups automatically make copies of your site’s data and critical files. In case of error or loss, you can easily use backups of copied data in an emergency. There are other methods to back up your WordPress website, but you can set up automatic backups using various plugins and services for a more effortless task flow. Here are some popular options:

  • Jetpack
  • BackupBuddy
  • UpdraftPlus

WordPress Comment Spam Filtering

Comment spam filtering means WordPress automatically identifies and deals with the spam comments that may occur on your WordPress website. It removes any unwanted and unnecessary words that might disturb user experience on your site. It helps to improve your WordPress site speed by removing spam comments. Here are some plugins you can use to remove spam comments:

  • Antispam Bee
  • Disqus
  • Akismet

Email Marketing Automation

WordPress also provides email marketing automation. Email marketing is a prevalent choice for marketing campaigns for most businesses. Email marketing automation can be understood as the way to send predefined emails to users based on the user’s behaviors and preferences. It saves time and resources on manual efforts, and WordPress provides personalized customizations of these plugins’ features. In WordPress, you can quickly implement email marketing automation or third-party integration. Here are some WordPress plugins that offer email marketing services for free:

  • Mailchimp
  • HubSpot
  • OptimizePress

User Registration and Login

Unlike any other platform and programming language where you have to code every custom feature required for the project, WordPress provides automation for user registration and login. You can implement various plugins related to user registration and login. Here are some of them:

User Registration Automation

You can use it to automate the user registration process. These plugins have features like letting you make custom forms for registration and are different from the previous ones. They allow you to set up email notifications for new user registrations and assign user roles automatically upon registration. Profile Builder and Ultimate Member plugins are used for registration automation.

Password Reset Automation

If a user forgets his/her password, we can use and enable functionality to help the user reset their passwords; this functionality is automated in WordPress. All you have to do is install plugins related to password reset, which are Customization with Plugins and WordPress core for default features related to password resets.

Broken Link Checking

Checking the broken links is automated in WordPress through the use of plugins. It is necessary to check WordPress websites regularly. A fractured website can irritate visitors and even put them at risk of losing them. Broken links can affect your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEOs consider broken links to poor user experience, which can eventually affect your site’s rankings. It also impacts the website’s reputation since when users visit your site and find it broken; it shows poor site credibility and reliability. That’s why dealing with broken links and fixing them immediately is essential. But this checking process can be automated by WordPress with the help of plugins such as:

Broken Link Checker

This plugin scans your posts, pages, comments, and custom fields for broken links. It provides features like unlinking and editing broken links from the plugin’s interface.

Link Checker

Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that scans and checks broken links and missing images. It also provides a dashboard for editing and removing interfaces for easy use. You can customize it with email notifications for broken links and many more.


In conclusion, we realized that WordPress is far better than any other platform for content management. WordPress provides various ways to automate tasks and streamline processes, making website management smooth, reliable, and effective. The available free automated plugins and features by WordPress make manual tasks easy, time-effective, and error-free. Experts at CDR Writer believe that WordPress is an excellent platform for managing the content and structure of your website. WordPress supports different automation plugins and makes workflow more manageable. You can use the plugins mentioned above and techniques to automate tasks in WordPress for easier workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s talk about FAQs regarding how to automate WordPress tasks as a Beginner.

What is the best tool for scheduling content in WordPress?

There are several tools for scheduling content in WordPress, and some of them are as follows:

  1. WordPress Editorial Calendar

This free plugin provides a visual calendar interface, allowing you to easily manage and schedule your posts.

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is another plugin that offers main features, which include content scheduling. With this plugin, you can connect WordPress sites to your social media accounts and automatically post your blog on other platforms at specified and desired times and dates.

How often should I run automatic backups for my WordPress site?

It is considered reasonable if you run daily backups, especially if your site has frequent content updates. However, it mostly depends on several factors, such as the frequency of data and how important the data is. Daily backups could be ideal if your site is an e-commerce site since daily user interactions likely occur. So, it becomes necessary to keep a backup of your site. If the site is informative only, then there is a chance of few users visiting or changes occurring, so weekly is ideal. Just like that, it depends on the requirements of individual concerns.

Can I automate social media posting for free?

Yes, you can automate social media posting for free. Several platforms offer this service, such as Buffer, Jetpack WordPress plugins, and many other tools that help you schedule and automate your social media posting. However, some additional features require a paid subscription.

Could you address the risks while using WordPress automation to clean the database?

Database cleaning automation is generally a safe process; it helps users optimize the performance of WordPress by removing unnecessary data. It is an automated process, but taking precautions before running it is essential. No matter how safe it is, you should always have a database backup. There are some plugins used for database cleaning automation, and they are:

  1. WP-Optimize
  2. WP Rocket
  3. Advanced Database Cleaner

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