Top 6 Benefits of Email Validation

According to a recent study, 90% of US organizations used email communication as their first priority. So, you can guess the importance of email marketing for businesses.

But guess what, if you spend a lot of time creating a campaign to share it with your customers or clients and your email doesn’t deliver! What happens? – No email marketing service will assure you that your emails get delivered to your clients.

This is where Email verification or Email validation comes in.

Email validation or Email verification is the process of verifying the accuracy and quality of an email address. Email validation services help you to get rid of unsafe and invalid email addresses and help you to reach more clients or customers.

In any digital marketing strategy, Email deliver ability is a success key. Email Verification helps you to reduce your email bounce rates on email campaigns and protect the reputation of your outgoing mail server.

Here are several benefits of Email Validation:

Email Validation

1. It helps you to reduce email bounces:

By using an Email verifier you will come to which email addresses are valid and safe to send. So when you verify your email database you will get valid email addresses which are working or active so there are 100% chances that your email got delivered.

Email verification results are detailed. You can find which address is undeliverable, which one is role-based, which address is accept-all, and so on. Through email verification service you can also find spam traps from your email list.

2. It helps you to get accurate data:

Let’s understand this with example, if you have an old email list. And now once again you wanted to start your email campaign and you want to notify your customer about your service or product.

How will you make sure that the old list email addresses are working? Because it’s hard to find if some person has changed his job or moved to another city, his email id won’t be the same at all times.

So, Email verifier will help you to verify your email list and be able to find the active email addresses from your database.

Using email verification service you will get a cleaned and accurate email database.

3. It helps you to improves customer engagement:

Using an Email Verification service, it helps you to remove incorrect or non-existent email addresses from your email list; the remaining email addresses will be real ones.

Your emails will contain stuff that they’re interested in, and stuff they care about. When you get a valid email address you will send your emails to those who are interested in your service. So, this will help you to improve customer engagement.

4. Prevents Deliverability Issues:

While running an email marketing campaign you get rid of junk or spam email addresses, you will have a list of safe or valid email addresses. So you will be confident about sharing your email campaign as if you are sure that the emails you are going to send will get delivered for sure.

So, an Email verifier helps you to prevent deliverability issues and assure you that your email will get delivered to your clients or customers.

5. Keeps your Email List Updated:

Email verifier ensures that your email list is updated, and all emails on your mailing list are valid, safe, and deliverable.

This gives you the assurance that all efforts of targeting these recipients are in the correct direction and that you aren’t wasting a single penny on addresses that invalid or expired.

6. It helps you to lowers spam complaints:

The main benefit of email validation is that it helps you to reduce spam complaints. If you send your email without verification, there might be a possibility that you are sending emails to spam addresses.

So, this will be harmful to you and ruin your reputation. By continuing the following process, there might be a possibility that your IP can be blocked by ISP.

If you have role-based email addresses in your email list there might be the possibility that you are sending email on spam trap email addresses.

So, an email verification tool separates and removes invalid, role-addresses from your mailing list. Hence there’s no email sent to role-addresses and no spam complaints.

Wrap up

Email validation benefits are multiple and meaningful. Successful marketers know this, and they always make sure that they use email verification services to clean their email lists. It helps in cost saving to better analytics, from a major reduction in email bounces to fewer complaints.

A good Email verifier provides users with detailed results of Email Verification. This helps them separate safe to send email addresses from undeliverable, risky, or unknown addresses. As a result, they can run campaigns that bring better results.

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