5 Top WooCommerce Payment Gateways

5 Top WooCommerce Payment Gateways

E-commerce and payment processing solutions, or payment gateways, go hand in hand. Payment is a component that can make or break your customer experience. Considering WooCommerce payment gateways, many contenders are fighting to grab the users’ attention. So, you need to pick the best gateway to run your online store.

While presenting the functionality needed to accept payments, the WooCommerce plugin for WooCommerce will integrate the payment gateway with your website in the best possible way. So, in this article, we have highlighted five leading payment gateways for WooCommerce that you can use in your eCommerce store:

Leading WooCommerce Payment Gateways

There are various WooCommerce payment gateways. However, we have handpicked five of the best gateways for WooCommerce payments. Let’s get started.

1. WooSquare Plus

It is arguably one of the fastest-growing WooCommerce payment gateways in the market. WooSquare Plus, formerly Square for WooCommerce, is a payment automation tool that aids Square users in integrating a WordPress site with Square, a premium solution for WooCommerce payments.

WooSquare Plus is a payment gateway solution that enables you to sell variable, straightforward products online. Moreover, saving hours without hassle is another hallmark of this WooCommerce payment solution.

Why WooSquare Plus is Unique

  • Processing Square payments
  • Customer synchronization is
  • Notes on Transactions
  • Cartflow compatibility.”
  • Synchronization of orders
  • It is friendly with Apple Pay.
  • It is friendly with Google Pay.
  • Reporting of Payments

2. PayPal

Paypal was a complete revolution when it first appeared on the payment gateway scene. Since it has gone live, it is believed to be the best payment mechanism to move money virtually around the globe. Despite the tough competition, people still consider it the most helpful solution in WooCommerce payments.

  • PayPal is an active and evolved payment gateway for WooCommerce that offers various exciting features:
  • It offers the infrastructure with the reliability expected from any top-tier WooCommerce payment gateway.
  • The payment processing functionality gives a great deal of freedom. For instance, you may use PayPal’s “Pay in 3” feature to divide one payment into three equal payments.
  • Although a third-party dashboard is required to handle your transactions, it is simple and packed with attractive built-in features.

3. Stripe

Stripe is among the most popular and familiar payment gateways for WooCommerce due to its low transaction fees and exciting features.

WooCommerce Payments stem from Stripe because it is a white-label payment gateway model. In simple terms, Stripe now comes out as a dedicated form of WooCommerce. Moreover, Automattic shapes it further to integrate with WordPress.

Now, WooCommerce and Stripe go in parallel, having similar core structures. Stripe is also a default payment gateway for WooCommerce. However, it gives you some different feelings, such as

Stripe is available in different countries due to its maturity as a payment gateway solution.

The first point above shows why Stripe is the preferred payment gateway for WooCommerce. It would be best to consider WordPress integration and region availability when comparing Stripe and WooCommerce Payments. Whichever you choose will guide your choice.

4. Authorize.net

Authorize.net is a bit different and is perceived as an inferior payment option compared to other payment gateways for WooCommerce. However, it offers some positive features and functionalities. It offers:

  • Authorize.Net is flexible about the location of payments. This matters a lot for WooCommerce-based online stores, suggesting that this payment gateway option is scalable according to needs.
  • In addition to Visa, you have plenty of payment types. For instance, payment is accepted for most credit cards, Visa Pay, Apple Pay, and more. PayPal is also an option.
  • Apt security tools are non-negotiable to protect your customers and your site. WooCommerce has advanced fraud protection.

The one glaring point with Authorize.Net is the fee. You get the standard transaction fee of 2.9% + a $0.30 handling fee. Moreover, you must pay a monthly fee of $25 to access Authorize.net.

Further, $25 per month is a constant with a merchant account as well, but the transaction fee is $0.1 for every transaction. The correct infrastructure can benefit you a lot.

5. Square

WordPress users may recognize Square as a kind of rival. Of course, Square functions admirably as a payment gateway among its competitors. Here are some reasons why people prefer Square over other WooCommerce payment gateway solutions:

  • To begin with, it can be set up quickly and is highly usable for recurring payments.
  • Through the Square Checking service, you can quickly access your money, amplifying your trust and comfort.
  • The transaction costs are simple and affordable.
  • Continuing with the last point, it’s easy to comprehend their transaction fee mechanism. Assuming you are a USA-based user, you will pay 2.9% + a $0.30 fee per transaction. Other fees may apply depending on how you use Square, but for the most part, you will know how much is payable for each sale.

Wrap Up

We have discussed only the best WooCommerce payment gateways or services that untangle the payment process. For you, the criteria for choosing the payment gateway can vary depending on the transaction speed, ease of use, interface aesthetics, security, etc. The payment gateway answer can range from the online store to the online store, depending on the target audience and relevant market.

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