5 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

In this digital era, almost every person is more active on social media platforms, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In a recent study, It has been suggested that an individual spends 3 hours 45 minutes per day on an average on social media platforms. Connecting your website with your social profiles could be an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your blogs. We are here to show you the five best options of social media plugins available on WordPress.

These plugins, which are available on WordPress, can be a helping hand to target your audience. It is advisable to plan quick research to analyze on which platforms your specific audience spends more time. It will help you engage, promote your content, communicate with your audience, and increase your blogs’ social media shares.

With the use of Plugins, you can connect your social media accounts to your website very quickly and in a concise period. Each plugin for WordPress serves you with different functionalities. Here we are making it easier to understand the five best social media plugins for WordPress.

1. Kiwi Social Sharing

Kiwi Social Sharing is a comprehensive and very user-friendly social sharing plugin. Kiwi Social Sharing gives you many options to attract audience attention. This social media plugin comes with a free and premium version that you can use on your WordPress site.

kiwi social sharing

Kiwi Social Sharing supports all social media networking sites, so you’ll quickly set it up and increase your social media traffic. Kiwi sharing will not hamper your website loading speed. You place the social sharing buttons to attract your visitors’ attention.

You have the choice to put the buttons above and below your content; you’ll also set the floating icons so that they grab attention in the least times.

The Kiwi Social Sharing plugin comes with a fast drag-and-drop setup option so that you’ll drag and rearrange the sharing elements. The customization cares to offer you four different button designs to settle on from and unlimited color options to style your buttons.

2. Social Web Suite

Social Web Suite is a Free social media automation tool which you can find on WordPress for efficient social media marketing. This plugin can answer a very obvious question ‘how do we automate social media platforms on the WordPress website. It comes with many amazing options. Few of them are Auto-post, schedule, manage, publish, and customize your content very easily.

social web suite

This social media plugin will give you detailed social analytics, which gives you the benefit of keeping track of your progress. This plugin gives you the option of choosing the Hashtags for each social account separately and sharing your posts according to the settings you have selected.

3. AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share buttons are another social media plugin available for WordPress to install free on your website. It is also compatible with all Social Media Networks.

When you install this plugin on your WordPress site, you will get access to many configuration options. You can select the button design, the location on your website, the position and can add the URL of your social media networks.

This will come with the option to connect it with your Google Analytics account to have a comprehensive view of how your plugins are working and how they are being used and modify them accordingly.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons

This plugin for social networks does not come with a free version. It has a premium version that costs approximately $20; Easy Social Share Buttons comes with many amazing functionalities. You can connect more than 20 social networks to your website by using Easy Social Share Buttons. This Plugin is fully customizable, which means you can decide the position of all the buttons.

This Plugin will allow you to share, monitor, and increase the traffic of your website. You will be able to keep track of how the visitors share your content, from which posts, and to which platforms.

5. Buffer

Installing Buffer gives you the option of Publish, Schedule, analyze, and reply to the posts very easily. It will give you access to five social media networks, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also, you can write the article to one platform and copy the same to the other channels. Buffer will help you to share your content whenever or wherever you want.


Data is critical when it comes to organizing and targeting a specific type of audience. You have to understand what is trending and what is not to get the jist of your future content, which is why you have to create content that is specific to a particular audience. Now you can download videos from social media with 4Hub using the given link. WordPress is a fantastic platform for building websites, and these plugins will help you efficiently create content.

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