Code Creative Case Study

White-label WordPress Support for 100+ Websites

A quick introduction to our WordPress white-label service

At WP Tech Support, we want to pass the benefits of expert WordPress support onto web agencies. So, rather than just supporting individuals and businesses, we also offer our services to web designers and developers.

With our white-label services, web agencies can add the value of expert WordPress support to their offering – and save their team a lot of time and hassle. We provide support to their customers at every step, from monitoring and management to security and development, on their behalf.

That’s exactly what we’ve done for Code Creative, who came on-board in 2018…

A quick introduction to our WordPress white-label service

About Code Creative

Code Creative is an expert web development and design agency based in Blackpool (United Kingdom). They create stunning, responsive WordPress websites for a vast array of clients.

The problem? It’s another world entirely trying to support all those clients once their websites are ready to go – especially when the number of clients is in the hundreds.

The challenge

Code Creative found us on Google, loved what they saw and got in touch. As always, we were we quick to arrange a conversation to discuss their challenges and find suitable solutions.

Originally, they had expanded their team to offer in-house support. Unfortunately, this meant committing a huge amount of resources to ensure the support team ran smoothly. With the numerous obligations combined – such as training, instructing and supervision – the management team at Code Creative had less and less time to focus on the growth of the business.

That’s where WP Tech Support came in.

How we helped

How we helped

All-inclusive service

We created a bespoke Service Licence Agreement for Code Creative, based on an hourly rate to cover any support requests for all their sites. Technical support, development and any content or image changes would all be taken care of by our team. Whether it was a broken contact form or a page that didn’t respond properly on mobile devices, we would be there to resolve any issues on behalf of Code Creative.

Dedicated experts

When it comes to clients’ websites, time is certainly of the essence. Customers want their problem seen to immediately, to minimise downtime and keep their site at its best. To achieve this, we assigned a dedicated customer service manager and two developer and tech support specialists to Code Creative.

Integrated ticket system

We also set up a seamless API integration for their support ticket system. When a client raises a ticket through the Code Creative system, we also receive their ticket directly into our own system. Once a request is complete, we reply on our system, which also posts a reply to their client on behalf of the agency.

Improving workflow

This efficient system eliminates the need for constant toing and froing. Code Creative can see whenever we complete or respond to a ticket. We really are like a part of their team. To make sure everything’s running smoothly and continually improve our workflow, we have a catch up once a month and discuss any areas for improvement.

The results

Since coming on-board, the team at Code Creative have had a weight lifted from their shoulders. The business has gone from strength-to-strength according to the Technical Director at Code Creative, Guy Levi:

“Before, everything was smooth enough for the client but disorganised for me. I was being pulled from pillar to post. Adding WP Tech Support allows me to have a structure and set roles for each team.

“The switch has freed my time up enough to allow me to bring in more new work, rather than supporting existing clients as much as I was doing. WP Tech Support allows me to support my existing clients part-time, rather than working on that full time.

“I would definitely recommend WP Tech Support. They can assist with all aspects of WordPress development and can really help a smaller business like me scale up to another level.”

The results