A beginner’s guide to writing shareable WordPress content

A beginner’s guide to writing shareable WordPress content

Starting a blog is exciting. Whether it’s for your business or something personal, the goal is the same—you want people to read and share your content to help your online presence grow.

If you’ve already created your list of keywords, mapped out topics, and identified your target audience, you may wonder what the next step is. To help, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to make your WordPress material worth sharing.

Create relevant and timely content

Content will only be read or shared if it serves a purpose. When people see something valuable, they want others to look at it, making it shareable. The key is to create shareable WordPress content relevant to your target audience’s lives when it matters most.

When writing, consider the needs of your readers and align your content to solve the problems they are trying to answer via Google.

Create emotive content

Positive or humorous content is more likely to be shared. Emotional triggers and good storytelling will set your blog apart and get people talking. John Lewis has nailed this with their Christmas ads, arguably the most highly anticipated advert of the year!

Try to stir up emotion by injecting a little humor into your blog post or choosing topics that include surprising statistics, life hacks, new trends, or anything that gives you the feel-good factor.

Create a mix of viral and pillar content

The winning ratio to a successful WordPress blog is to create content comprising 20% viral posts and 80% pillar posts. Pillar content teaches your readers how to handle a specific problem and is directly associated with your industry, whereas viral content may not be directly connected to your primary focus.

Pillar content keeps your readers coming back to know more, so it plays just as much of an essential role in driving continuous traffic to your site.

Use high-quality images

Images are one of the most effective ways to capture attention. Your photos should be high-quality so they don’t appear pixelated when shared on social media. They should also be optimized to reduce the file size so that it doesn’t affect the page loading times of your website.

It is good practice to include an alt tag for each image. This will not only improve your SEO but also help visually impaired people understand the image.

Spread the word

There are several ways to ‘spread’ your content. Whichever methods you use, the most crucial thing is to have a constant model, such as encouraging your audience to share the content after they are through reading or, for businesses, emailing your team to request that they share it on their channels.

As a beginner, creating shareable WordPress content can seem daunting. The best approach is to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think about what they want to read about. If they’re not interested in the information you produce, they’ll hardly give it a second look, let alone think of sharing it.

Despite having a strong content strategy, there’s still a lot that you can do to make it easier to be found online. A secure, fast, and well-optimized website makes it much more likely for your content to be seen and shared. We understand the importance of a website showcasing your carefully planned, researched, and written content to the best of its ability. We provide a monthly maintenance service to help you get the most from the platform. View our WordPress maintenance plans to find the one best suited to your circumstances.

Now, unleash your inner Hemingway and get to write some shareable WordPress content while keeping these tips and tricks in mind.

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