WordPress vs BlogSpot: Which is the best blogging platform?

Are you thinking to start a new blog? But, unsure which platform you should select. When it is about blogging, many options are available for starting a blog, such as WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, and lots more.

Which blogging platform is best- WordPress or BlogSpot? This is a debatable topic which becomes confusing at times. Many users choose BlogSpot as it comes with less technical complexity while others prefer WordPress as it is robust and feature-enriched.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Blog Platform  

Before starting our debate on WordPress vs BlogSpot, let’s discuss a few things that are necessary to look inside a blog platform.

# 1. Simple to use- The platform should be easy to use where you can set up your blog, update content, and grow your reader base.

# 2. Flexibility- The platform needs to be flexible where you can add more features as your blog grows.

# 3. Technical support- The platform should offer quality support in the process of creation, designing, and managing a blog.

# 4. Monetization options- The platform should provide various monetization options so you can make money from your blogs.

WordPress vs BlogSpot: Which is better? 

Ease of use: WordPress vs BlogSpot

To set up a blog in WordPress is not a challenging thing to do. Due to its one-click installation process, you can start a WordPress blog it’s very simple, but making a good blog will take time and hard work. Once you finish the setup, you can choose a WordPress theme as per your specific needs – a theme is great for making a blog appealing. Next, you can start the installation of WordPress plugins for improving the features of your WordPress blog. You can also hire a WordPress expert to assist you in that process.

BlogSpot is a blogging platform that can be used easily. It takes only a few minutes to create a blog with the help of this platform. You just need to visit a BlogSpot site and then sign up with the help of Google account.

Winner: Tie   


Design Options: WordPress vs BlogSpot

The design of the blog plays a vital role in attracting users on a site. A catchy blog design is beneficial in engaging users and reducing the bounce rate.

In WordPress, you will get thousands of free and premium themes that can build professional sites. You will find a WordPress theme for every kind of website. No matter what your business is, you will easily get a theme that you can modify and customize just the way you want.

BlogSpot will provide you a limited set of templates by default. All these templates have a basic look where you can modify the colors and layouts by using built-in tools. It also offers non-official BlogSpot templates that are not of good quality.

Winner: WordPress 


Security: WordPress vs BlogSpot 

Security is another essential factor that needs to be focused while choosing a blogging platform. Unless you opt for a secure platform, your investment and time will be of no use if your site gets blacklisted or hacked.

WordPress is a safe and secure platform. Since it is self-hosted, you need to take responsibility for security and backups. For example, you can select UpdraftPlus or VaultPress for creating backups and Sucuri for the web application firewall to enhance security.

BlogSpot provides added advantage of Google’s secure and robust platform. There is no need to worry about managing the server’s resources, securing a blog, or building backups. This also means that the service downtime can bring your blog down. You will not do anything if the BlogSpot site gets down.

Winner: Tie


Portability: WordPress vs BlogSpot

With WordPress, it is easy to move your site anywhere you want. You can move your WordPress site to a new host, change the domain name, or shift to any CMS.

While in BlogSpot, you can move a BlogSpot site to another platform but with difficulty. There is a possibility that you will lose out search engine rankings, subscribers, and followers during this move.

Winner: WordPress


Final Notes

Both WordPress and BlogSpot are widely used blogging platform. But, you have to select anyone, it will rely on the purpose of your blog. If you want to build a personal blog and share your experiences, then BlogSpot would be an ideal platform to go with.

But, if you need a professional blog, then you will require a powerful and scalable platform like WordPress and a reputed WordPress development company to help you in that context. With WordPress, it is possible to add a shop to your blog, create a membership site, and include different marketing tools to your blog. Hopefully, this detailed comparison will aid you in making the right decision.

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Emily White is a brilliant WordPress developer at CSSChopper. She has an enormous knowledge of all the latest development in WordPress technology. In her spare time, she enjoys contributing to various blogging platforms and communities.





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