Is a Mobile Website Enough? Does your WordPress Blog Need a Mobile App?

Almost a decade back, building mobile-friendly websites was the main challenge. 

Web developers were tasked with building websites that were responsive on mobile devices. Google even came out with an algorithm update to reward mobile-friendly websites. 

This trend was premised on the increased usage of smartphone devices. Businesses correctly predicted the explosion of mobile usage across different demographics and verticals. 

We’ve now reached a point where mobile-friendly websites are commonplace. If you use WordPress, you are likely to get a mobile-friendly website by default. 

Creating a mobile-responsive website is no longer an aspiration anymore. You can quickly achieve this objective. 

Where do mobile apps fit in?

Where does the rise of mobile apps fit into this narrative?

As mentioned earlier, businesses correctly predicted the explosive rise in mobile usage. An increase in mobile use went on to spur the demand for mobile apps as well. 

Compared to mobile websites, apps are faster and instantly accessible. Imagine how much your social media experience would change if you had to use a browser to access Instagram or Twitter. 

The current preference for mobile apps is mostly a culmination of the rise in smartphone usage. 

Thus, mobile apps are a product of the same trend that led to the widespread demand for mobile websites. 

How does a mobile app help your WordPress blog?

We now know that mobile websites are not quite the attractive proposition they once were. Apps, however, remain a hot property partly because not all businesses manage to get a live app on Google Play and App Store. 

wordpress app

We don’t need proof to confirm the ubiquity of app usage. A simple glance over your smartphone would explain the power of mobile apps. 

Through apps, businesses have the power to occupy space on your phone and reach you directly. It is the greatest piece of online real estate a business can ask for. 

Here are some reasons why starting a mobile app makes a lot of sense for your WordPress blog.

#1: Breaking the ‘blog bubble

A blog, even if it is highly trafficked, is a blog. 

There is a clear glass ceiling you can reach by remaining in the ‘blog bubble.

This does not mean bloggers do not provide value. From a business growth perspective, though, you can only go so far as a blogger. 

Look at some of the significant influencers in the online marketing arena. Moz has some great content on SEO and online marketing on its website. However, Moz exerts its influence in the space through its SEO tools and metrics. 

Even if you have never read a blog post by Moz, you must have used domain authority (DA) as a metric to evaluate a website. 

Having a whole range of SEO tools helps Moz go beyond being a simple blogger. 

It is perhaps challenging to replicate the level of success Moz has achieved with its online tools. You can, however, still break the blog-bubble by starting a mobile app. 

If you make your own app, you will immediately set yourself apart from other bloggers. More than that, you can start branding yourself as a platform and not just a blog. 

#2: Riding the wave

Every trend in the tech space is like a wave. It rises in popularity and establishes a new normal until a new trend comes along. 

Mobile apps are the trend right now. There is no direct alternative one can see on the horizon that will replace apps altogether. 

As a blogger, you need to understand one simple point: this is the time to ride the wave. 

Launching an app for your blog gives you a chance to establish an app business. Yes, there is a lot of competition in the app space, and the chances of success are slim. However, the payoff is massive if you manage to succeed and build a community of budding app readers. 

#3: Attracting the attention of your users

Much of modern online marketing is an attention game. There are endless businesses across the world trying to master digital marketing. 

Every channel is on the table: search engines, social media, video ads, press releases, and more. 

Let’s assume you write an excellent post on your WordPress blog. You want to share it with your regular readers. 

You share the post across your social media channels. Additionally, you send an email blast with the link to your new post. 

On each of these channels, you compete with other brands to attract the attention of your audience. 

Even a regular reader of your blog may miss out on your social media post in a sea of other content. The same can happen in a crowded inbox as well. 

How does a mobile app help?

As soon as you publish a guest post, identify a good time to send out push notifications. This will immediately alert your app users and bring people directly to your app. 

This is one advantage of mobile apps many of us seem to forget. They can directly reach the target audience and cut through the noise on social media channels and email outreach. 

#4: Gaining a competitive advantage

How many bloggers do you know that have a live mobile app on Google Play and App Store? 

Not many. Bloggers rarely leave the blog-bubble and prefer to keep pushing posts on their website. 

By starting a blog, you gain a competitive edge over other bloggers. You can showcase your content on an entirely new platform while your competitors remain in the bush-league world of websites.

This advantage has a short life, though. With codeless app-making tools around, one could see bloggers venturing into app development as well. 

You should thus get on the mobile app train to steal a march on your competitors. 

Making an app for your blog: Problems and solutions

It is easy to proclaim all the advantages of launching an app. The main challenge is app development. 

Custom app development is expensive and time-consuming because it involves a lot of coding. You cannot create a mobile app with the same ease you start a WordPress blog

This is the main problem with launching an app. The advantages are apparent, but the path is riddled with complications. 

However, you can build a mobile app without coding. Codeless app-making tools like AppMySite enable you to use your WordPress website as a foundation to build an app. 

app my site

These no-code solutions are desirable partly because they reduce the cost of development, expedite the process, and make app making more straightforward. 

There are many no-code app-making solutions you can use to launch your app. You must make sure that the tool you select matches your development needs. 

In conclusion

Is a mobile website enough? 

The rampant popularity of mobile apps would suggest otherwise. There are many reasons you should consider app development as a blogger. 

This piece breaks down some of those reasons. Make sure you do your due diligence before choosing a path to create your app. Choose an app-building solution that suits your needs best. 

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