Why is WordPress in so much demand in the IT industry?

Whether it’s just an update or a complete rebuild, you have no lack of decisions to make when it comes to renewing your website. There are several resources available on optimizing your website, but it’s crucial to set a strong base with your Content Management System. WordPress is a reliable platform to use that even the most prominent brands in the world use it. Thousands of businesses trust WordPress, WordPress holds 59.5% of the modern Content Management System market. In this article WP Tech will explain why WordPress and the IT industry go hand in hand.

  • There are over 64 million websites utilizing WordPress
  • WordPress is available in 57 languages 
  • WordPress market share grows approximately 1-4% every year
  • There are over 58,000 plugins available to customize your website and they have been downloaded more than 600,000,000 times
  • WordPress now powers 40.0% of all websites on the internet

WordPress is an open-source software hence its code is visible and accessible. Behind WordPress is a community of volunteers, who work for its development and introduce new changes to make it better. You are looking at the forefront of web development and design now. If you think that they might be ending soon, it’s just the start of a fantastic future for the internet. You can notice that the pace of web development is growing quickly. More shops and businesses are building online websites. While beginning as a blogging platform, WordPress is essentially being used as a CMS and more commonly utilized as an application framework. That gradual transition over the years has been the main cause why different industries are embracing WordPress as their standard toolkit.

Why use WordPress?

It’s well-documented, it has got the best plugins in the world and is great for search engine optimization. With the awareness of attaining success through online businesses, you will surely hold the experience of building and maintaining a successful business of your own. It is not necessary to be a web developer just for the sake of it. You can rather think of it as a learning tool so that you can base your experience on maintaining your own business in the future! There is a solid list of technical reasons that make it a great option at any scale.

WordPress is expandable, affordable, and flexible 

WordPress’ decision to make the platform extensible by plugins is the main reason for most of its success. It has allowed the core team to keep the weight of the platform streamlined while opening the door for new industries to emerge by satisfying consumer demand

WordPress supports responsive development 

WordPress’ admin and default themes are responsive. Front-end developers can post their designs on any of the responsive front-end theming frameworks available for WordPress.

WordPress is scalable 

WordPress is equipped with core web technologies that are understood at scale.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Another technical benefit to WordPress is that it’s SEO-friendly. While you might have to install a plugin to make handling on-page SEO  easier, WordPress naturally operates fine in this regard. 

The WordPress REST API opens it up to a larger programmatic world

The WordPress REST API has the ability to change the platform forever and is making its way into the core of the software. It will allow developers to programmatically interact with the software in a totally new way.

WordPress is User-Friendly

One of the main advantages of WordPress has always been the friendliness of its admin interface. Navigation around the WordPress backend is spontaneous, even for beginners. Be it a movie site or technical site, a plethora of WordPress Plugins and attractive themes make the work easier for developers to create a user-friendly environment for the bloggers as well as readers.

Are WordPress developers in demand? 

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the WordPress community. There is a huge demand for WordPress Developers and this is the role that most companies find hard to fill. So what makes a great WordPress developer? They need to have a solid understanding of WordPress core, have the knowledge of coding and writing custom themes and plugins from scratch. It is also necessary to have some ideas about SEO, security optimization, server management, etc. 

After all, someone needs the WordPress websites and integrations that many of us are using every day to maintain them. WordPress developers are paying high wages, hence, WordPress development for many striving technologies is an attractive career path. WordPress developers are a type of web-based developers working with WordPress (WP), for web applications to be designed and created. Unlike regular web developers who develop sites from scratch, WordPress developers use WP-powered websites to integrate them and generate plugins.

Here are some of the most standard responsibilities that WordPress developers have:

  • Consult clients to review project requirements
  • Designing a website’s frontend and backend
  • Designing the entire structure of a website
  • Creating or renewing WordPress themes
  • WordPress plugins configuration
  • A/B checks are carried out
  • Monitoring the performance of a website
  • Solution of WordPress issues

There are several platforms available to help you build your website. Joomla! vs WordPress is a common comparison since both of the platforms offer a lot to help you design your site.

You can make use of WordPress to create a blog, website, and mobile applications, whereas Joomla can be used to publish the web component as well as build dynamic websites or online applications.

In conclusion, choosing a website builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new site. Your choice decides how well your site will perform, along with the number of tools and options available to you. However, making a decision can be quite confusing especially because of the variety of platforms on the market.

Thankfully, there is one great platform that is a safe choice in almost any kind of situation – WordPress. This free and open-source CMS is great for building any kind of website ranging from a modest personal blog to a full-fledged eCommerce site.

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