6 ways a WordPress support plan can save your website this spring

6 ways a WordPress support plan can save your website this spring

It’s much easier to feel motivated when the sun is shining. Especially during that glorious change of season from winter to spring when you get a fresh burst of energy. Now is the perfect time to invest your energy into finding a WordPress support plan to refresh and rejuvenate your website this spring.

If you feel as though your current site isn’t performing to the best of its ability, perhaps you should consider purchasing a WordPress support plan?

1. Optimise your site for search engines

A well-optimised website will organically gain more traffic without you having to spend a small fortune trying to pay for people to view your site. A WordPress support plan could help improve your visibility on search engines leading to increased traffic and conversions.

For example, at WP Tech Support we would review your site to make sure you have a strong site architecture, clear navigation, properly tagged images and meta descriptions to provide visitors with a better experience of using your site, as well as helping search engines to index your site quickly and easily.

Having an SEO-friendly site will set you ahead for the remainder of the year, meaning you could have a very different bottom-line by Christmas.

2. Fix those annoying WordPress issues

Unless you are a WordPress whizz or regularly pay a website developer to fix issues, you probably have something on your website that isn’t quite right. Perhaps you have something that you are struggling to align properly or there’s an element that’s not functioning as it should. Although these kinds of issues may not be a directly impacting your profit, if you’ve noticed them, it’s likely your visitors will have too.

When things don’t line up properly or work as they should, it doesn’t create the best impression to potential customers. Most WordPress support plans will include fixing any known issues on the outset when you sign up to a monthly plan. No more sighs of frustration every time you view your site?

3. Speed up your site

WordPress websites that aren’t properly maintained are notoriously slow. Sluggish page loading times is frustrating to visitors who will be expecting a page downloaded in less than 3 seconds. Yep, any more than that and it’s unlikely they will stick around to view the page.

Unoptimised images, bad hosting and poorly coded themes are just some of the reasons your website can become sluggish. When you invest in a WordPress support plan, you will be getting an expert review of your website to identify why it’s not performing as quickly as it should. It can then be rectified to ensure you’re providing a fast, efficient service going forward.

4. Review your site security

Web security is a critical aspect of your online presence and not something to be ignored. It’s important to implement several security measures so your site is shielded against common weaknesses and attacks.

One of the best ways to keep your business safe is by layering your security. Adding firewalls is an essential aspect in stopping attackers before they can gain access to your critical information. Next, consider obscuring the back end login page to protect your site from brute force attacks.

Knowing you have instructed someone to actively implement measures to stay safe from cyber-crime is a huge weight off your shoulders and will demonstrate to your customers that they can trust your site to keep their sensitive details safe.

5. Backup your website

Imagine losing your entire site due to data loss? It can easily happen thanks to internal mistakes, hardware failure, plugin errors causing crashes, or becoming victim to hacking. It’s certainly not a risk worth taking.

Backing up your website is critical to protect against accidental data loss. Without regular backups and a robust offsite backup strategy, you are risking losing your entire resulting in hours of frantically updating and republishing your content. If you don’t want to be in this position, consider signing up to a WordPress support plan sooner rather than later.

6. Keep your site updated

Last but not least, keeping your site updated with the latest core, theme and plugin versions helps protect against hack attempts. The popularity of WordPress has made it vulnerable to hackers, however, most of the time, the only reason your WordPress website will get exploited is due to personal negligence, such as not keeping on top of your website maintenance.

By investing in a WordPress support plan, you can keep on top of the necessary daily maintenance to keep your site secure and running as it should.

Here at WP Tech Support, our team of highly experienced developers will take care of all of the above for you, leaving you to focus on running your business. Our WordPress Maintenance Plans ensure that your WordPress website stays up to date, secure from hackers and is fully optimised and backed up daily. Investing in our services is like a regular spring clean of your website so your online presence stays fresh and vibrant all year round.

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