Create a User-friendly WooCommerce Site With These 5 Plugins

You’ve built your WooCommerce site and are ready to sell.

You’ve customized your theme and set up your products, but what else is missing?


Users visit your site because they’re interested in your product, but they stay on your site because they’re getting their needs met.

The longer a user stays on your site, the more likely they’ll become a customer.

How can you convert more users into customers?

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Create a user-friendly WooCommerce site.

Picture this: You visit an online store. You have no problem finding the item you need – in fact, you find even more products you like during your search. Any questions you might’ve had are answered, and you can check out your cart with ease.

This online store has created an experience where everything is handed to you.

This is the definition of user-friendly.

So how can you create a user-friendly WooCommerce site?

First, you’ll need to learn what makes a user-friendly site, well, user-friendly.

Get ready to learn the 5 features your WooCommerce site needs to be user-friendly and what plugins you can use to make it happen.

Are you new to plugins? This guide will help you learn the dos and don’ts of plugins.

Okay, let’s get started!

1. Responsive → WPtouch

Also known as mobile-friendly, a responsive website shrinks your desktop site to fit to a mobile screen. This makes it easier for users to look through your products on their phones.

Is it important to have a responsive site?


In fact, 51% of the time spent online in the US is on a phone. This statistic will only grow as time moves forward. With that in mind, you should have a responsive website.

You might be thinking, “Oh no, my WooCommerce theme isn’t responsive!”

This is where the plugin, WPTouch comes into play.


Wp Touch

This plugin creates a responsive website without touching your desktop theme.

Here’s how it works:

WPtouch takes your original content and changes it into a mobile-friendly site. All you have to do is choose one of their built-in themes.

Built-in themes?

That’s right. WPtouch created 8 different themes to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your theme, WPtouch will build a speedy site made for mobile devices.

Think about how much time it would’ve taken to build a mobile-site on your own. With this plugin, all you have to do is choose a theme.

Easy enough, right?

Price → This depends on what theme you choose or if you want to buy a bundle.

2. Speed → WP Rocket

Online shopping is convenient. You can buy almost anything you want without stepping a foot outside of your home.

Part of being convenient is saving time. To save time means you’re getting something done faster than you would’ve before.

If you want to save your customer’s time, your site needs to be fast.

Imagine going to two different grocery stores.

One grocery store is crowded with long lines while the other has a self-checkout section to buy things faster.

Which store would you choose? Probably the second store, right?

So what plugin gives the same effect as a self-checkout section?

WP Rocket.

WP Rocket

wp rocket banner
WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin. Caching your site makes faster loading times.

You can cache your WooCommerce website manually, or, you can let this plugin do it for you.

Along with caching, WP Rocket will turn your HTML, Javascript, and CSS code from heavy-weight files to light-weight files. Basically, the code of your site is reduced and your site will speed up.

It doesn’t stop there. WP Rocket can additionally optimize your images.

Images are a big reason for a slow site. WP Rocket fixes this with its feature, “Images on Request.”

When a user visits your site, the images on each page will load as they scroll down. This improves your load time without taking away the user experience.

To sum this up, WP Rocket will:

  1. Cache your site
  2. Reduce website files
  3. Load images as you scroll

You can also check out these 7 additional tips to create a speedy site.

Price → Starts at a flat rate of $49

3. Conversions → WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery  

You want visitors to buy your products and you want to convert these visitors to customers.

An important way to convert in eCommerce is to avoid cart abandonment.

What does ‘cart abandonment’ mean?

Cart abandonment is when someone adds a product to the cart, heads to the cart page, and then leaves.

What? They just leave?

That’s right. This happens more than you think. About 76% of users will abandon their cart after shopping around your site.

There are a couple of reasons why a user will leave their cart.

One, they’re distracted by a list of things they have to get done.

Two, they second guess if they actually need your product right now.

Think about how much revenue you could be potentially making if users didn’t leave their cart.

How can we fix this?

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Woocommerce Cart Abandonment

The name of this free plugin is long, but useful.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery (WCAR) is created with WooCommerce, so there should be no problem with using this plugin on your WooCommerce site.

Using this plugin, you can recover cart abandonment in 3 ways:

  1. Follow-up emails

This plugin sends an automatic follow-up email 15 minutes after a visitor leaves their cart.

Bonus: You don’t have to worry about making an email template – ready-made email templates are included.

  1. Coupon Codes

WCAR can send limited-time coupons along with a follow-up email. If the user finds out they can buy your product at a lower price, they’ll probably go for it.

  1. Check out link

It’s possible for a shopper to leave your site after they’ve filled out the check out form. If this happens, a special link will be sent to the shopper’s email.

They can click on this link and go back to exactly where they left off.

No hassle for the customer and more revenue for you!

Price → Absolutely Free

4. Social Media → Social Warfare

Levi’s, Kleenex, Nike.

It’s safe to assume you’ve heard of all three of these companies.

What’s something these brands have in common?

They’re credible. People buy from these brands because they trust their products. They trust their products because they see other people buy from them.

A great way to gain credibility online is with social media.

You want your customers to share their incredible experience with your online shop to their followers, and then those follower’s followers, and… well, you get the picture.

Basically, you want to make it easy for users to share your products and website onto their social media.

Sure, you can add your social media accounts to your webpages, but that’s just the beginning.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Social warfare lets users share your content fast.

You can place your handles anywhere on the page and customize them to fit your theme.

The speed of your WooCommerce site won’t be affected either, Social Warfare uses lightweight code.

This plugin has a free and a pro-version.

Here are three features the pro-version has:

  1. Social Proof

You can display the number of shares you have for each account. This tells users, “If X amount of people shared this tweet, I should too!”

But what if your share count isn’t very high?

Your secret’s safe with Social Warfare. You can limit the number of shares displayed so your users won’t see any low numbers.

  1. Analytics

For every link that’s shared from your site, Social Warfare can add a tracking link. You can use this link to see how your social shares are doing.

  1. Pinterest

This plugin can customize images of your products for Pinterest. If a visitor likes the photo, they can automatically share it to their Pinterest page.

Price → There’s a limited free version, and the pro-version is $29 

5. Customer Service → LiveChat

Is your customer having trouble finding a product? Do they have a question about your return policy?

How can they get these questions answered?

While your site most likely has a FAQ page to answer common questions, there are moments when a customer comes across a unique problem.

When customers get their questions answered from a business, they’ll trust that business more.

Remember how we talked about online stores being convenient?

Well, here’s another way to make your WooCommerce site even more so.

Live chat.


Live Chat

Chatbots create a better user experience. In fact, 79% of buyers like chatbots because they can get an answer fast.

LiveChat is its own software and WordPress plugin. This means you’ll have to create an account with LiveChat to use the plugin.

This plugin makes it possible to chat with your customers in real-time. It’s also easy to customize it to your website theme.

What if the user leaves the chat?

LiveChat will store the user’s conversation for you. This makes it easy to contact them again and answer their questions.

What if you want to know how many more sales you’re making with LiveChat? You can track its progress with the analytics feature.

Price → Starts at $50/month, and you can sign up for a 14-day free trial

To Recap

Let’s summarize the 5 ways you can build a user-friendly WooCommerce site.

  1. Create a responsive, or mobile-friendly site
  2. Focus on speed
  3. Reduce cart abandonment and boost your conversion rate
  4. Encourage shoppers to share your products on social media
  5. Answer visitor’s questions in real-time

While you can get these features with a simple plugin, remember to always keep these 5 tips in the back of your mind. Great user-experience doesn’t stop at plugins, but it’s a good place to start.

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