7 Ways for Marketers to use WordPress more Effectively

7 Ways for Marketers to use WordPress more Effectively

Every digital marketer aims to achieve as much site visibility as possible while simultaneously facilitating the best conversion rate using the most efficient method. Many marketers have started using open-source content management systems like WordPress to do this, streamlining their site creation, content publishing strategies, and search engine optimization. WordPress is especially popular amongst companies that have blogs. Yet, it also has enough functionality that may benefit other types of sites.

Whether you’re new to the game and still learning the ropes of WordPress or experienced enough to want to learn how to use WordPress effectively for marketing, this list is a sure way to boost your site.

1. Use fully responsive themes

WordPress has more than 10 thousand customizable themes from which people can choose. Selecting the suitable template and its setup might be challenging to some, especially if it’s their first time using the platform or they’re inexperienced in knowing what makes a great WordPress theme. Remembering that they should narrow down their choice by choosing a well-designed theme with functionality in mind is important. Themes that are responsive are a great option. The design should be good to look at regardless of device or display size. Research has shown that the use of mobile devices for accessing the internet is growing and has surpassed desktop PCs.

2. Become familiar with features

To sift through the thousands of available themes on WordPress, you must research the features you want to incorporate into your site and look for them in the themes you come across. If you’re unsure what features are necessary, we’ve compiled a list of the most essential features in your WordPress theme.

  • It should support parallax sections, Flash animations, and video backgrounds.
  • The theme should also be SEO-friendly.
  • It should include e-commerce functionality.
  • It should also have a contact form and an opt-in form feature.
  • The theme should support mega menus for better site navigation.
  • A clean HTML 5 and CSS 3 code
  • It should have different preset page layout styles for testimonials, portfolios, blog posts, landing pages, the About Us page, and Meet the Team.

3. Use great plug-ins

The right plugins can help boost traffic and lead generation to your WordPress site. Here are some excellent examples.


This plugin will allow visitors to your site to easily contact you. It is user-friendly and uses a drag-and-drop feature, making it relatively quick and easy to create contact forms, online order forms, email subscription forms, payment forms, etc. WPForms integrates with other popular marketing and payment platforms.


Arcane Marketing agrees that MonsterInsights is among the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It allows users to connect their site with Google Analytics, making tracking and monitoring visitors’ interactions with the site accessible. The best part about this plugin is that it shows you the most relevant stats and displays them in your WordPress dashboard.

Monster Insights

Yoast SEO

To increase traffic and reach more of your target audience, you need the help of an SEO. Without a doubt, the most popular SEO plugin in WordPress is Yoast. It offers a comprehensive SEO solution and essential features and tools to improve your site’s on-page SEO.

4. Syndicate your content

There is a risk of duplication and plagiarism when you syndicate your content to other websites. Still, if done correctly, it can drive traffic to your site, possibly increasing lead generation. Make sure that you use reputable sites that syndicate content from blogs. Consider adding meta-information to your page to prevent search engines from putting penalties on the original post on your site. The methods of syndicating content are complex and nuanced, and outside the scope of this article. You are advised to do extensive research on ways to syndicate content.

5. Use analytics to change content strategy

On all websites, you must give a little more thought to analyzing traffic on your pages and gather relevant data on which content your site visitors respond to the most. Also, you should compare results on traffic surges by posting at different times to help determine the best days of the week or hours of the day to share content on your site. This research is fundamental if you plan to raise your conversion rates by reaching more of your target audience. The great thing is that this is a process you can do on your own with a bit of research and trial and error. As early as possible, familiarize yourself with the big analytics solution that caters to WordPress.

6. Connect your WordPress with social media platforms 

Word-of-mouth is a tried and tested marketing strategy that has proven to be quite effective. In this digital age, that means using social media to attract traffic to your site. Ignoring social networks in your campaign will only result in missed opportunities. Apply certain practices to maximize the potential of your social campaign, such as diversifying, sharing social media, and incorporating trend-watching.

7. Consider a minimalist design

The flexibility of WordPress themes and the vast number of available plugins might lead many to the trappings of too many features, widgets, menus, buttons, and animations on their site. This can render their site clunky and confusing and lead many visitors to leave. Using a simplistic page layout is a lot more pleasing to the eyes of guests and makes the site much easier to navigate.

WordPress is a powerful tool for any business that wants to grow its online presence, increase traffic, and boost conversion. When used right, it could even facilitate brand and company success better than any other known method.

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Eliza Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who loves to write about digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more. She works with Arcane Marketing, one of the leading social media marketing agencies in and around Idaho.

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