7 Trending Topics For Your New WordPress Blog in 2021

Do you want to start a blog but you cannot think of a great topic for it? Are you looking for a topic for your WordPress blog that fits your interests and the latest trends at the same time? Here is the article you should read!

What are the 7 Trending Topics for Your New WordPress Blog in 2021?

We will introduce the 7 trending topics for your new WordPress blog in 2021 so that you have an idea for establishing a successful blog.

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1. Technology

As we are living in the 21st century, it is not a surprise that blogs relevant to tech subjects are popular. If this is your first experience of creating a WordPress blog, you should know that it is a quite challenging topic to start for your blog. The reason is that you should be consistently checking for the latest technological news and advances and write them on your blog posts before they become old topics. If you can go with the flow, there is nothing to stop you.

One point you should consider is that you do not have to be an engineer or an astronaut to be able to run a tech-related WordPress blog. Instead, you should be a good researcher and a huge technology enthusiast to update yourself every day. Then, you should have good writing skills and SEO skills to turn your knowledge into a text with great readability for the majority of people.

It is totally up to you to choose your favorite field in the tech industry. You can choose tech issues related to medicine, robots, smartphones, satellites, transportation, etc. See what is your preference regarding the technological field and then launch your WordPress blog.

One good example of a tech blog is Gizmodo:


2. Social Justice

Social justice is a very wide category that contains a lot of popular subjects. As man is a complicated being with so many actions and relationships with others, societies, parties, states, etc., there are many subjects to talk about. So, if you choose social justice as the topic of your WordPress blog, you should either narrow it down to a few subjects or be expert enough to talk about all social issues and social justice.

To name some of the fields under the social justice category, we can mention feminism, LGBTQ issues, racial discrimination, relationships, selective abortions, microaggressions, workplace discrimination, and many more.

What you can do is to either report the issues going around these subjects or criticize the stereotypes related to them. Remember that researching is an integral part of launching and running a social justice WordPress blog. Moreover, you should be an expert writer with SEO skills too.

3. Professional Knowledge

If you have professional knowledge about any subject, one great topic that you can choose for your WordPress blog is to share your knowledge. Modern people want to know about everything without passing academic courses and reading long old books. Short articles or even videos can teach them a lot in a very short time span. Remember to edit your videos before publishing them. That is why websites like Masterclass are so popular these days:

Masterclass Website

With a blog like this, you not only share your expertise but also give your audience awesome subjects to talk about with their friends later. So, think about your professional knowledge and expertise and share relevant content on your blog.  Also, as a professional tip, we suggest you to use visual editors to avoid having to deal with code (find the complete list of WordPress visual editors here).

4. Globalization or Localization

Both globalization and localization are trending topics for a WordPress blog. Your blog can either broaden horizons and be a part of the international community that reports what is going on at the global level. On the other hand, your blog can also focus on narrowing down communities and local issues.

See what your interest is and how the potential that is to be successful in leading your blog. If you like to choose a localization strategy, you can analyze local businesses and startups or any other thing that you can think of. If you like to choose a globalization strategy, you should discuss global issues like global markets, global effects, and global movements.

5. Art

If you have a profession as an artist or illustrator, you can start a WordPress blog about trending art topics such as sketches and one-liners. If you are an art enthusiast and not an artist yourself, you can still launch an art-related blog by sharing the best works in the niche or introducing the talents in your local community or at a global level.

6. Sustainability & Minimalism

The anti-materialism of today’s world has pushed everyone to consider more environmental-friendly lifestyles. People have everything they need around them at different prices so they keep buying and destroying the world. Sustainability is a new trending topic that has been raised in recent years to encourage people to have fewer threats to nature.

Minimalism is one category of sustainability and minimal styles include fewer products, less energy usage, and therefore better for the environment. Minimal lifestyle, minimal clothing, minimal home decor, etc. are the fields that you can choose for your WordPress blog.

As people have already felt the need to move against materialism and excess of products and pollution, they need the inspiration to lead a less risky lifestyle. You as a blogger can share your journey of going green and inspire thousands to millions of people with your blog.

This topic is not only highly trending, but also has great benefits for the environment which is a perfect move. Things you can do include being a blogger, writing about sustainable consumption, interviewing concerned bodies from individuals to NGOs, etc.

Sustainably Chic is a blog with this trending topic:

sustainably chic website

7. Truth Telling

With the advancements in technology, it is not just newspaper, radio, and television that people can use to hear what is going on in their local country or at the global level. Various social media with different features have now been popular among almost all generations. Therefore, it is not so hard to see if the news you have just heard about the Coronavirus statistics is true.

Social media and personal truth-telling blogs have contributed a lot to the spread of true and real news over the world. So, if you are a blogger that works in this niche, you can help people by spreading the real news.

The challenging part of this trending topic is that you have to have a lot of connections who have access to a great source of statistics and are knowledgeable enough. For instance, if the overall news of your country says that water management is going well, you can do some research about it to see if it is really true. And, when you come up with the fact that there are unsustainable strategies against water management in different cities, you can share your thoughts with reference to raise the awareness of your audience.


These 7 trending topics can help you decide how to start your WordPress blog and pursue a successful career. Choose the one that you think you can handle perfectly and start running your blog. Remember to always check for the actionable steps to improve website performance.

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