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Now that you have switched to Gutenberg, how does this editor functionality feel? There is a possibility that you might be looking for more blocks. Or, you may want to have an improved experience. 

If not, you may simply wish to download an individual addon that completely uses the new features of Gutenberg. For anybody looking forward to upgrading and improving the editor, this post covers blocks and plugins that you must be aware of. 

In this post, let’s highlight some of them. However, before jumping further, written down below is a brief regarding Gutenberg blocks

What is a Gutenberg Block Editor?

Gutenberg block editor is the editor block used to create layouts for content in the new WordPress block editor, Gutenberg. Introduced in the 5.0 version of WordPress, the Gutenberg editor is powered by an open-source, which is a TinyMCE editor. 

It is an entirely block-based editor where every content piece turns into a draggable block. Basically, it has been designed to be similar to page and website builder tools. By default, WordPress provides a set of basic content blocks, such as list, button, image, paragraph, and more. 

There are plenty of WordPress plugins that add their own blocks to streamline the embedding of new features. 

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How Do Gutenberg Block Plugins Work?

Gutenberg introduced a variety of changes to WordPress. However, the primary difference between this and the classic editor is the inclusion of several blocks. Essentially, these are widgets, shortcodes, and formatting functionality – all packed in one. 

The working methodology of Gutenberg block plugins is quite simple. However, not many would be familiar with the same as the Gutenberg editor is still relatively new and unfamiliar. 

Typically, all of these plugins come with plug-and-play functionality. All you have to do is install and activate one. Post that, you can instantly begin using new blocks from the standard interface of Gutenberg.

Top 10 Default WordPress Blocks You Must Know


The paragraph block is one simple text-only block that simplifies adding a single paragraph to the content. Most of the primary content that you will be adding to your website will be using this block. 


The heading block is used to break the page into different sections. Each of the headings should indicate the beginning of a new topic. Headings like H1, H2, H3, H4, and more can be added. 


This block type allows you to create basic tables in pages and posts of WordPress. However, if you wish to integrate advanced tables with ordering, sorting, and searching features, you will have to install a relevant plugin. 


The list block is quite a straightforward, text-only block that helps add bulleted and numbered lists. The sole objective of this block is to display content that is in a simple list format. 


The quote block is a text-only block that helps to highlight a quote and include a type of citation. It offers two different layouts. One is to appear larger than the other. You can easily switch between two layouts. However, it majorly depends upon the theme to comprehend how each citation and quote will be appearing. 


This one is the most basic of all the media types. You can use it to insert a single image anywhere in the post or page. The new image block of Gutenberg works precisely the same as the classic editor. You can easily align your image to the centre, right, and left. You can also give alt text, caption link, and more. 


The video block is used for uploading video files to the website. 


With button blocks, you can seamlessly add call-to-action buttons into your WordPress posts and pages


The separator block is used to add a horizontal rule to the website. This generally indicates that the content has got a thematic change. 


The Gutenberg editor block also comprises a variety of embed blocks for popular sites. These can be used to embed YouTube videos, tweets, and much more. 

Top 3 WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugins

1. Responsive Block Editor

responsive block editor

Introduced by CyberChimps, this one is an advanced responsive Gutenberg blocks plugin that helps you create modern, responsive designs compatible with all devices. You can use reusable block page templates to begin your website. 

It offers more than 20 creative blocks for Gutenberg. Thus, you can easily design an advanced website without writing any code line. The settings are extremely easy as well, allowing you to customize accordingly.  

Prominent Features:

· Advanced columns to develop attractive column layouts

· Easy customization with several options

· Spacing options, background designs, custom widths, colors, shape dividers, etc. 

· Post carousel and post grid blocks

· Faster loading time

· The auto-adjustable screen according to the devices

· Integration with eCommerce plugins

2.   Genesis Blocks

genesis blocks

Genesis Blocks is one Gutenberg plugin that doesn’t come with any price tag. It is a collection of custom blocks of WordPress. The plugin comprises 14 useful blocks, 8 pre-built page sections, and 4 pre-built page layouts. 

Its library has some of the best and prevalent WordPress blocks that you may need, such as:

· Advanced column block

· Pricing block

· Author profile block

· Share icon block

· Testimonial block

Apart from the free one, this plugin also has a premium version, known as Genesis Pro. In this, you will get newer blocks, more than 26 pre-built full-page layouts, 56 pre-built sections, and more. 

3.   Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is one of the most used blocks library plugins. The team behind the Astra theme creates this one. The theme comprises more than 15 Gutenberg blocks, like:

· Info box block

· Testimonial block

· Multi buttons block

· Price list block

· Team block

One of the advantages of using this plugin is that it comes with in-built support for Astra Theme and all their starter websites. This means that you can seamlessly import a starter site and use this block editor to create unique layouts. 


The WordPress block editor can do a lot more than the bits and pieces you can image. But, the block-based system provides millions of possibilities for creativity and expansion. Each of these block plugins for WordPress mentioned above lets you create dynamic, original content. So, choose cautiously and make attractive websites. 

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