The Top 8 Ways to Boost Sales on Your WooCommerce Store

You need to monitor your expansion and competitive position if you run a WooCommerce store. A sound plan is necessary to compete with WooCommerce’s growing popularity. It will be difficult to run your web business continuously if this is the case.

So, in the current world of eCommerce, how will you evaluate your marketing strategy? How do you know your strategies will boost sales on your WooCommerce store? Is there anything you can add to your existing plan to boost sales volume?

The most recent market developments should be reflected in your plan. Even with your strategy in place, getting everything at once is challenging. We have put up a list of 8 original strategies to boost sales for your WooCommerce online store to help you on your WooCommerce journey.

1. Use coupons and discounts

Who doesn’t like using discounts or coupons to buy goods? Consumers, however, are always looking for discounts and coupons. Therefore, a straightforward way to increase sales for WooCommerce stores is to provide discounts.

On the one hand, you provide discounts to draw in more customers, boost sales, and raise money. On the other hand, happy customers will spend less on your products and spread the word about your company. Customers and business owners gain as a result.

Apply various discount forms, such as price cuts, product discounts, package discounts, and so forth, in your WooCommerce store. Utilize widgets, popups, and banners to communicate your principles. Additionally, you can customize plugins for WooCommerce values that you can discover in the plugin repository.

There are numerous such plugins, including WooCommerce dynamic pricing and Discount Rules for WooCommerce. WooCommerce’s discount plugins make it simple to manage discounts and coupons.

Discounts are great since you can control and modify the terms of the coupon. You can persuade certain customer demographics to purchase your products by appealing to them. Given this, you should communicate the existence of your funds in the best way possible.

2. WooCommerce Cross-sell and Upsell

If your WooCommerce website can propose related products to your consumers when they are making a buy, that would be nice. You may install a variety of WooCommerce marketing tools and extensions that offer flexible capabilities to increase your earnings.

However, this built-in capability of adding upsells and cross-sells to your WooCommerce site will encourage your customers to add more items to their shopping bags while also generating revenue for your business.


By promoting related and superior products, WooCommerce upsells the discount approach and incentives clients to make larger purchases. Spending more entails persuading clients to buy more expensive or updated products.

WooCommerce cross-sells and upsells. Apple shows three comparable products with three different price tiers. Enabling the potential customer to select a superior product at a marginally greater cost.


Cross-selling is a different strategy for persuading clients to buy more accessories, services, or goods that are related to the items they have previously chosen.

3. Flash Sales

This well-known marketing tactic is occasionally employed to increase sales and bring in new clients. Any level of business can benefit from a flash sale. Flash sales are an eCommerce technique where the website gives reductions on a single product or a small selection of products for a brief period.

These promotions capitalize on customers’ perceptions of urgency brought on by the fact that they can see the number of goods remaining or the number of days left in the store. Flash sales improve sales when combined with the visible ticking timer.

Choose the top WooCommerce increase sales plugin from the many plugins on the market to set up this urgent marketing plan.

4. Make gift card sales

This is the ideal time to begin using gift cards that can be redeemed because they are becoming more popular. Selling gift cards will make it easier for you to see the significant trend with excellent revenue and sales. Using one of the compatible WooCommerce boost sales plugins, you now have the chance to improve your store by selling gift cards. With the help of this WooCommerce sales booster, achieve incredible success and cultivate rewarding relationships with your clients.

5. Individualized Newsletters

Every store distributes marketing newsletters, but very few of them are tailored to the subscribers. To increase traffic and revenue through your newsletters, the newsletters must be tailored to the readers.

Products from the client who is receiving the email should be included in the newsletter. Although the newsletter’s layout and content are important, it is most important to include promotions that will entice readers to visit the store and make a purchase.

6. Give customers loyalty points as a reward

A loyalty program is a terrific way to keep current customers interested and draw in new ones. To receive rewards for making purchases, customers will undoubtedly come back to your WooCommerce store. By offering discounts or points for purchases, you must reward your customers. Let’s explore several methods for rewarding behavior.

  • Give customers a small number of bonus points at first, then gradually raise them.
  • Honor your devoted or frequent consumers by providing them with special discounts.
  • For the loyalty program, develop a distinct campaign.
  • Install WooCommerce points and rewards plugins like YITH, MyCred, and WooRewards.

7Make the most of occasions, holidays, and events

People today are ready to purchase new goods at sales around special occasions. For every WooCommerce shop out there, the holiday season is the time for sales.

Running your sales promotion is advised, especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and other important occasions. If you can take advantage of these exceptional days, your sales generation volume will impressively rise.

In addition to events, you might start a marketing campaign for your customer’s special days. But you have to keep up with it at the retail level. Additionally, give VIP clients priority and occasionally extend special offers. In the end, they won’t shop elsewhere and will continue to frequent your store.

8. Activate Consumers on Social Media

You must take advantage of social media, which is increasingly focused on business. It is currently the preferred channel for marketers to boost sales for WooCommerce stores. Instead of pushing things on social media, you should concentrate on communicating with customers.

Think of yourself as a customer who receives a constant stream of tweets, messages, and advertisements for your items. You won’t even bother opening it because you’ll quickly become tired of it and ignore the promotional messages. At this point, the concept of “engaging” is used. Try to sell more than just your products. Offer the clients a resolution.


You must test out the tactics we’ve discussed if you’re determined to boost sales on your WooCommerce store. These tactics have been gathered from skilled marketers who have a track record of generating significant conversions. These tried-and-true strategies work well to outperform your rivals.

We’re not claiming that using these tactics is your sole choice because there’s always an opportunity for improvement. Instead of acquiring leads to make one-time sales, your main goal should be to create reoccurring transactions. Convince your customers to make a series of purchases by developing and putting into practice persuasive methods.

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