Top 7 Free WordPress Themes for Elementor

Want to build a fully functioning and superb website without breaking the bank? Search no further, as this post caters to your need. We have dug out the most awesome free WordPress themes for Elementor to build stunning landing pages. Let’s plunge in!

Mobile optimized web pages, stunning site, user-friendly interface, and much more. If you want all these features on your business website, then you can totally rely on the top-rated and world’s finest page builder ‘Elementor. It offers n number of premium widgets, blocks, and ready-made page templates. However, to use this feature-packed page builder to its maximum capability, you need to combine it with a WordPress theme.

What is the problem?

When you look for free WordPress themes in Google, you get dozens of posts mentioning numerous options to choose from. Just the way other WordPress page builders are required to work in coordination with your theme. Elementor also needs a compatible theme to work to its fullest potential. Unfortunately, there are a few WordPress themes that don’t support or conflict with Elementor. Moreover, you cannot review each and every theme mentioned in plentiful posts because the process is going to take forever. To help you in this sphere, we have curated a handpicked list of WordPress themes that work best with Elementor and allow you to gain maximum from this excellent page builder.

What makes an Elementor theme best?

By quoting this question, we mean you can use any theme with the Elementor, then why do you need a particular one for it? Well, there are a few functionalities that differentiate a good theme from an average theme. You cannot just pick any random WordPress theme and start building your website. You need to check the following three functionalities in a theme to get the desired results.

  • Style controls: Things like fonts, color, layout, etc., comes under this functional category. Although Elementor allows you to control these styles, if your theme already contains these features, then it would be a great time saver and more convenient for you to build a website. Having these attributes would help you switch several things in your favor in the coming future.
  • Performance: Your chosen theme plays a vital role in loading your business website. Slow performing website is a big turn-off for your visitors, so you need to pick a theme that lifts the speed of loading your site made with Elementor. Your theme should be highly responsive and offer a quick load.
  • Control on pages: Themes should have features like changing layout sizes, hiding post headings, disabling sidebar or header and footer, and much more. It greatly helps you create more customized pages with Elementor and allows you to alter each section of your content.

All aforementioned functionalities in themes give you more power and control over Elementor designs and help you offer a great website experience to your visitors. Now we will quickly look into the top-rated themes for Elementor that help you build optimized landing pages that give spectacular web experience to your visitors.

1.   Astra

Astra is counted among the most powerful themes for a building site with Elementor. Astra has an entire page that explains what features make it an excellent and chosen Elementor theme. This theme offers a detailed design control for each page and post. You can use global defaults, modify the size and width of your content, and disable the header and footer. You can also disable or add a sidebar. This theme offers great WordPress customizing styles that lets you control the website design. You can add universal styles for different keys that appear in the design of your Elementor.

Key features of Astra:

  • Lightweight, less than 50KB in size, offers quick loading.
  • Well-optimized.
  • Allows you to easily import pre-built sites.
  • Easy integration with LearnDash, LifterLMS, and WooCommerce.
  • You get the mobile header option to get specific responsive control.

2.   Mighty Addons

Mighty Addons is one of the most powerful plugins for Elementor in the market today. When you use this plugin then, without coding, you can design stunning landing pages in a few clicks. This plugin offers a comprehensive toolkit to easily design the most complex web pages. It has over 45 widgets and extensions to expand the functionalities of Elementor. With more than 150 ready-to-use sections that are easy to import into your site makes, this plugin is the most popular free Elementor addons right now. Its template kits are highly customizable and responsive, which accelerates the process of web designing.

Key features of Mighty Addons:

  • Very lightweight that enables fast loading.
  • 45+ options in widgets and extensions.
  • Over 150 ready-to-use sections.
  • 25+ highly responsive and customizable template kits.

3.   GeneratePress

GeneratePress is also one of the admired themes for building well-functioning sites. When we talk about fast loading, then GeneratePress tops the list as its size is less than 30KB. It has extremely clean code with nil dependencies. But there is more to this theme; just like the Astra plugin, you get the control to change the footer layout and add sidebars. Disabling navigation, title, footer, and header is quite easy. Additionally, you can easily modify the width of the layout.

Key features of GeneratePress:

  • More than 80 demo sites.
  • Clean code and performance optimization.
  • Complete support for theme building.
  • Lightweight enables fast loading.
  • Style controls for topography and colors.

4.   Neve

Neve is another plugin that merges greatly with Elementor and is beginner friendly. It offers thorough page-level control to customize the designs. You get several options to design your business website. You can add buttons, columns, dividers, backgrounds, etc. This plugin offers ready demos and extra customizer settings to help its user easily start the process. It is free of cost, but if you want to unlock more functionalities, you can opt for its premium version.

Key features of Neve:

  • Customizing headers, footers, and other layouts are easy.
  • AMP compatible.
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce.
  • Over 80 demo websites to select from.

5.   Brisk

Brisk is popular for its feature-rich and great customizing options. This theme has more than 200 Elementor page builder components, including price lists, countdowns, lightboxes, icon boxes, headings, video players, flip boxes, 360 product viewing, and much more. You can switch to dark mode in a few clicks. It offers more than 2000 ready-to-use blocks within its template collection. This can be used to add more sections to your website.

Key features of Brisk:

  • Customizing options for widgets, portfolios, blogs, headers, footers, and other aspects.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Over 32 theme demos.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg.
  • Polylang and WPML-ready.
  • Consistent support from the development team.

6.   Litho

Whether a blogging site, startup, eCommerce store, or any other type of business, the Litho theme gives you the needed flexibility to make your web pages spectacular. This theme is packed with all the requisites required to make a website look gorgeous. It has more than 200 builder elements, five portfolio grid creators, over 36 one-click imports, a header footer builder, over 300 templates, multiple options for navigation, menu styles, and much more. This theme is highly compatible with Yoast SEO, WPML, Contact Form 7, etc.

Key features of Litho:

  • Appealing, vibrant page sections.
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Shop pages and custom products can be built with ease.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Offers fast loading.
  • Fully functional across all types of devices.

7.   SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the best and most popular graphic theme builders in the market today. This plugin allows you to create a personalized theme that can be employed on your blogging site, eCommerce store, or other types of business website effortlessly. This theme is quite different from others in the list because it is a substitute for Elementor. SeedProd is easy to use for beginners. It offers drag-and-drop functionality like other page builders. That means using this plugin will give you the added advantage of creating your personal theme.

Key features of SeedProd:

  • Ready to use theme designs.
  • Customizing options for different pages.
  • You can create your own personalized theme.
  • Modifying the background, colors, page layouts, and fonts is easy.

Sum up

Elementor is, by default, a feature-rich and awesome page builder. It takes all the initial stress of developing a website. However, it works at its best when combined with a WordPress theme. When a compatible Elementor theme blends with a plugin, then the outcome is truly amazing. This amalgamation results in high-quality, functional, and user-friendly websites. All the aforementioned WordPress themes work best with Elementor. If you are looking for premade professional websites, then Astra and GeneratePress are good options. Mighty Addons is also a great choice for people looking for a powerful widget plugin to build complex yet highly responsive websites.

All these themes add extra features to your landing pages and make them extremely user-friendly. You need to pick what suits your requirement. Now pick any of these feature-rich Elementor themes, make your site stand out, and offer a remarkable web experience to your visitors!

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