Top 5 WordPress Benefits You May Know in 2020

Top 5 WordPress Benefits You May Know in 2020

Many platforms are used for building websites. WordPress is one of the most famous platforms used by three out of ten people. WordPress is a veteran in the website-building industry. It has been there for quite a long period. It provides an easy interface for the user to create websites. If you are one of the new faces who have recently entered this industry and have no idea what WordPress is, let me summarize “What is WordPress?” and the “Top 5 WordPress Benefits.”

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform created using PHP and MySQL. By combining these two, developers have created a website builder capable of quickly creating any website. WordPress is probably the easiest blogging and website content management system.

WordPress is an excellent website builder platform that helps the user to build any website with ease. You can have it all if you want a blogging, e-commerce, portfolio, or business website. WordPress is designed with flexibility and usability in mind to serve every kind of user. Below, you can see the features and benefits of wordpress.

Features of WordPress

WordPress is one of the best CMS (Content Management system) and boasts an impressive feature set. What features do we get with WordPress? Let’s have a quick look.

  • SEO: WordPress theme is made with PHP and MySQL. Hence, the websites that are produced with the help of WordPress are all SEO-friendly websites.
  • Mobile-friendly: WordPress themes also help make your website mobile-responsive.
  • Media file library: WordPress has a built-in media library where you can save and use all your media files later. This feature helps you add relevant media files to your posts. 
  • Easy to use Interface: WordPress’s interface is straightforward to understand. There are no complicated settings to confuse you.
  • Custom menus: You can create your navigation menus with just a few simple steps. Just add a new page for the menus and add them to the menu list. It is as simple as it sounds.
  • Built-in Blogs: How difficult can it be to add a blog to the website? With WordPress, you can post the blog as if you were posting on social media platforms.
  • WordPress Editor: In the latest WordPress update, new editors were launched that have changed the way we used to edit pages. Now, you can edit pages more efficiently with the help of the Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

How does WordPress give you an edge over other Website Builders?

If you are talking about the advantages of WordPress websites, tighten your seatbelt, as it is a long ride.

1.   WordPress is free

WordPress is free software. That means you can download it for free and use it however you like, even modifying it according to your needs. WordPress gives users every kind of access to match their requirements.

However, you must know that WordPress is a website-building platform. You can build a website but need a domain name and hosting to make it live.

A domain name is the name of your website, and hosting is a medium that helps your website store all relevant website data.

2.   Easy to Customize

WordPress has a vast user database, and only a few people among them are designers and developers. Most beginners start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of website design.

WordPress is the only solution for you when opening a website, whether you are a beginner or a tech-savvy person. There are thousands of ready-made templates for you to design your website. You even get a free theme for your website. This is meant for users like you to create a website independently. You can check a small WordPress guide for beginners on it.

Every setting of WordPress is customizable. You can tune up every aspect of WordPress to build a perfect website for yourself. The best part is that you do not have to use any codes. With just a few settings, you can create your WordPress-based website.

WordPress plugins are the next big thing after WordPress itself. They give you a lot more elements to add to your website. Elements include a contact form, analytics, a subscription page, social sharing, and more.

3.   SEO Friendly WordPress

WordPress uses semantic code, meaning every site built with WordPress is unique and high-quality. In simple terms, search engines will love your website.

Every website function is meant for search engines. This is why you will see high-ranking WordPress-based websites on search engines.

If you only look at the design of WordPress, it is SEO friendly. With the help of SEO plugins, you can make every content of your site SEO-friendly. Hence, the sites built with WordPress are SEO-friendly from top to bottom.

4.   Easily manageable

WordPress is easily manageable. It has an automated setting that keeps track of WordPress’s every movement. If there are new updates regarding WordPress, it immediately notifies the user. Even plugin updates are advised to ensure that every website element is in top condition.

WordPress also provides backup and safety features. With WordPress, you do not have to worry about losing your data.

Also, you can manage your WordPress website from your smartphone with WordPress applications.

5.   Safe and secure

WordPress is a big platform used worldwide. To ensure users trust them with their data, WordPress has invested considerable time in improving its security features. Most people use the WordPress website builder solely for its security features.

The Internet can be the worst place for people who do not keep their online data safe and secure. There are people online who are looking for opportunities to misuse your data. To make sure you are not one of the victims of those illicit activities, there are some simple steps that you can consider to safeguard your websites.

With WordPress, you can access free security plugins to secure your website content.

6.   Support different media

WordPress is not limited to text content. Its built-in media uploader helps users upload different media, such as images, videos, and audio. WordPress has also been embedded, enabling websites to embed other media content from various platforms.


WordPress is a versatile website-building platform that allows users to build any website with ease. It also offers users many free themes and plugins to add extra elements to their websites. As a whole, WordPress is the most complete website builder.

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