Top 5 Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Do you have a WordPress plugin and looking to add functionality and visual appeal to it? Then this blog is especially for you. This blog will learn about the simplest way to make your website more eye-catching and attractive to visitors.

The hack is simple and yet very effective to embed social media feed on the website. Various WordPress plugins provide you with the social media feed widget that you can add to your website.

What Is a Social Media Feed Widget?

While going through the previous paragraphs, this question might have struck your mind. Don’t worry; we have you covered and will be answering all your concerns. So let’s take them one by one.

Social media feed widget is the functional block of the website that helps in displaying social media feeds without any hassle. As widgets stream the feed from the source, hence it does not affect the website’s speed. Also, you can easily embed social media widget for WordPress, all thanks to WordPress plugins.

What are social media feeds? – Social media feeds refer to the collection of social media posts from the users. Each social media platform has its own feed. For example, Instagram consists of visual-based content, consisting of images, videos, etc., posted by various users.

If we put it in simpler terms, after logging in to any social media platform, the first thing that will appear on your screen is the feed of that particular platform. It mostly consists of the posts and content from the users within your social circle from that platform. On further exploring these platforms, you can find content from other users as well. Algorithms from each respective platform generally extend the reach of posts and in some cases; it also depends on your preference. Additionally, if you handle multiple accounts to different platforms here’s a tip on how to manage all social media in one place.

The social media landscape consists of different platforms delivering wide range of engaging and vivid content. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could embed social media feeds on your WordPress website?

WordPress consists of various social media feed plugins that help you in this cause. To save your time and effort, here is a list of some of the best plugins on the WordPress website that you should try in 2022.

Must-Try Social Media Feed WordPress Plugin

As mentioned, various social media feed plugins are easily available on the WordPress website. Following plugins are amongst the best in the market. They are easy to install and provide great results.

1. Social Media Feed Plugin by Tagembed

Social Media Feed Plugin by Tagembed

You might have heard about Tagembed. It is a well-renowned social media aggregator tool that is known for its user-friendly interface and budget-friendly prices. The tool brings the same magic to its WordPress plugin. You can find it on the plugin store. All you have to do is – search for Social Media Feed Plugin by Tagembed. And you can install it with ease.

This plugin is compatible with 18+ social media platforms. Hence you never face a shortage of content. The plugin helps you in collecting social media from various social media platforms. Allows you to customize and curate the feed before displaying it on your website. Other than easing the embedding process, it provides various other features that add great value to this plugin.

Some of the highlighted features are:

Customization – It helps you to personalize your widget. You can choose the font size, font style and more that best suits your needs. It helps you to add charm and grace to your website.

Themes and layout – Various themes and layouts to bring out the appeal of your website widget. Choose the one best suit your website. And make it more professional and appealing.

Moderation – the moderation feature helps you remove all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your website feed. You can manually remove the content. Or choose for the automation, where the tool automatically removes the content consisting of provided keywords.

Responsive feed, Custom CTA, analytics, custom CSS and more.

2. Spotlight Social Media Feeds by RebelCode

Spotlight Social Media Feeds by RebelCode

Spotlight social media feed is an easy-to-use social media feed plugin that helps you display social media posts on your WordPress website. The social media widget of this plugin focuses on Instagram and streams Instagram posts without any hassle.

The plugin is quick, and within minutes it embed Instagram feed on the website. So you can showcase social proofs to your visitors and encourage them to make purchases. Like other plugins in the market, it even provides some added features. And these features are :

Highlighted features:

Responsive widget – that adjusts itself as per the screen type and screen size.

Customization – to personalize the widget as per the need.

Moderation – to remove all unnecessary and unwanted content from the feed.

3. Flow-Flow Social Feed stream by Looks Awesome

Flow-Flow Social Feed

Flow-Flow social feed stream helps you in embedding social walls on your website. You can choose the responsive gallery and widget as per your choice. It covers all the major social media platforms. And assist you in displaying user-generated content related to your brand.

Highlighted Features:

Responsive layout – Maintains the charm of the feed for any screen type.

User-friendly admin – Provides a simple and easy embedding process to display content on the website.

Option to showcase social media counters such as likes, comments and views to showcase social media strength.

4. 10Web Social Post Feed by 10Web

10Web Social Post Feed

The next on the list is the social post feed plugin that helps to display the social feed on the website to beautify its look. The responsive layout of the plugin helps you showcase images, videos, and more from various social media platforms on any device. With multiple feed layout options, you can display the content depending on the content type you want to display.

Highlighted Features:

Various Themes – So you can choose what is best for your website.

Customization – Helps you to personalize your feed as per choice and add grace to it.

Auto-update feature – That showcases the content as soon as someone posts in the social media platform.

5. EmbedSocial


EmbedSocial WordPress plugin is the last in this list, but one cannot ignore it. The plugin provides a great solution as it seamlessly integrates social media platforms with your website. You don’t even need coding skills or knowledge to embed social media widgets to your website using this plugin. Like the tools mentioned above, it provides some other features as well. These are:

Highlighted Features

Customization – Helps to showcase your artistic side and provide personalization to the widget.

Moderation – To filter out all irrelevant content from the feed and maintain its quality.

Unlimited widget – To keep your visitors engaged with various social media feeds.


Social media has transformed the marketing scenario; it helps businesses to reach more audiences and an easier way to promote their brands. By opting to embed social media feed on the WordPress website using the plugins mentioned above, you use social media to great extent. So try these plugins now and take your business to the next level.

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