Top 5 Invaluable Things to Know about Free Online WordPress Courses

WordPress is commonly known as the Content Management System or CMS. WordPress was released in 2003, and it was written in PHP. WordPress supports diverse operating systems similar to Windows and Linux. WordPress is primarily based on PHP and MySQL databases and is initially used for blogging and website operation.  WordPress has excellent features to offer for managing content. For instance, the inbuilt template system of WordPress allows anyone to generate a theme website or write a blog. In addition, there are numerous themes available  (and free online WordPress courses), and users can apply them to construct their website according to the content. WordPress also offers a plugin architecture. 

Free Online WordPress Courses

To pursue a career in WordPress, learners need a bachelor’s degree and online WordPress tutorials. However, if you need to master WordPress, a WordPress tutorial for beginners is rational to start. Additionally, with the growing popularity of WordPress and WordPress professionals, free WordPress tutorials are multiplying in number. So, if you need to learn online, this is your moment to get started. 

If you had mentioned WordPress a few years back, people would assume you are talking about blogs. However, the use of WordPress has changed over the years. Now, web developers use WordPress to create websites and main the backend of the websites. 

WordPress is also great for teamwork. WordPress UI and features are simple to handle and more accessible to navigate through. While developers can work on the websites, SEO specialists and other essential roles such as Campaign Managers can also use the backend when they need to. Online WordPress Tutorials and WordPress courses are a great help if you are trying to learn the basics. WordPress is related to many job roles, and knowing WordPress will only help you in the long run. 

Here are the top 5 things you should know about online WordPress tutorials – 

  • Certification 
  • Full Lifetime Accessibility 
  • Native Language Support 
  • Interview Questionnaires 
  • Access on the Go

1. Certification

Certification is crucial in today’s job market, and online courses are the best way to get certified without attending a regular class. However, if you are a college-going student or a working professional, you probably don’t have the time to participate in regular classes. In this case, online courses can be your way out. 

Online courses provide reputed certification that the top Indian companies and universities recognize. So while we are busy with careers or stuck at home because of the pandemic, upskilling can never stop. WordPress courses are simple and guide the learners gradually through the basic to advanced features. One can easily earn certificates from the comfort of their home through online courses. 

2. Full Lifetime Accessibility

Online courses often come with full lifetime accessibility. This means learners are not required to complete the course within a time limit. Instead, one can take as long as they need to complete the course and earn their certification after completion. This allows students and working professionals to upskill at their own pace. 

3. Native Language Support

Online courses can solve that issue if you miss out on classes because of your fear of foreign languages. Many ed-tech companies now offer courses in the native language. For example, ed-tech companies operating in India are providing courses ultimately in Hindi for native speakers. So you can learn any of your favourite subjects now in Hindi. 

Learning in our native language allows us to grasp the subject better and quicker. Once the idea is clear, learning even the most complex skills seem effortless. Learning in your native language allows us to retain better by removing the need to focus and comprehend a foreign language. Learners can find most online courses in their native language now. 

4. Interview Questionnaires

Top ed-tech companies around the world now provide support for the interviews their candidates will face. So while learning a course and gaining hands-on experience is crucial, cracking an interview is also vital. As mentioned in the first point, having a certification will take you one step closer, but knowing how to crack the interview will land you the job. 

Top ed-tech companies now provide Interview Questionnaires and other resources to help learners through the interviews. When you are learning a new skill, preparing answers relevant to your talent is also vital for looking for a job. 

5. Access on the Go

The best part about online courses is the accessibility on the go. Most online courses are optimized for mobile and TV experiences. So learners can access the systems on their mobile while traveling or through their TV while relaxing at home. 

While we understand the importance of upskilling, we often do not get the time to invest in it. Learning on the go can solve that issue. Combined with lifetime accessibility, the courses allow you to learn from anywhere, anytime you want. This will enable the learners to manage their time efficiently while not suffocating them with a packed schedule. While you can learn on your way to work, you can even take a week off and return to the course after that and earn your certification. 


WordPress is a great tool not only for freelancers or bloggers but also for developers and organizations. As a result, WordPress is heavily used in almost all industries, and the demand for WordPress developers is pretty high. In addition, WordPress is related to many job roles besides developers. Even a campaign manager or SEO specialist might require the knowledge of WordPress to get things done in the backend. 

If you are interested in learning WordPress, consider taking up online courses. Online courses offer a lot of benefits and resources that you can use for a lifetime. However, if you want to learn WordPress from the comfort of your home and get certified, online courses are your best option. From an introduction to WordPress to the advanced features, online courses will provide it with all. 

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