Top 10 WordPress website trends for 2019

We’ve compiled a list of 2019 WordPress website trends that you don’t want to ignore. Web design trends change as technology evolves and so 2019 will be all about speed and optimised performance.
Achieving the right balancing between aesthetics with functionality will lead to increased user engagement and much higher conversion rates.
With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to look at the website design trends we’re expecting to see more of next year

1. Single page design

Speed and minimalism are becoming increasingly important and are themes that we will see a lot of in 2019. Single page design refers to websites that have only one page instead of multiple service pages.
From a traditional SEO standpoint, this seems risky as it’s going to be much harder to rank for keywords without the pages and long-form content that you would normally have. However, fast, clean, simple websites are now being favoured by search engines as they can quickly and easily be downloaded on mobile devices.
Single page design has less of everything that can slow a website down, making it a better experience for the user and granting priority in the search engines.

2. Building for mobile first

Back in 2010, Google put forward that designers should follow the “mobile first” rule when creating websites.
Building for mobile first is so much more than ensuring you have a responsive design. It also involves creating designs that focus on the basics rather than bombarding the user with information and imagery that is difficult to view on a smaller screen.
Even with the rise of responsive design, many of us begin with the “full size” site and work our way down when it comes to a website redesign. With many users only ever using their mobile phone to browse, you can no longer afford to put the mobile version of your site on the back burner.

3. Bold fonts and bright colours

To complement the trend for simplistic design and optimum mobile performance, modern design styles in 2019 will incorporate bold fonts and bright colours. Choosing a bold font style will help visitors focus on the content with the use of colours and white space catching their attention and converting them into paying customers.

Unlike images, which slow pages down, scaling the size of your typography won’t impact site performance. Therefore, large buttons, hero image banners and clickable images are likely to fall out of favour and be replaced by large typographic expressions.

4. Custom illustration

While sourcing stock imagery is easy, it’s becoming a huge turn off as the same images are being used by every other business in your industry.
As a nation obsessed with the idea of being authentic, custom illustration is becoming a popular trend. Custom illustration is when an artist or photographer creates custom images just for you. It’s a way to showcase your personality, demonstrate authenticity and demonstrate how your business is unique.

5. Chatbots and AI

The advancements in machine learning, AI, and chatbots are monumental for web design.
Meeting customer needs online is essential to maintain a relationship with the ‘always on’ generation, who want 24/7 access to their information from anywhere in the world, on any device. While chatbots aren’t new, they are becoming more popular as a way to enhance customer service and provide the opportunity to be available to answer queries 24/7.

With the AI able to understand basic verbal or written commands, it can recognise a request, improve the service quality and help the customer reach their end goal much faster.

6. Brutalism

Continuing with the theme for simplicity, brutalism is going to make a bigger splash in 2019. Think big blocks of colours that are safe for the web, gradients, and huge amounts of white space.
It’s about stripping back from the over-designed experiences we’re currently used to and leaving us with just the brutalist building blocks that put performance first. These sites can look great if executed correctly.

7. The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) uses technology to connect devices to the internet and is set to be big in 2019. You’ll be likely to see IoT interfaces on websites that allow you to interact with smart devices.
IoT devices can include a variety of objects which use sensor arrays and server-side processing to receive and act on their environments.
As technology advances and we find ourselves in even more of an interconnected world, IoT will be seen across websites in every industry to provide an enhanced experience to their consumers.


Website security is taking centre stage when it comes to web design and development. Back in August 2014, Google announced that HTTPS was a ranking signal as part of their campaign to make the internet safer and this will become more prominent in 2019 now Google has started labelling all HTTP pages as non-secure.
As you think about your web design, it’s vital to consider the security of your customer’s information and make the switch to HTTPS as soon as possible.

9. More video, including virtual reality

2018 saw a rise of video on websites so we could see the faces behind the brands we use every day. Websites in 2019 will continue to use video prominently as it has proven to increase engagement across every sector. Industries from high-end fashion sites to banks are including video within their web design and social channels.
2019 will see the use of video taken to new heights with 360 videos, interactive videos and virtual reality experiences.

10. Asymmetry and broken grids

Most websites follow an underlying grid system as a foundation to build on and establish order and hierarchy. Grids also provide a framework and a certain amount of predictability and visual paths for viewers to follow.
To stand out from the crowd, brands have started using asymmetry and broken grids on their website. Items stand out by not following the same usual uniform, consistent pattern. Breaking the grid adds interest, flow and hierarchy to a layout that could have otherwise been boring.

And that’s a wrap of 2019 WordPress website trends to look out for.
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