The Best Currency Plugins for WordPress

How They Can Help You Improve Online Currency Conversions

A website’s currency functionality is one of the most critical aspects of monetary systems worldwide. Banks and other financial institutions use websites like WordPress to convert money into and out of their local currencies. This ensures that they have the right amounts of each currency at all times. Plus, it allows them to send money abroad and to international customers. In many cases, a website’s currency conversion functionality is the only way for a business to successfully conduct international transactions.

The easiest way to customize your currency settings on WordPress is with a plugin. There are many options for currency plugins that can help you adjust your WordPress settings to better convert currencies. 

Plugins are essential for adding any type of functionality you may need for customizing your currency conversions on WordPress. But how do currency Plugins work and how can you find the right plugin for your specific use case? Read on to find out.

What is a currency plugin and how does it work?

A currency plugin is a software that helps your store accept payments in multiple currencies. It allows customers to pay in their preferred currency, while they still receive the payment in their own currency. It typically works by connecting to a payment processor (such as PayPal or Stripe) and then automatically converting the currency of the payment into the currency of your choice.

There are many currency plugins available, but they all work in a similar way. Once installed on your store, the plugin will automatically detect the customer’s country and show prices in the customer’s local currency. The customer can then checkout and pay in their preferred currency. The plugin will then convert the payment into your own currency and deposit it into your account.

There are many benefits to using a currency plugin. It can help you reach a global market, as customers are more likely to purchase from a store that accepts their currency. It can also save you money on currency conversion fees, as the plugin will handle the conversion for you.

How to choose the best currency plugin for your business?

When it comes to choosing a currency plugin for your website, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. This guide will give you some tips on how to choose the best currency plugin for your needs. The WordPress plugins market is very competitive, so you will need to be picky when choosing a plugin.

Up-to-date data

One of the most important aspects that you need to look for in a currency plugin is how up-to-date it is. A lot of plugins become outdated very quickly, so if your website uses a lot of different currencies, then this could cause problems. The last thing you want is a plugin that only supports outdated currency data. This can create all sorts of issues on your blog or website, and people will not be able to see the right price for products on your site. Do some research and make sure that any plugins you use are very recent and updated often and have a stable and modern currency API running in the background. 

Multiple payment options

Another aspect you should consider when choosing a currency plugin is whether it can support multiple types of payment options such as PayPal and eCheck payments. If your website sells actual products or services then having the ability to accept PayPal payments will greatly increase your sales. 

Feature fit

You need to decide what features you need. Do you need a plugin that can automatically update exchange rates? Do you need support for multiple currencies? Do you need a plugin that can be used with WooCommerce? Make a list of the features you need, and then research the different plugins that are available.

Consider costs

Also, you need to consider the cost. There are free currency plugins available, but they may not have all the features you need. Paid plugins typically range from $30 to $100, depending on the features they offer. Choose a plugin that has the features you need and that fits within your budget.


Finally, you need to consider usability. Choose a currency plugin that is easy for customers to use. If their experience using your plugin is difficult, they may be less likely to make a purchase from you.

4 of the Best Currency Plugins to Consider For Your Website



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WooCommerce currency switcher plugin for woocommerce, or short WOOCS enables your customers to switch prices according to set currencies rates in the real time. It additionally allows your visitors to pay in the selected currency. With the help of this plugin you can add any currency to your online store.

With over 70,000+ active installations on WordPress it is one of the most popular currency plugins that offers a wide range of features. There is a free version that allows for two different currencies, which is great if you are, for example, a US company that also operates in Canada. 

If you are operating globally and need more than one currency pair, the premium version of WOOCS starts at $34. It offers extensive documentation and is implemented within minutes.



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Another great tool for currency conversions is the WordPress Currency Switcher Professional, or short WPCS. This plugin allows your visitors to switch prices as well. Much like the previous plugin, this one also operates in real time. You therefore don’t have to worry about outdated currency data. Its great usability makes it the ideal plugin for your international ecommerce business.

The tool prides itself with being compatible with any marketing programs. If you are unsure about something, WPCS offers a great documentation and FAQs, als well as premium support. A useful feature is the possibility to change the currency according to the visitors language. The free version allows you to change two different currencies. If thats not enough, the premium plan starts at $23. 

WBW Currency Switcher

WBW Currency Switcher


The Woobewoo Currency Switcher is a free currency converter plugin that allows your users to easily switch the currency of your product prices. Online other plugins, this tool is not limited to the amount of currency you can add. 

This plugin, while free, offers a great amount of features. You can decide for yourself whether you want your currency to switch automatically or manually. It is compatible with any WordPress theme, can be customized, and is mobile friendly. 

If that, however, is still not enough for you, there are also premium plans available that offer an even wider range of features starting at $99. 

CBX Currency Converter

CBX Currency Converter

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The CBX Currency Converter by codeboxr supports over 117 currencies worldwide and displays up to 10 currency rates simultaneously. It can be used to convert and display currencies via Widget and shortcode.

The intuitive layout allows you to quickly find your way around the tool. The team is always open for suggestions in case you are missing a currency. 

If that’s not enough, the pro version allows you to integrate into your ecommerce site whether the product is in stock as well and can even handle Bitcoin conversions for only $39, or you can try the product for free.

Conclusion: When choosing your new website’s currency conversion plugin start by considering these 6 features.

When choosing your new website’s currency conversion plugin, start by considering these features: functionality, ease of use, price, up-to-dateness, and your needs. There are a variety of currency plugins available for WordPress, this is just an introduction to a few of them. Each has its own features and benefits. Take your time when looking for plugins and always research any new currency plugins before downloading anything so you know you’re getting quality code. By taking the time to research your options, you can find the best currency plugins for WordPress.

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