Subscription and Membership Plugins for WooCommerce 

In this article we’ll outline the main benefits of the Subscription and Membership Plugins for WooCommerce.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce 

If you want to introduce recurring revenue for your eCommerce store, Subscription for WooCommerce is the best option for you. It allows you to collect recurring revenue by creating multiple subscription products. Now sell subscription-based services and products on your WooCommerce store for a set period. 


Additionally, it is compatible with other plugins, like Membership for WooCommerce, Multi-currency switcher, Wallet system for WooCommerce and Role-based pricing, etc.

Notable Features of The Plugin

  1. Offer free trials of your subscription services and products to your customers 
  2. Levy initial fees for subscription sign-up
  3. Control the frequency of subscription products and services
  4. Cancel subscriptions anytime by admin
  5. Supports trusted payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe,, PayPal Standard 
  6. Complete subscriptions reports for the admiN

Membership for WooCommerce 


The Membership for WooCommerce plugin is a feature-rich plugin that allows you to create a community of loyal members who receive the membership plans’ perks. It is another way of adding a recurrent income to your WooCommerce store. Creating gated content or exclusive features along with engaging customers, the membership plugin does it all!

Additionally, it is compatible with Subscription for WooCommerce, Wishlist for WooCommerce, Mautic WooCommerce Integration, Multi-currency Switcher, etc.        

Notable Features of The Plugin

  1. Create an unlimited number of detailed membership plans by including product categories or selected products.
  2. Manually assign membership to users.
  3. Set different membership plan status, i.e., on hold, pending, completed, based on the payment status of membership plans.  
  4. Customize membership plan page through shortcodes 
  5. Sell membership plans as subscriptions. Use Subscription for WooCommerce that is perfectly compatible.  
  6. Control membership plans accessibility for users.

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