Why do startups prefer a CMS like WordPress?

Why do startups prefer a CMS like WordPress?

Startups usually have big ideas but with a limited amount of cash. Generally speaking, most startups understand how significant their company’s online presence is in developing their big idea into a profitable and successful venture. A website is a simple and lucrative place for them to explain their big idea, lay down the pathway to achieving them, and keep all the investors and stakeholders well-informed about their progress.

The website is also utilized to reach out to job seekers, angel investors, and potential future clients in the initial stages of the venture, creating a buzz until the official launch day. Once the venture takes off, the same website can be made available 24/7 for marketing, advertising the product or service, and reaching out to the early adopters. With so many lists of things to achieve, having an efficient Content Management System is integral, and the only word that resonates with ‘an efficient CMS’ is WordPress.

WordPress is serving millions of websites, ranking it above everyone else. For a startup owner, this offers many opportunities, including plenty of free services. The main attraction of this Content Management System is an immeasurable community of the platform, premium themes, plugins, and so much more.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why startups prefer a CMS like WordPress.

1. Reliability

WordPress is currently the most reliable leading Content Management System (CMS). It has been around for over a decade, catering to the different needs of millions of websites and startups, with changes now and then. It’s accessible to everyone, and changes can be made anywhere in the world; all you need to do is log in and edit. This feature makes it unique within its niche, making startups flock to this reliable CMS.

2. Scalability

Every startup might agree that the experience is no less than a roller-coaster ride. Some months, you might experience a drop, and then suddenly, you experience a boost in engagement and growth. Hence, for any startup, having the scalability option is vital, and WordPress offers that.

Due to its low requirements, WordPress can run on any system without hassle. So, you can expand and step up no matter your startup’s size. With these features, businesses and startups can commence on a small scale and grow as they have a higher demand.

3. It’s Free

What’s better for a cash-strapped startup than hearing the word Free. Yes! This premium content management system is free, but what’s the catch? Just like Wikipedia, WordPress is free since it is open-source. Automatic, a billion-dollar company, backs it, and the majority of people voluntarily work to improve the site constantly.

WordPress is eccentric because it’s licensed under the General Public License, which gives its users free access to build as many websites as they want. Moreover, the WordPress directory offers thousands of themes and 50,000+ plugins. These themes and plugins give users a head start, saving them time and capital.

However, let’s not let the whole ‘Free’ buzz fool you. WordPress—the software is free, and so are the thousands of themes and plugins. However, other expenses are associated with the site, such as a domain name, hosting, and other specific customization.

4. Whatever your Business

Before discussing this, let’s clarify once and for all: WordPress is not just for blogs. Yes, it did start as a blogging platform, but over the years, it has evolved and transformed itself into a platform that serves any category of website.

You can use it for,

  • Business websites
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Portfolio website

You can build websites for thousands of other categories, such as websites for NGOs, small businesses, and restaurants, and also make money through the added advantage of using WordPress as a blog for your website.

5. Wizard for eCommerce

By now, we are all familiar with WooCommerce plugins, the leading e-commerce technology for the web that can easily power any e-commerce venture for any niche. These plugins will add more functionality to your online store by providing thousands of free extensions that you can apply. Not only will they help set up and optimize your online store, but they will also make it easy for you to get started selling your product or service.

6. Secure Platform

Security is a significant concern for any company, especially startups. Since most startup websites are run by someone who has inadequate knowledge about web protection, they are deemed to be threatened by security breaches and other major privacy concerns. Any security breach will result in a massive disaster for the startup, as the image will be tarnished.

But that’s where WordPress comes to the rescue. It provides a secure platform for its users and protects its data from malicious threats. However, we must remember that no platform is absolutely 100% safe from threats.

But since WordPress has an active community and a dedicated team of hardworking developers, the team neutralizes any threat that might hinder its use, ensuring your safety. For this very reason, most startups prefer using WordPress as their CMS.

7. Keeping up with Trends

It’s all about what’s trending. Usually, it’s a challenge for startups to keep up with the latest trends and manage themselves accordingly. They need to cope with the dynamic changes around them within their industry.

For this reason, WordPress is the most preferred CMS for startup companies. Developers update it according to dynamic trends, enabling new features, themes, and payment solutions.

With WordPress, companies can swiftly make these changes and keep up with the trends.

There you Go!

These reasons must be enough for you to understand why WordPress is popular among startups and good enough for those startups that have not considered using WordPress as their content management system. With minimum expenditure, you can set up a fully functional professional website. Contact the WordPress experts at WP Tech Support if you need further WordPress support. We offer 24/7 WordPress support to our clients worldwide.

Author Bio: Asad Ali is a professional SEO expert with ten years of experience. He works with Go-Gulf, an ERP Dubai company that offers ERP, custom websites, and store development services.

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